WATCH DOGS LEGION Full World Reveal – GROUP REACTION #E32019 (Best Granny!)

stretch to start off Ruby what are you gonna do this watchdogs ladies city in the world yes alright well used to be a bit NASA rightness I want to be the MC diary Fox LTP were extremists a grab in power organized crimes slicing up the virus it's got a leak so hard like I'd start with the fucking freedoms a bloody joke but he's saying yes this is as me and there's a new power growing Queen together we're building the resistance one watchdogs sky talent bagless job shop eyes peeled yes oh god I'm so excited for this game any fucking to want dude brilliant ball can play watch I want green super fun i watch talk to you though yeah play too sure but we need a drum mix bit ROG not sure I want one away a lot I like this guy already he's already better than right sure oh he's very bitter chase it if he says cheese one of the cows into the roof they say badass she's no the cavalry is he was recording that no referring them well here's NBC's Jimmy sure no formal engineering training but he has several mischief charges hiding Albion drones we find that drone x-brawn he's about to get himself a mix oh well like the mess yeah good bass what surrender a slave drivers hard I'll resist don't walk out of that bad wheat what the fuck this is driver San Francisco our resists all that trying to understand what the end consumer buddy [Applause] Oh brutal whoa oh dude actually I've fucking it that's dope yeah I want to be her also my jet let's finish what we started before he was killed surrendering or I would have saved that guy but you were how to deal with the whole shitty watch yeah yeah maven torture well that's one thing like oh there you go yes the story changes depending on they can all just be expendable exam B you can ease up this place on yeah they do and they always mention who died last I have an idea I wanted to go bring in the other two characters maybe even watchdogs two guys I mean it's in London so and show me some fucking hacking now yeah never how seriously first in once yeah second one is like one of my favorite games yeah I get 100% I love that game dude exactly Kenny the moving loads of weapons off here not your typical back alley shanks stables it's human trafficking found Jimmy they get a true deal Jimmy what if eaten Pierce's yes he can revolves around the universe was he is he in the second one yeah yes here's a cameo mission and then there's a kind of family offers like that's agent Pierce I really tell you it wasn't time the visuals in here it's okay get over how gears 5 look towards the way that we presented that game we're done a few months have you seen the gameplay pretty good I mean this should be fun last year pendens it still looks gear zeesoc in half multiplayer fuckin hell imagine they are introduced multiplayer like you got actually like a legitimate well we shot that special we almost died out there tonight look let's make well for me but I can handle myself right you think you're better off alone you think everyone oh and there's no one to trust or the game that's what they are clogging and that's how they'll take a movie doesn't have to be that way we can change it up Tina British majors that's it help me Oh Oh he didn't make it Jason Statham he's dead how much girl what good to be here no well as you might make a cameo oh never Jimmy okay that's cool aidez renditions can I be the sugar glider though that's the question I love them that you can play is pretty much anyone yeah okay so where do I go to meet the rest of the crew – you don't need to go anywhere look around you there's a chair has a reason to fight and dead-set is open to anyone anyone welcome to the resistance a schoolgirl anybody niggers like one of an unborn fetus really makes you feel like you're British you have become the resistance whoa that's true Wow that maker oh that going fuckin dude they didn't confirm the title gas legion okay I just heard the new watch hardly I never got it hardly bullseye I'm clean Hawking I'm the creative director of watchdogs Legion and for the past two years the team and I have had the privilege to work on a game and an innovation that we are very proud of watchdogs Legion is set in London one of the greatest cities in the world and it's had a massive influence on all of our culture for centuries today with brexit London's at a turning point it's hard to predict what the future holds for London for the UK or for the world but history has proven time and again so here players where London goes all of us together in our near future London is facing her downfall the UK has become a surveillance state and freedom has been replaced with fear armed drones patrol the streets deportation squad rich people from their homes and out and grandad is using odo to buy a new kidney on the black market Londoners have to give my boy resilience and determination is an inspiration to us all and they are the heroes our our journey yeah watchdogs Legion your mission is to trailed a popular resistance to fight back against the emergence of an authoritarian regime this means you don't just play as one hero Gerrard how did all in such Legion hey you can't recruit missed the big game play I was watching injury stream when I was going on okay you play every name I forgot yeah I'm trying to get back into the posture that's not working for me inflation ships and anyone from the entire population can be recruited into your team the entire population profile them hack into their lives play their origin mission Jim use the twitch stream I'm wet how far my head all potty characters different backstories in person differently just Akhil grandmas every cinematic in the game to change whether you're playing a former mi5 action hero a 70 year old granny you saw feeding pigeons in the park 15 seconds in between I have no idea to be honest well pause it watchdogs Legion lets you be that you can't pause on Twitch oh no you want to be a cruise I'm using twitch from the council block doing you want to go hipster you just said these ladies fucking events it happy awesome yes very fifty seconds ahead then you switch over to to twitch of you on board just acquire of tyranny told justice okay just announced a pre-order so give me a mask legions team here helps to see you on the booth thank you for your time to further resistance a good stretch there okay let's go journey I had a good run there for a while I'm just gonna go over right now it's okay I'm watching bombings well the good news industry and you don't have to worry about being a second point and people thrown in cages I ran a mas I know you can forget the killer robots everywhere so yeah it's gonna suck when you lose your favorite my god shit so this is gonna give me just because of that long right it's fine if it comes up I'm assuming this is part of a dinner there's got some competition today we got this whole way 20 I can see them doing beginning October just because yeah they're not doing types of Creed this year yeah Legion oh wow okay interesting yeah interesting yeah cool stick oh wow it is on Steve yeah that's three days fo fantasy not only that it's like very close to cyber barrier that that first half of next year's fucking already stacked I know oh my god

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  1. No, it was confirmed true that every single NPC, every single one, even the enemy NPCs (somehow) can be recruited to be a playable character in your hacker army. When they said the entire population could be recruited they meant literally.

  2. These morons were running their mouths so much that they didn't even hear a fucking word the guy said.

  3. Albion is the name of hypothetical fascist UK during WW2, well, Albion would be the name of new UK, the heads are Black Shirts.

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