WATCH DOGS LEGION | Trailer E3 2019

London had a good run there for a while now it's alright bombings and people thrown in cages i got'em us oh and then you can forget the killer robots everywhere so yeah that's all gone a bit shit it's up to us to take our city back yes can't do it alone we need to recruit a resistance I know what you're thinking where do we start open your eyes and take a look around look you look at him no not him him Foreman mi5 duty never ends they can get anywhere and erase anyone she got kicked out of Oxford for a bottle for teaching him to reproduce and that fellow over there probably left come on mama me he'll crack your skull just been looking at funny this had better be fucking good and allow me to introduce to the deadliest of the love this is not out she's experienced like I said you can recruit anyone and only bloody anyone him/her everyone is a secret weapon find them recruit them build the resistance but fuck this world watchdogs Legion available March 6 2020 check out the watchdogs Legion 101 trailer

25 thoughts on “WATCH DOGS LEGION | Trailer E3 2019

  1. Looks like dog shit. Watch dogs one was AMAZING! Watch dogs two was really great but this, THIS looks like shit. Shitty graphics, probably a shitty story. Damn ? watch dogs was a amazing game sad that the new game will be shit.

  2. Who is ready for more Assassin’s Creed references but never getting a freaking hidden blade?

  3. For the next watch dogs Las Vegas would be tons of fun in the casino and shows and the zip lines and Fremont street etc

  4. Todo bien lo único que no me gusto es que tal ves ya tiene mucha tecnología
    El mundo abierto de watch dogs 2 se ve muy común y normal pero este ya es muy futurista

  5. Demasiado futurista deberían de apegarse más a algo de realidad y presentar una verdadera lucha, espero que no lo hayan arruinado como los juegos que últimamente sacan.
    Aunque tengo como excepción el tom clancys breakpoint.

  6. Asi como primera impresion parece muy distinto a los anteriores. A ver cuando nos muestran un gameplay para ver con mas profundidad lo que trae ?

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