Watch Dogs Legion New Gameplay & Everything We Know!

all right what's up guys welcome back to another watchdogs Legion video firstly I want to say a massive thank you to Ubisoft the sponsor in this video if you want to preorder watchdogs Legion for yourself it's available for release on March 6 2020 and there's a link in the description down below so you can check that out for yourself other than that for all your news on watchdogs Legion watchdogs agent contact stick around on this channel cuz I'm gonna be doing a hell of a lot of it so you be sub just officially revealed watchdogs Legion in front of everybody at e3 and oh my it looks insane so in this video I wanted to talk about what we've seen what we now know about the game and everything that I could possibly think of that might be of interest to anybody that's interested in this so starting with what the games gonna be about it's gonna be based in London which it's become a surveillance state basically because it brags it ruined everything the government's no longer thing so everyone is kind of fending for themselves there is a sort of police militia threat called Albion they're gonna be the ones that you're gonna be you know fighting again as well as some of the gangs but as ourselves we're gonna be playing as the resistance now this ties in with the whole NPC feature this bindle rumored for a while now so you're gonna be able to play as literally any of the NPC's in the game and when I say any I literally mean any I was skeptical about this at first when I first heard the rumors but they said it you're gonna be able to play as anybody which is kind of mental if you think about it considering each one has their own lives unique voices animations origin stories and they'll all be going about their daily lives you know you'll see police officers walking around you can recruit them and play as them you'll see Chavez walking around you can recruit them and play as then there'll be business man I'm sure and men maybe I don't know but literally every single person in the game you'll be able to control and recruit and players and each one will have their own attributes that you can use to do certain missions the way the recruitment will work is you'll find someone that you want to recruit I guess it'll be different for each one but you see you initiate the recruitment process basically and you'll give them a little earpiece and basically the little earpiece is an AI called Bagley who is like the voice of dedsec who'll be speaking to every single person that you play as and be like the voice in their head telling you what your objective is and kind of just giving you some funny remarks when you do something cool I guess throughout the game so one thing they showed off in the gameplay was you play as one character but you need a different character with a different skillset to be able to do the mission that you're wanting to do so you literally walk around and you scan each person you profile each person like you've been able to do in the previous watchdogs games only now when you find someone that has the right attributes maybe they're good at hacking over gun fighting or maybe they're good at fighting over melee attacks I don't know maybe they've good at shooting guns each one will have attributes that will help you with certain things and you have to find certain people to help you with what your job is next and just to make it even more interesting if you die as the current character that you're playing as that's it they're gone you can't play with as them anymore permadeath is the thing except you just switch over to a different character but I like that that's what gives at a whole new dynamic if you develop a relationship I guess we've slipped with one of the characters for example it'd be kind of suckish if that person then died and you're left you know mourning him or her so one thing I know a lot of you guys are gonna be wanting to know about is weapons now there are a whole host of lethal weapons that I saw in the game play that we saw and to be honest even though I talked about a potential watchdogs game without weapons I think what they've done is lovely they've literally made the gun fighting look a lot more realistic which is something that they definitely needed to improve on in the first two watchdog's games and from the looks of it I feel like the guns are gonna play a nice part in this game so I'm quite happy to see them making a comeback as far as what I saw I saw assault rifles shotguns pistols all types of things I think actually saw a g36c so I think they're going for realistic guns as well which is quite nice along with that I also saw a taser weapon that you could fire or go up to someone and literally tase them in the back and they'll go down which is nicely covered some stealth gameplay as well or non-lethal gameplay if you want to play that way it was also really cool to see there was a hostage scene as well and the player just shot the guy holding a hostage in the leg which then made that person drop the hostage for a second and then he could take down the guy keeping him in captivity basically so there is some kind of tactical gunplay to the game as well there's also a whole load of new takedown animations that I saw as well so you got your melee combat it's gonna be a lot of fun there's different ones for each time it's a unlike watchdogs to where you had the snooker ball thing that was sort of just like one or two animations now you've got a whole host of different ones because you just Mele combat in everybody now just touching on hacks for a second they did show up one hack this sort of made you invisible I'm gonna guess they're gonna release more information about the hacks that are available to you as time goes on but something that makes you invisible I'm gonna guess is temporary but I guess it's something to do with the clothing you wear or something like that maybe it's an attribute that you can just get be a character I don't know maybe it's only certain people that you've come across and that you players in the world you'll be able to use that kind of thing for but it's nice to see them figuring out different ways of adding technology and hacks into the game also car hacking is back but another thing about cars is they actually have an auto drive ability now or at least they think they do the actual game mentioned auto-drive turning off so I'm gonna guess that you can have the motto drive which could make for a fun experience in terms of what kind of vehicles there are available you've got cars boats bikes a drone you can literally stand on so there's no helicopters or planes as far as I'm aware but there is a drone that you can use to take you all over the place and I'm pretty sure you'll be able to fly around there now they did tease something like that in the watchdog's 2 trailer which never actually was a thing but I'm pretty sure the one that we saw in this trailer is that the kind of thing that we can use so while there might not be helicopters or planes there's still gonna be a drawn between you can use the fly around which gives the people what they want everyone's been asking for aerial vehicles now we might have but the cars look really cool as well as like a mix of futuristic cars and old looking cars as well so you get a nice choice of what you want to be driving around it in terms of customization because there's so many NPCs they're gonna be playable they've really gone in depth with it and there's so many different clothes you can get there's loads of different masks that you can wear I really like the masks and then I saw all the different ones on all the different characters in the gameplay I was very very happy I've got a thing for masks I don't know why it sounds weird but yeah another piece of equipment that's available as well are these like spider drone looking things in watchdogs warn if you remember the huge spider tank well now this little spider drones that you can use as dedsec as the resistance members that have little tasers on them they can crawl into places they can pack things it's like a nice take on the drone and the RC car thing but this time it's a little spider and I'm gonna guess this may be more of them or maybe other things like it to unlock as you go along and then just touching on terms of what the actual world looks like I can't say what it feels like you haven't played it but in terms of looks it seems to be going back to that kind of dark setting which I'm happy about I did love watchdogs to setting' but at the same time watchdogs one just felt nice it felt like a gritty game some of the characters were off but the actual feel of the game was perfect for me now this time around because it's like a post Bridget London the world's kind of well London's gone bad basically so everything looks a bit rundown it very rainy in the gameplay there's a lot of neon lights everywhere it looks very almost futuristic but still believable which is nice to see so if you wanted a dog if you wanted a darker setting now you've got one obviously we only really saw gameplay at night there is gameplay available in the day which then sort of took it back to that San Francisco eat colorful fail so I think it's the best of both worlds really and also while we're in the city of London most people think of London as being you know you've got big buildings everywhere but London's a lot bigger than that and outside a bit you've got a lot of estates and council houses things like that and it's nice to see that they've added those kind of areas into the game as well so just like in watchdogs – you didn't just have downtown San Francisco you've also got the residential areas and stuff and you seem to have that in watchdogs Legion which makes me happy because I'm gonna go and explore London and see if I can find my brother's house but yeah guys that is about all I could think of to talk about in this video watchdogs Legion I cannot wait for this I cannot wait to get my hands and I just want to play it and I just want to show it off to you guys and I just want to make my series on it oh I'm so excited so if you enjoyed this video and you want to see more content on watchdogs Legion then stick around on this channel hit that subscribe button hit the notification bell so you know whenever I've uploaded I do do two videos a day normally if not more and follow me on all my social links in the description down below so you can find me everywhere if you want thanks again to Ubisoft for sponsoring this video I really appreciate it and again if you want to check out this game for yourself and pre-order it there's a link in the description down below you can click on that it will take straight to the pages think of them not thank you for watching the video hopefully you enjoyed it and I'll see in the next one oh you are fucking done now

23 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Legion New Gameplay & Everything We Know!

  1. I hope they have tweaked the walking pace in this game. Ubisoft always make games where the protagonist is an Olympic sprinter at walking pace!! Rockstar has the best walking/driving/flying physics. I hate the Arcade feel in every ubisoft game!!!

  2. I really enjoyed Watch Dogs 2: a sort of Mr Robot parody, they stereotypically displayed hacker figures, but that was the whole point. I liked the californian vibe and how the gameplay felt, the story was a good excuse to play and there were some great features. Now, i'm afraid they will lose the centrality on the characters by giving a macro story, but we'll see. I'm very curious overall, London is a great place where to play and we never had the chance to see it that much in videogames.

  3. Did everyone forget about first person in watch dogs? Not in the car like actual roaming around first person with the guns ya know?

  4. Perms death scares me
    Man. Ima need to
    Play smart. I also hope that they got the classic masks with the hat like aiden and Marcus had in the other games. This game also feels like a cyber punk now, not complaining but feels like in the next watch dogs after this we are going to be waaaay far into the future. My preference, I liked the og style world and hacking like watchdogs 1. It’s still gonna be fun to play this game. I’m excited though to see how it’s going to play through and hopefully they made a lot of amazing changes.

  5. One thing which I’m pretty sure no one else had noticed, it’s not that big a deal mind, but one aspect of the UK in this game which is different is that Scotland has left the UK. Scotland Yard scene, you can see there’s a Union Jack Flag but instead of being on a Blue background, there’s a black and yellow background which would be the new flag if Scotland left the UK.

  6. i recon watchdogs 2 was better because of the art style like street art in the streets, and what happened to dedsec?

  7. I hate that we well be having to play as npcs want a great character like Arthur from rdr 2 hes the best character ever made

  8. I cannot fucking wait for this game. I played the shit out of the second game and is when I came across your channel. Also kinda cool that you predicted alot of the things that you thought were gonna be in the game?

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