29 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Legion: How "Play as Anyone" Actually Works

  1. I wonder what if this game is available in VR. There would be total immersion into this game just like the movie Ready Player one

  2. Ubisoft is great for trying something new but i am kinda pessimistic about this system, remember for honor?? New concept but got boring fast

  3. At least it’s innovative and not the same old thing we’ve grown to know in games (Especially Ubisoft ones)

  4. I wish a developer could combine play as anyone with the nemesis system from shadow of Mordor and have an excellent story. Rockstar, are you there?

  5. Well if you die that means that you need to play as someone else so if the whole citizen died that means that you can't play anymore

  6. Do you know the amount of voice acting required for this game? I just don't see how this is possible to the degree they are saying.

  7. My only worry about this mechanic is that we're going to lose the strong character connections that we built in WD2 the main dedsec gang in that was so likeable and I really enjoyed those cut scenes. And I dont think that we'll really have any of that with this mechanic

  8. Yea but HOW?!? Does it work how can you voice act every single NPC how can you give them all different storys and cutscenes

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