Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay – Everything You Need To Know (Watch Dogs 3 Gameplay)

Ubisoft just announced the watchdog's Legion during their e3 2019 press conference the game is coming out on March 6 to 2020 and I already went thence on here at e3 in this video I will show you never seen before b-roll of the game share my impressions and also a lot of things that you need to know so let's just get right into it right would be all significant leave a like on the video as it shows you supports and let's go before we start I want to let you know that I'm running a giveaway during this every week and so you can pre-order a special edition of your favorite III 2019 game including watchdogs Legion if you win I'll just reach out and ask what game you would like and then I will give you a code for that to participate you just want to follow the link in the paint comment for a chance to win and be sure you are subscribed to the channel as well before you answer so yes London is the setting for this next watchdogs game although it's a speculative fictional version of the city as the deaths like the college they looked at the current events and basically pictured a dark future for the city where families are separated where you can be thrown into prison if you speak up and where a private military force has taken over major parts of the city but also where technology and AI has been evolving rapidly eliminating many jobs in the process also everyone now has this sort of brain implants device made by bloom's yes the tech company is back and it's kind of the law right now to where it is so that's why every character in London has it and it's also where you come in or actually you because that is the thing with this game there is no main character there is no you you can play anyone in the world and are basically like a ghost taking over people by first checking their profile so it is comparable to the other watchdogs games only it's taken to the next level if you for example see this character Lorne Knowlton that we're hacking into with some standard info but also the fact that he has a 25% damage resistance against drones so that is just one of the many perks that you can find on these NPCs a little later on in this b-roll that is provided by Ubisoft I certainly could not record my own gameplay but we see extra damage for example and third health other examples are 10% extra melee damage or melee resistance the melee in this game is by the way more depth now you can dodge and then hit the enemies that actually have health bars – you don't see it again in the b-roll that Ubisoft provided but it was a thing while I was playing you can recruit a ton of these characters and they will then be in your team and you can switch between them at any time and they can also be leveled up and the enemies in the world to have levels as well level 15 is the max and going into a high level region will not be smart if your character is not a rounded level they weren't really sure how long it was going to take to get to the max level but it will be completely different compared to other games again level 15 is not as high as 40 for example but another thing that will play a huge role here is that there's perma death in this game so if your character dies he or she will be gone for good so you have to be really really careful there are free playable classes for each character and once you recruit them you can select one of the free classes and then cannot switch to another class we got the hackers that have these awesome spider drones that you can put on the grounds they can help you shoot down opponents or you can control them as well and take out the enemies this way too you have the enforcer class that is more about brutal combats they can carry heavy weapons and have a combat role that you can do I love the infiltrator the most though that can turn invisible so you can easily get into restricted areas without people noticing it and it's also because of that brain implant so how it works is that you hack that as the infiltrator so you disappear in front of their eyes while you are clearly still there and this is only for a short period of time but there are way more ways to customize your operative with different perks and skills and I will go way more in depth into that in a future video I wrote down a lot of skills and perks that were present in the demo and want to go over them and just talk more in depth about that in the future so keep it locked up for dance and of course most of the characters will look different to wane see them on the streets but after you recruited them and they're on your team you can also with a new cryptocurrency that you find in the world buy new clothes and also new weapons that you again unlock via a 3d printer no footage of that yet and I could not really toy around with it but there should be a ton of options and we of course got these awesome masks as well that you equipped when you are doing things that you're not really supposed to and I'm sure that you will be able to customize that as well like every different character has already a different mask I'm not really sure again how it works but there were a ton of options present already yeah I want to go back to the technology behind this game that again is very ambitious because these NPCs or should we actually call them NPCs let's just call them characters because you can play as them of course anyway they have lives too if we go back to Lorne and Norton we see that this character is about the hats to Leicester Square to enjoy a light meal so then you should be able to follow this character and see him actually do that it was just very interesting to walk around in his world and pick a random character that you can then control you can't immediately control them though you first have to make sure that they want to join that sack so first you want to kind of hack into their profile and see what they're up to and then you can save the character that you like then there's a specific sort of contacts menu that I certainly don't have any footage of but here you will see a special support meter where you will know if they are against or supporters of that sack or kind of in between and what you can do to make them supporters is help them with their problems like taking out the person that is blackmailing them or erasing a file on a computer somewhere that could harm this specific person there first these smaller tasks that make the bar go to the right and when they are a supporter you can talk to them so they will really see a conversation between your character that you of course already recruited and a new character that you want to recruit and both characters will have voice acting so that's very interesting and then you take on this new mission for example in my instance I had to infiltrate a highly guarded area and physically erase something well there should be many different missions like driving missions you could steal every car in the game stealth missions where you have to steal things from people or missions where you are being hunted there should be a ton of variety I haven't really seen that myself but Ubisoft assured me that that was the case and because the NPC's are randomly generated from a database that picks their gender posture perks biography these missions are generated as well Ubisoft calls it recasting of locations so one person might require a certain mission based on their backgrounds like you need to steal something from a vault for example and then the game picks a location nearby where there is a fault and creates this mission around it and it's gonna really be different for everyone so if you also have to steal something from a Falls but are on the other side of London they can do this similar mission but in a completely different location so they're making things like this on the fly and it sounds pretty fascinating but what of course gets wet procedurally generated things is that it might not have the same impact as a level that has been carefully built by the developers and that's really where this game has still some convincing to do that this kind of wears off after a moment that you kind of understand how the system works and that it will not really surprise you anymore Ubisoft did know though that there will be 60 plus missions in the game through five different story lines so the narrative remains but there's just no main character you will see the character that you are playing as at the time and they should all have slightly different animations in these cutscenes so depending on the character you play and also have slightly different voices that should match the characters so that again sounds very ambitious in a game where all the characters you see in the world can be controlled so also appear in cutscenes on one end that's awesome of course so you can kind of have an adventure with your favorite character that you recruited in the world but this will likely also mean that we should not expect a very emotional story or a story that will dive deep into the background of your character because you of course can play a completely different character anytime I did not see a lot of this sort of narrative focus yet but it will totally be interesting to see if they can still deliver an awesome story cutscenes and also set pieces while you are playing as a random character all the time overall I think it's really awesome that they decided to go all out with this unique feature that I haven't seen in a game before instead of going with your regular or you're playing this main protagonist in London and have to try to save the city this is a completely new twist and also on the familiar Ubisoft formula that totally seems present in this game as well and I have to admit I really can't wait to play this and kind of make my own army of characters and see how deep everything goes I totally think that you will get some sort of ownership over your characters and that you will really get attached to them although maybe the story is not really what delivers that but kind of the things that you do with these characters and also the customization options like really make them a feel and play the way you want you can really think differently like that powerful boss that you are about to kill can also be recruited instead so you can play as that very powerful person we can be sure of one thing watchdogs Legion will be a really unique experience if they pull it off or not right now they seem to be on the right track and they still got some development time ahead of them so I hope that they can pull it off because that means that we have a pretty special game in our hands it also has online multiplayer like the previous watchdogs game for player co-op they would not really talk a lot about it yet just that you would have a shared progression so the character you recruit and customizing your single-player game can also be used in online session and with GTA role-playing being a pretty big thing I think that watchdog Legion can totally have an impact on this as well let me know you think of the review of watchdogs Legion in the comments down below this is just the start of my watchdogs Legion coverage so totally subscribe for everything on the game I got way more from e3 coming like more info from an interview with the developer my Hansel session and also the things that will be shared online regarding watchdogs Legion I'll be going way more in depth on the sort of systems in this game as well in the future this was just my broad overview and my initial thoughts with more videos coming afterwards so totally keep it locked in to the channel I like on the video would of course be super appreciated check out the giveaway for watchdogs Legion in the paint comment for an e3 game of your choice actually maybe other watch Legion videos are already up then you will see them here and you can click on them so you can easily watch them for now though I'll speak the next time and goodbye

45 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay – Everything You Need To Know (Watch Dogs 3 Gameplay)

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  2. Very disappointed with the announcement of this game. I really liked Watch Dogs 2 and I was hoping to something similar but in London. Here, the concept has been revamp and while I respect to change of direction, I was really hoping to create my own character and dress him as I want. As far as I know, you won't be able to change characters clothes in this game. Also, I'm afraid that we won't get any emotional attachment to any character which is a shame.

  3. Im glad they're going in this direction the old way of making games has become way to repetitive and i never finish a story ..hopefully they continue to build on this with the mext watch dogs..because by then that one would be developed with ps5/xbox scarlett in mind…the fact that lose a character for good is far more appealing then any generic story they would have come up with …in a sense you are the story and thats exactly what I want…we all shouldn't have the same path ..i dont think that they will achieve exactly what they want with wd3 but they're going in the right direction

  4. I'm definitely going to have a decsec granma squad. I also hope that the game is extremely difficult so that the infinite amount of characters is balanced by the permadeath

  5. It definitely looks interesting and cool but i still have my doubts about this… I'm gonna wait till i see and read reviews then i will make my choice.

  6. Regarding the recruitment feature, what come to mind are Metal Gear Solid V soldier recruitment, and Suikoden's 108 Stars of Destiny.

    MGSV had a more straightforward search, scouting and recruitment quality.

    Whereas Suikoden's has fixed 108 characters to recruit but you need to do quests to get them, or trigger some events. They can also be missed so they are in a way optional.

    Now WD Legion's random generation makes the idea more interesting. Cannot wait for 2020!

  7. ALWAYS READY TO WATCH YOUR VIDS. started watching them since AC Odyssey vids. One of the most underrated channel. Hope you get more likes and subscriptions.

    Peace out

  8. Unless it comes to Scarlett, I'm not playing it, I'm saving cash for Scarlett and if my estimates are right, it'll take awhile to save up for it for me.

  9. There is no single game where you choose a random characters or create a character that made a connection with the gamer, unlike games like god of war for example you know who karatos is and you are way more invested in the game and the story

  10. I hope they still have a safehouse or base to sleep and customise, and i hope there are still places like the restaurants or bars from wd2

  11. So, can we play with a single character from start to finish, or do they force us to switch all the time?

  12. Game looks good but am not going to trust Ubisoft till we see the actual gameplay. Remember what happened to Watchdogs… they lied to us back then. Would have to wait and see for sure

  13. I am very skeptical. The setting is cool, the trailer was cool. But i really doubt that these characters can be made interessting enough to justify no main character. It is probably a result of people complaining about Aiden and then Marcus so they just made it like this instead. Personally I enjoy well written characters with depth and this system makes that impossible I think. It would be a guaranteed buy for me if you could customize your main character and have a real script instead of this. Unless the gameplay is so spectacular that there is no need for a real character to exist then I think a lot of people will be disapointed by this system.

    The technology to make this work does not exist on the ps4 so I think a lot of stuff will be very repitive and without a very well written main character to make up for it will just not work. This is a risky and perhaps even a foolish move by Ubisoft in my opinion.

  14. Man! Watch_Dogs have changed since the original. It's gotten edgy. I assume no more badass protagonists anymore. Hell this looks more Neon/Traditional Cyberpunk than the Post-Cyberpunk of the first and second game. Guess the old characters are gone for good

  15. The world is going to be so alive with robots and personalities, like “he is going to leicester square for a light meal” wtf, that is really detailed. Its hard to believe they did this is 3 years or so

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