Watch Dogs Legion NEW INFO & New RPG + More At Ubisoft E3 2019?! (Watch Dogs 3)

Ubisoft's press conference it's closed it will kick off on June 10th and we are in for some nice new game announcements and of course the reveal of watchdogs Legion let's discuss some new info in this video from a recent podcast bike otaku would be awesome if we could leave a like on the video as it shows in sports and let's go we know that Ubisoft will release one game in the fall Ghost Recon break points we got a cool new trailer about that game recently looking sweet and I can't wait to play that at e3 and we'll cover a lot of it so totally when I add on the channel and then we got a free more triple a full price games that will release in either January February or March of 2020 and one of them is likely watchdogs Legion that was of course confirmed recently so we're still waiting of course for the official revealed during the Ubisoft press conference but we got a small bit of some extra info thanks to a split-screen podcast from kotaku where Jason Schreyer who already confirmed watchdogs legion before Ubisoft announced it with their tweets anyway Heena also confirms that Clint Hawking who worked on Far Cry 2 as the creative director and was also one of the lead people on Splinter Cell like chaos theory for example so he really worked on some marquee titles for Ubisoft in the past and is now working at Ubisoft Toronto so he is leading the project and will likely reveal it on stage during e3 2019 Jason also shares a little bit more about that playing as an NPC because that should be the big new feature in his watchdogs game so the game of course takes place in London in the near future and what Jason says is that you'll be running a version of that sack and then go around the world and talk to any NPC and you can recruit them to join you and when you recruited them you can suddenly play as them as well so in my previous video I kind of speculated that you might be able to hack these NPCs and take over their appearance but now it really seems like you recruit them for your organization and then can play as them Jason also talks about the fact that Ubisoft has crazy tech in place so that all the NPC's have a slightly different voice and also animations that should feel different so it all sounds really really ambitious for sure can't wait to see this one in action hopefully I get my hands on it at e3 as well I will make a ton of content about it when it gets revealed so keep an eye out on the channel for deaths and then we got two unknown big games that will launch before April 2020 left remember that space game that you could actually see a trailer of when you hacked into Ubisoft San Francisco in watchdogs – you see the Nexen here in the footage from a shark genetic I put a link to his channel inscription down below so by doing this you would see a trailer for a space game that had the working title pioneer well according to Jason who also reported on this game in the past this was first a exploration game but now it has completely changed it's now a co-op shooter built on the Rainbow six engine and it doesn't stop there no this seems to be a new rainbow six co-op maybe alien shooter type game with other insiders on the forum reset era saying that while it was first a new IP this will now not be the case so it's done a new Rainbow six game because again it's made on the Rainbow six engine according to these rumors that it would be like a co-op focused Rainbow six game terrorist hunts the game I would be super down for that because I love that mode in Rainbow Six Vegas – Ubisoft also recently like at the end of April this year send out a survey asking Rainbow six siege players what they thought of the outbreak modes that was added to Rainbow six siege a while back and this was a co-op kill zombie mode so it could totally be that they now want to make a full game based on that idea and in that same pool they also asked what kind of shooter games the Rainbow six players like in general including co-op PV II and what price they would like to see for a new game in the series if a new game would release you see the footage here from the pool from korra's who shared the pool in its video again link to his channel inscription down below but yeah I actually made a prediction about this in a previous video as well that we could totally see anew Rainbow six game that will coexist alongside siege but would focus on co-op PvE instead of PvP well looks like we will see a reveal of a sort of co-op shooter at e3 then the final game that you'd launch before April 2020 has the codename orifice and should be an RPG with a similar art style to sell the breath of the wilds according to Jason Schreyer I asked him on Twitter if he thinks that this will be one of the three big games that Ubisoft will launch in the early part of 2020 and he says that he thinks it is so maybe this could be a switch title as well because it has a similar graphics art style we will have to wait and see Joshua also reached out saying that we will have some special III rewards he asked that to the Ubisoft chat bot Sam who noticed that we could get a Ghost Recon emblem and a watchdogs Legion III cap confirming that we can maybe change the outfit of our character for watchdogs Legion I'm sure the give yourself will have more announcements regarding these entry rewards so totally check them out on social media to stay up to date on that I will likely like you now here as well so keep it locked June 10th III is closed count me in like this press conference from Ubisoft at e3 2019 should be packed with new exciting games and I will totally cover it all here on the channel June 10th is when this press conference happens on 1 p.m. Pacific time at 4 p.m. eastern time 10:00 p.m. Central European Time and 9 p.m. UK time with the press conference starting 1 hour before that I will try and have a paint coming up with all the times and a link to the press conference as well so you can set a reminder and know when things are happening at the time of this recording none of these games have leaks apart from watchdogs of course but then it was officially announced so maybe stuff happens I will try and cover everything here but I'm already in LA by the time you watch this so might be that I'm a little slower but yeah it will be fun subscribe for all the coverage I should be able to get my hands on everything as well so expect a ton of awesome content like on this video would be super appreciated check out my previous videos that you will here on the screen for example on ye 3 2019 will be super exciting for now though I will speak to you next time and goodbye

38 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Legion NEW INFO & New RPG + More At Ubisoft E3 2019?! (Watch Dogs 3)

  1. Ubisoft E3 2019 press conference Monday June 10th at 1PM PST, 4PM EST, 9PM UK TIME & 10PM CET:

  2. You are forgetting the Avatar game (the blue people). Ubisoft like announced it 2017 and we still havent heard from it since then.

  3. It's not a new rainbow six siege game as ubisoft themselves said that before rainbow six siege 2 they want to have released 100 operators in the first game before the second game

  4. Played Watch Dogs 2, thought it was great but i haven’t played Watch Dogs 1, is it any good ? Kinda hoping Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon gets remastered as I never got to play it.

  5. I really hope ubisoft gets all the attention at e3 and wins game of the year reward for breakpoint. Atleast they are listening to fans unlike most developers.

  6. almost all the leaks are from microsofts e3 event def excited to see everything they're bringing and the 3rd party games during it

  7. Happy E3 dude, i cannot make it to E3 this year but i will be waiting for your Updates on WD Legion if you get your hands on.

  8. how about remaking farcry 2 too and adding more stuffs like weapons making the map bigger and more animals that'll be awesome by the way cantwait for those 2 remaining new annoucements from my fav company ubisoft hope theres new splintercell

  9. I refused to buy the last Rainbow Six game, but if they put in a good lengthy offline single player campaign in the next one, then I just might.

  10. Ability to play as any NPC does sound very interesting, opens up a lot of possibilities in terms of story telling assuming you can play as them for the rest of the game if you want to as long as you’ve recruited them or switch between any you’ve previously recruited at any time

  11. I hate the Watch Dogs Franchise so I wont be buying Watch Dogs 3 tbh (A new Splinter Cell would have been better) but Im looking forward to Ubisofts Conference otherwise especially that Orpheus RPG (Ubisoft have done well with RPGs over the past few years and have helped filled in a Strong RPG void others have left).

  12. Does anybody else have a problem on ac3 remastered when you play TOKW where your side missions don't save or am I just the only one

  13. I really hope they don’t make the next ac game a rpg , odyssey was the worst one for me and I fill it’s because of all the rpg elements.

  14. Hey I love your channel and can you pls try and check about wb Montreal games because they been teasing a lots of stuff of Batman and I kinda want to know if it well be shown at e3 and Warner bro we’ll be at e3 so can you make a vid about that just saying I want to know if there we’ll be a Batman game

  15. I don't like what I'm hearing about watch dogs 3 about the whole npc thing sounds really weird if it is true then I'm not getting watch dogs 3

  16. Maybe the “control a NPC” thing is not that a NPC can become our main protagonist and it’s more like you recruit them and pick a couple to go on mission with or free roam with and can switch between them the same way you can switch between the 3 protagonists in GTAV

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