Watch Dogs Legions Official E3 Gameplay Reaction

we are live guys I'm Jovan further to cyber nurse and today back with the e free stuff yeah we're back you know where we're at though watchdogs legions but I'm not going to call it watchdog Legion because it's just a ridiculous name I'm calling this game watchdogs London that's where we're at straight from the end their manner the block or ins gimme shatter a waffle iron shout to you man now if you're not from it ends or you are from there Enzo from some mixed police that Willingboro and you haven't already hit the subscribe button rolled to 100k it's important now if subscription is not enough if subscribing to the channel and getting notified every time we drop a video is not enough for you go over to the secret society become part of farm force a casaba nerd now let's just talk about what's does little quick fun have you paid watchdogs one or two I'm not even a job doing it because I just know the kind of life and live in it so that's why that's why you be you but you know what yeah it's but let me show you some love dog shown in it both characters in ball for those games legit anti-heroes yeah yeah all right now Bob is in pieces of straight-up murder in it but you know for the right cause and then um what's his face Marcus he takes out man but it you in in watch those two you can play how you want you in it so you can play the whole game without killing anybody you can play like what's it called passive passively or you can go on a murder team get a 3d printed I think I I'm not saying you would like the game I'm just saying you might have some sort of resignation with the characters in it get me because they're not mass murderers anyway some let me get some watchdogs knowledge what so it's not a chief having played the games no you've not like Eva nope what do you know this do you know what yeah I thought that we had this conversation two days ago I see in me again with all this chocolate you know I'm saying legend behind a tech is you know I'm saying the best game are in a cyber no anyway guys stop in the comments section below let us know what game do you like better watchdogs one or watchdogs to I plant them both of them you know I play games and I think I prefer a plan what stops – game I think what song was good but what stuff – makes everything that's good about another one a bit better and Marcus I think is a better protagonist than Aiden in it but anyway we've got ten minutes a game play sheesh things about greatest city in the world well used to be that's a right mess governments fucked off extremists a grab in power organized crimes slicing up the barest the war docks are out and freedoms a bloody joke but they say there this is our London and as a new power growing it's all of us together we're building a resistance one recruits that sign talent badly so gob shut eyes peeled laddie drugs are everywhere kicking our fucking teeth in lately brilliant never would for impressive skill sir sure but we need a drone expert ROG not shit kicker file that one away for life sir this is my dad every person is gonna have a school setting we take it one difference well now Jimmy sure no formal engineering training but he has several mischief charges to hijack aliens wait what no no we find out drive expert he's about to get himself so that's I mean that's gonna move and anything in it what wait well I think there's gold in it my buddy check yeah we're jumping bodies found after the record is Tooker people you're gonna jump to them then I'm confused now lovely evening isn't it so basically we're done mum were like oh we're children a resistance fighter died to the next person we're not one character where the resistance all of them fun what do we know about him I understand Jimmy just before he was killed I should be able to predict his next move and that beta unfortunately his records are locked up tighter than your compression stockings that you've managed to gain the earlier phone there's my way in come on students and usually I'm the one given time [Laughter] ready for some action they are always the best recruit better be worth all the trouble according to the Scotland Yard records Jimmy's sister was killed by plan Kelly we believe he's seeking his revenge inside camden market come the black market you mean yes if he's gone in there alone he's in big trouble Kelly's have this place on full lockdown hmm I have an idea now Naomi already lost quality so try not to get killed or will be the red for the day copy that where was this day I will be fired by Iran the hell no this time cannabis and fentanyl together at last through the miracle of genetics Kellie's and moving loads of weapons out here not me typical back alley shanks stables it's human trafficking found Jimmy he might be in some sort of trouble Jarvis is jokes lots of hugs and kisses Oh this will happen or we show those fucks didn't we we almost died out there tonight look thanks for all for me but I can handle myself right you think you're better off alone you think everyone else has given up and there's no one to trust that's what they want you to think and that's how they'll take us one at a time it doesn't have to be that way together we can change things wait what happened to that bloke who helped me he didn't make it fuck it boys they just put you themself welcome to tech section sooner the java stinks yeah okay so where do I go to meet the rest of the crew you don't need to go anywhere look around you everyone has a reason to fight and dedsec is open to anyone anyone welcome to the resistance going and going in or then going in first things first I'm loving this this whole thing – all right so so javis yeah it's just like I don't know it's all done all right so basically job okay I don't know okay firstly let me just address the comments obviously we know it's not Jarvis we're just calling it jobs yeah I'm saying get me all right so basically Jarvis is just an operating system that connects everyone yeah yes cool cool well I but when we swap is just like I call that if I'm one the mission me Raven I get the season Joe picks it up yes but also after we're all on the same team cool cool I get all right cool now what I do want to say about this game is this from what it looks like there's done the same thing that watchdogs to did to watchdogs one so once what's those one came with a premise surveillance has gone mad I'm a good hacker and I'm just gonna hack here and then number two took it to a next level with lack traversal and a way we hack stuff I'm it's not just that the direct line hacking I can now hack fruit drones I can hack through robots that go through and then this is taking it to I can hack through every single person Jan I'm saying that in the old games that I could hack you I could be that oh I'm gonna take ten grand out of your bank account if I ain't got no money well and that take advantage of people in that way but now you are back it's evolved that into everyone that you're taking advantage of their enemy by taking the what by having control of everyone Jan I'm saying which i think is crazy fun crazy they didn't have a release date but I'm hundred percent this is coming out this year if I'm you know I'm saying that I think about what we've got just got 10 minutes of gameplay star wars drop 10 minutes of gameplay all the game joking that much gameplay is probably coming out later this year and Ubisoft don't have an assassin Creed coming out this year so it makes sense I'm saying it makes sense some reason I know what they mean by deaf to empty seats because everyone's now character yeah that's kind of good luck we know is how does a running embassy affect the game rather than a story a character in DC that's the flat for Marvel questions obviously like they can't login people they really show this there's like 10 characters like on standby so what the story if he dies there's no question is it is this really my if my guy didn't die I just carry all of the mission yes see I would think that if nobody shared the conversation Oh what kind of game hmm he's at base laughs that's the life of me that's the only difference if he survives he's at base if he doesn't and then obviously there's the option to switch characters before I even escalate it to that scenario you know I'm saying that's what it looked like to me obviously I don't have all the answers but that's what I I think is going on in the previous games in previous game of one you know you're just one person one person one person who um one thing that I do think is sick as well as that it seemed that you can recruit whoever you want to recruit so you could just go around a game a lot be like yeah I'm only recruitment feds my whole unit is just all fair that we're that some mi6 CIA kind of madness thing rubs that's that's not our editing yet but some some deep deep rooted hardness old movies or big granny's Pheebs Pheebs King of Thieves okay 50-plus old age pensioners committing crimes and I'm saying you don't do that one thing I think sick was you with the old lady they acted like it was legit away the user because they were specifically using to show two different ways to take advantage of different character look yeah she was the unsuspecting old lady coming through the police station unfortunately – she's dropping drones all over the place and all of that don't go to the next chick but I'm also skeptical of a game where everyone can die and you don't grow an attachment to one person and I'm saying oh is it gonna be like a gig of France it was like man I've played for hours with this one character and they die and you are devastated from and you don't want to make that attach it with the next character I used to play game quit Escom where basically have like soldiers mmm and you go one from day one have it to that mission ten and then that guy dies again attachment levels guys gone have you seen the mask you like his music a man dies you're pissed you are pissed it's gonna be mad as monkeys might it's gonna be mad guys jump in a comment section below and let us know have you played watch times one two are you playing watch dogs London are you about this alive do you think being able to play with everyone it's better than being able to play one person do you think we should have one main protagonist alert all comments essays all of that leave that stuff down there let us know other than that I'm sure one further decider knows I'm moving each year and we'll see you on another e free trailer gameplay reaction ting semi you know number one place the nearly content did you go the side minutes a new videos tell your reaction and your pokemons very much and hang around enjoy yourselves 20 videos

47 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Legions Official E3 Gameplay Reaction

  1. I like that they didn't make it too futuristic, they made the environment futuristic to the point that its believable, like ten years in the future or something.

  2. I need your guys opinion on how the game captures the uk (never been there im from california) can't wait to watch this

  3. Compare a game like this to Star Wars Fallen Order—incredibly detailed and innovative to something so generic. And people were giving Raven shit for not thinking Fallen Order was so amazing.

  4. Damn it… just when I wasn't planning on buying any games anytime soon Ubisoft managed to reel me in. Been hoping to get back into Watch Dogs, loved the 2nd one but this is my kind of Watch Dogs. Let's go to war!!!

  5. Watchdogs is high on my list of games to get next year along with Final Fantasy 7, Cyberpunk 2077 and Avengers!

  6. I like Watch Dogs 1 story, setting, characters better than 2. But Watch Dogs 2 gameplay is amazing. This looks like the best of both games tho. Super excited for Watch Dogs 3. (Not calling it legion)

  7. Have you ever played State of Decay…. The Permadesth is gonna be the same… And you do get attatched… Very much in fact because more thsn likely the person that dies is someone who you have built up and is stronger than most… Probably why you get caught out there when they should be home resting… But yeah man the first time it happened i reset the entire damn game…. Its rough…

  8. Reminds me of the Squad system from Valkyria Chronicles. Gonna be some dramatic character deaths either way:/

  9. Joe – the game doesn't come out this year, it comes out March 6, 2020. Did you see the Division 2 news? Told you we had some good stuff planned!

  10. I wonder what the save system will be like. Are they doing something to stop save scumming your way out of the permadeaths?

  11. I am so hyped for this game, i am going to pre-order the collectors edition. This game is basically GTA with a hacking/activist element set in London. It also cover 6 London boroughs and with have online multiplayer. Also you can have a whole squad of grannies if you want to.

  12. This game is going to be revolutionary fam! The first two were lit and underrated, can't wait for this. Best reaction as always!

  13. Watch Dogs Legion release date is at 6th March 2020. Available for pre-order. It was at the very end of the video.

  14. The old lady will be the main star…………..until she dies.
    You can tell that the drones are going to be either be a huge problem or a huge asset.

  15. Not a game I have any remote interest in 🙂 however that being sad was still a fun watch to see you 3 discuss an react to it 🙂

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