Watch Dogs: Legion World Premiere Reveal Trailer REACTION!! #E32019

one of my favorite things they showed was that in the beginning they should watch dog London greatest city in the world well used to be Bowser like this governments fucked off extremists a grab in power organized crimes slicing up the bones of the folks are outs and free hugs a bloody joke fuckin what are we say in London this is our London what is all together what those three and we're building the resistance watchdogs to is Salim factly so gob shut eyes peeled after that brick crispy little egg its face and a little picture on the right looks great guys plays a juggernaut Bobby drugs are everywhere kicking our fucking safe in lightly brilliant never would have thought of that sighs throat recruiting volunteering so doll impressive skill set sure but we need a trial expert Raj not shitkicker file that one away for myself well now Oh what need that MMA fight going into that hole find that droid x bar he's about to get himself what guys know what my name is that we're like the establishment oh yeah and you would not punch a man take of the French oh my god whoa hell let's step up I only be the first one they just get done then you play as a that's why you grandma man you gotta do a lot of voice work it's you have to deal with complicates matters oh my gosh Mr curry better be worth all the trouble according to the Scotland Yard Records Jimmy sister was killed by plan Kelly we believe he's seeking his revenge inside poundin market yes the Kelly's are rumors around all sorts of illicit goods out of the old stables some with fingers and toes I'm gonna guess there are certain missions going Packers actually people's abilities characters and there's a certain number of those per you know this place on so you can't play anyone for any mission yeah I have an idea we're used to playing severely disadvantaged you gotta figure it out what is the best going to use mine I would grandma do this fuck doesn't give a fuck saying the amount of air they'd have to pass through those things but look at that heavy cream see me oh this is like nothing now don't know she did gotta be sensational together at last through the miracle of genetics it overnight Kelly's are moving loads of weapons up here not your typical back-alley shanks Stables is human trafficking little Steelers found Jimmy here we go he might be in some sort of trouble how you get mouthing lots of hugs and kisses yeah Percy just throw mouthing hello like if tough so everyone whatever they do it has a mastiff yeah that's why mr. great – yeah Oh haha oh shit where's the dude oh yeah there is let me get shot back in Harvard hey guys Deden or a waste but we showed those fucks didn't we we almost died out there tonight look thanks for helping me but I can handle myself right you think you're better off alone you think everyone else has given up and there's no one to trust that's what they want you to think and that's how they'll take us one at a time it doesn't have to be that way together we can change things boy what happens that bloke who helped me you didn't make it hmm huh so he asked about the guy yeah daddy killed Pete meeting Kelvin you dead got killed oh yeah yeah Oh nobody's not fuck it so can you do it all is just the one guy yeah new playable up okay sorry where do I care to meet the rest of the crew you don't need to go anywhere look around you everyone has a reason to fight is open to anyone anyone gentle resistance these were true anybody yeah is awesome I wonder how the skills play sir I mean like someone's got a drilling stunt driver guy like what what does he have it's differently play versus like yeah that's a lot of playable here wash I mean agent I mean thusly one thing this quality be soft as they'll fit franchise the chance like the first watchdogs kind of been commercially or could if they do well yeah first Assassin's Creed didn't do well and then they gave a second one it's sp2 is amazing watchdogs to it's amazing another example I just I like their philosophy I did really knock it out of the park I'm clean talking on the creative director of watchdogs Legion and in the past few years the team and I have had the privilege to work on a game and an innovation that we are very proud of watchdogs Legion is set in London one of the greatest cities in the world and it's had a massive influence on all of our culture for centuries today brexit London's at a turning point it's hard to predict what the future holds for London for the UK or for the world hmm but history has proven time and again that where London goes all of us go together in our near future London is facing her downfall the UK has become a surveillance state and freedom has been replaced with fear armed drones patrol the streets deportation squads rip people from their homes and grandad is using crypto to buy a new kidney on the black market but Londoners cryptocurrency never said their resilience and determination is an inspiration to us all and they are the heroes of our game all of them in watchdogs Legion your mission is to build a popular resistance to fight back against the emergence of an authoritarian regime this means you don't just play as one hero but many and in watchdog's legion you can recruit and play as anyone [Applause] I thought I heard two Latin or every Londoner is fully simulated with the persistent life and relationships in anyone from the entire population can be recruited into your team find them profile them hack into their lives play their origin mission and win them over to your cause the heroes you recruit are all unique characters with different backstories and personalities fully voiced and animated and they are the stars of your story hmm every cinematic in the game will change depending on whether you're playing a former mi5 action hero a 70 year old granny a soft feeding pigeons in the park or anyone in between however you want to play wherever you want to be watchdogs legion lets you be that you want to make a team of classic British spies no problem you want to be a crew of street savvy kids from the council block do it you want to go hipster body-mod afropunk gangsta awesome these ladies fucking invented hacking [Applause] play as anyone is the innovation that transforms a story about freeing London in the world from the grip of tyranny into a game about the heroes that live in each of us because being a hero isn't just a job for someone else anymore it's a job for everyone so on behalf of the watchdog's legions team here and around the world I hope to see you on the booth thank you for your time and welcome to the resistance I'd really interesting yeah I like the idea of the concept I gave something interested in playing it yeah here's how it works yeah one thing I like but the first thing is just have their own personal story now it's all rise and people thrown in cages I can of us hello you can forget the killer robots everywhere so yeah that's not gonna bitch shit it's up to us to take our city back there is we can't do it alone we need to recruit a resistance I know what you're thinking where do we start open your eyes and take a look around okay look at him no not him him form an mi5 using never ends it can get anywhere and a race that evokes red robots don't for teach them to reproduce well Red Dead does that kind of thing or it's iron it sounds like funniest you can recruit anyone and all me bloody anyone fine you gotta cut Boston's the interesting to everyone right yes fuck this world verse 6 well it's cool yeah baby a lot more state yet watch Ops was that great I think that was the most interesting than they should honest like I've always been slightly interested watchdogs and stuff like that having like the tech hacking stuff like that but Legion looked really great I'm most excited about that it's a boat Clare together I remember the first one having a lot of bold claims that were under delivered yeah yeah but the second one was amazing just like it has to be – yeah so I'm curious to see how they're gonna make it work I have a feeling that there's going to be like Ark types of characters like there's not gonna be a ton of variety in the world and then it'll be like these certain types of characters you have your hackers you have you so there's spies there's – as you learn about it where you have everybody falls into a category and then you have a total of like ten categories or the other way as you go through and you've built this world with characters backgrounds for everybody and everybody's unique different and it's seen in a real world it was unlikely could be in the middle I mean if you're looking for a drone expert like how many drone experts were in this city right there five yeah five hundred it could be like or is there one in every block you know it'd be like how how they did with Metal Gear Solid 5 yeah we're just going through the countryside you'd have like randomly generated entities where you recruit them and get them back and then they're good this one thing and they're really good at it that's what they do that kind of thing rather than having like in-depth backstories other than this it said like I've kind of had to complete their origin mission you complete our mission pre-nursing they're all uniquely voice-acted his way it sounded yeah so it sounds like it's too much – sounds like a no but if that's what they do and that's what happens it's coming out March yeah like it sounds it sounds like a lot of fun work sounds that's all it sounds pretty cool because it's all like procedurally generated where you know every person's game is different trust me rather than having like okay talk to this guy and recruit that you can't do this wish of them no but you can have like you know certain archetypes fall into you know that character is always acting and stuff yeah I know but how did everything they showed they showed model people with ever like one was like addicted to adrenaline you know that doesn't seem like category this one falls into short or it could be the one thing that's unique to is category like like a brawler I imagine you're gonna have people that Lea like that's the other thing I'm curious about too is how do they play differently you know like if this guy's a stunt driver well the only like how does he drive he's he's that tighter handling cars when he drives like what is like the lady obviously she played differently she and only I love I love her like going over the railing oh you know and like when she would have to kick something she get kicked them and it shocked him and stuff yeah um so I mean there's some differences there but like what's the difference of having the MMA fighter versus having the mi5 spy guy you know like how do they play differently of like infiltrating and taking out something or does it just feel too similar I hope it's not just a great idea that's not realized to its full potential you know because like I've said before I feel like I've kind of missed out the last couple generations of gaming so sometimes when I watch these kind of things it feels like well I don't know the difference between this game with a bunch of guns in this game with a bunch of guns they look the same to me but that looked different and it look unique and it got me excited to check yeah yeah one thing I so you'd want the redeeming things about the first one I just like the story in Aiden Pearce as a revenge story of this family then the second one had less of the story but it's still a pretty good story this one just seems like a bunch of people fighting the factory you know yeah well each one of them is supposed to have a story but yeah if there's so many they all can't be that yeah yeah yeah I mean much more the great things with the first one you know the gameplay was like Assassin's Creed 1 it was like you don't have to have everyone having a story necessarily you're gonna have your main missions and stuff and some things I'd be a little different based on who you're playing but everyone needs to have their own backstory you know what a counter in mind you know they need to feel unique than feeling like you just like your tour de Borda cutting out skin and put it on this guy said earlier it reminded me of drivers San Francisco when you can jump in any bump into anyone and drive them because sometimes you would jump in just like someone taking their driving test or you would jump and you know like some old woman doesn't it feel different that when you did it I mean it just felt like you were driving that person yeah you took them over and could drive harvey but there was like dialogue and things and you would keep jumping into the same person over and over again that's like four story missions and stuff the other thing I would say too during the trailers and stuff okay because they were like two or three trailers before but Rick was saying about the masks a way of just hiding the face so you don't have to do some new faces so yeah which may be true but also like games like Red Dead you can put on a mask to hide your notoriety yeah so it's a way of being able to do things without when you're walking around and public being like hey arrest that guy well that could just be that – or it could be a mix of joke that could be one of the things we're like capers not this it's not that he's dead Lily can't go in public now ya know his face is too well-known on the news you got somebody else for a bit and I always loved games with permanently yeah the primitive things are gonna be interesting I feel like that's a risky maneuver hey yeah you know you gonna have someone get hurt and then he's injured you got away from the heal this kill him off yep Jinjin I have had one time he's and I could be done why I feel like that's what that one scene where he got downed and he's like okay give up but he pushed through it he got back up and he kept fighting and that's that's what he got killed that's what he died like you might have a thing where well you could get down the one guy that there would be in prison than released yeah the one that guy they were going after they had to like go in and save him yeah so if you surrender maybe it gives you a mission like that where you sort of go in and save that guy so you could get them back but you lose your progress or you can risk it but you might die right so so that's an interesting mechanic like I'm almost like a press your luck kind of thing yeah I think out of just the concept I think my favorite thing they showed at the conference or at the yes press conference here just because of the concept itself yeah yeah definitely pushes they do the end want one thing about is they seem to like like they have these existing franchises and since and in some cases exist existing games they're just adding on to which is exciting but people who play those games I just don't miss I I don't necessarily play a lot of these in yeah okay alright guys well that's it for you plays are you that's it for Ubisoft yep and the press conference here and you Pam we still have Nintendo Direct that we have tomorrow so we'll be getting that opportunity week and Amaro's and we also have Square Enix later this evening that we're here tunes we can't as well so stay tuned for all the new stuff coming for e3 and we'll be putting it up here

36 thoughts on “Watch Dogs: Legion World Premiere Reveal Trailer REACTION!! #E32019

  1. In Watch Dogs they have always had a mask that they put on whenever they enter an enemy area, it was just less obvious because it was a scarf or bandanna type thing.

  2. I don't think people are making a big enough deal about an open-world game taking place in modern London when fans have been asking for GTA London for years. The procedural generation is cool, but can get old quickly if not done right. The permadeath helps, but you should also be able to upgrade them, let them roam the city as CPUs, have a unique mix of appearances and quirks, and have reoccurring and long running storylines.

    It's a big gamble to do it with characters. Good luck to them, because it's going to immediately dilute the story.

  3. It sounds super ambitious. But I'm guessing there's 10 archa types & the people all have the same traits under that tree. I was sold on the first version. Then played it & boy did it under deliver. So I never touched the sequel. But this looks fantastic.

  4. i love how they are trying to make brexit sound so awful, fuck all has chnaged and fuck all will change, its nothing but fear mongering, the pound hasnt fallen like everyone thought and people from different countries havent been forced to leave like people thought, nothing has changed

  5. All I'm saying is Watch_Dogs 1 was better than the sequel because even though the story was cliche, it made sense in that world. Watch_Dogs 2's story was a mess; characters existed for no other reason then for a pathetic emotional response, Marcus was a crap main character, and the only redeeming part was Wetch. I truly hope Legion will be good; I probably will be buying unless something big & bad happens…

    I have a feeling "everyone" won't happen. Yes, give me my granny, but I also want 10-year-old Timmy who only come to a guy's waist & his main tool is punching said dudes in the groin!

  6. Man I disliked Watchdogs 2 a lot. The game felt really clunky and I had a lot not fun playing as Aiden in WD1. Now that had its issues but it was still a brilliant ride for me, so much so that I played it more than a couple times through.

    IDK if WD3 looks like it'll change my mind about the franchise now though

  7. Watch Dogs was by far the best part of Ubisoft’s press conference …they peaked early .

    It seems very ambitious and I like the concept , the game play seems fun aswell so I’m looking forward to it

  8. The characters are indeed procedurally generated, even their accents which are apparently modulated from a few base cases. Very interesting idea, really reminds me of "Global Frequency", the Warren Ellis comic.

  9. It could be like the nemesis system from shadow of mordor where theres a database that includes a voice, a look, an animation, stats etc apparantly ubisoft is working with octave modulation so that 1 actor can sound like a few different people too. This is insanely ambitious and only a couple of years working on it sounds not long so only time will tell

  10. The idea is amazing, but it seems like it'll take a lot of work to make a good game out of it, and I just don't know if they're going to put that amount of effort into it. I really hope this game is good.

  11. I just wonder if ill be able to change there outfit to anything i want or if its always a preset outfit for each character..

  12. Legion will be awesome if it pans out like ubi is claiming so I'm taking everything I see with a grain of salt. Especially after ubis signature downgrades

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