49 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Legion Preview

  1. WD – resist Blume

    WD2 – gain social media followers for Dedsec

    WDL – recruit soldiers for the resistance

    Talk about escalation

  2. did anyone else notice all the cars driving on the wrong side of the road? how could such a major mistake not be noticed by the developers before announcement?

  3. as a HUGE star wars and marvel fan it’s kind of weird to say this but watch dogs is definitely game of the show

  4. I mean, the right hates what the government & big business is doing in London so… far right? Explanation?

  5. The irony in the "corporate greed" ? you can't make this up…Ubisoft a greedy corporation who inject micro transactions Into every game there up there with all the other game publishers and companies

  6. I pre ordered cyberpunk 2077 on my xbox one and I would be getting watch dogs legion next year on March ?☝️

  7. I respect Ubisoft for trying new things, but this "play as anyone" mechanic has me worried about the narrative drawback…..it implies that there won't be any character development or emotional investment since you don't play as one singular protagonist or designated group with carefully planned animations and scripted lines, and I'm sure they didn't hire 100 separate voice actors or face models so there's probably an abundance of repetitiveness ?
    I guess we'll just have to see how it goes ?

  8. Well, this has really strayed far from being a hacker. You can be an infiltrator etc? I thought this was a hacking game… SMH

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