Watch Dogs Legion Trailer – Gameplay & Release Date Reveal (Watch Dogs 3 Trailer)

I had a good run there for a while now it's alright bombings and people thrown in cages like animals oh hello you can forget the killer robots everywhere so yeah let's knock on a bit shit it's up to us to take our city back thing is we can't do it alone we need to recruit a resistance I know what you're thinking where do we start open your eyes and take a look around okay look it in no not him him Foreman mi5 duty never ends he can get anywhere and erase anyone she got kicked out of Oxford robotics school for teaching him to reproduce and that fellow over there problem darling come on drama me he'll crack your skull just been looking at funny this had better be fucking good and allow me to introduce you to the deadliest of the lung losses not out she's experienced like I said you can recruit anyone and all me bloody anyone him/her everyone is a secret weapon find them recruit them build the resistance fuck this world yes that's the watchdog's legion a gameplay reveal trailer I got new gameplay up on the channel it might not be able by the time you watch this otherwise you will see it appear here on the screen should be up after the ubisoft press conference so yeah totally check that out let me know you think of watchdogs Legion I got giveaways for the game up as well so check out that video for now I'll speak to you next time and goodbye

24 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Legion Trailer – Gameplay & Release Date Reveal (Watch Dogs 3 Trailer)

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    Check out my watch dogs legion impressions here:

  2. I can’t believe I’m not gonna get the 3rd watchdogs game honestly. I have been waiting for a true successor to the masterpiece that was watchdogs 1, but they’ve completely changed the direction of the game to the point where there is no main character. I’m not gonna bother getting invested in a character if they’re just gonna get killed off like pawns. If assassins creed begins using the same formula, then Odyssey will be the last AC for me.

  3. ??That was not Watchdogs. Way to ruin a unique franchise. Super disappointed. Just looks like a garbage Hitman knockoff. And Hitman went downhill fast after the gem that was Absolution. Not happy. Saw no story connections to Blume or Miles or Aiden? Not looking good. ?

  4. Roses are red,
    I like to slap buns
    As soon as this games comes out imma do lots of HARDCORE RUNS
    [How to beat the game playing:
    •As few characters as possible;
    •Skill-less (already done for Far Cry 3 and 4, let me know if it's better to put English subtitles in those videos – or directly making a bilingual channel);
    •Old fellas crew (I'm gonna LMAO, I'm dead sure);
    •SJW run (only playing as ethnic minorities and LGBTQWERTY+ characters);
    •Weapon-less (no firearms?)]
    Please write some more suggestions, for Far Cry games (and maybe Wildlands) too! I myself have lots of ideas in mind but University is a thing and I'm going to be filled to the rim with exams until mid July. I'm livestreaming these weeks to keep the channel active, next live will be a hardcore run on Dark Souls (Soul Level 1 in New Game +) with chances of heading over to Odyssey mid-stream. Drop by anytime, I also use to play in English, so language barrier ain't no prob :')

  5. Am i the only one who was expecting the release date to be around late november 2019 not fucking march 2020

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