Watch Dogs Legion Free Roam & Missions Gameplay

what's going on guys welcome back to another watchdogs Legion video today I just have some gameplay for you that we shared over e3 so I thought you know what I'm gonna upload it for you now obviously I've had to download this off the internet and uploading it now so that the quality is a bit what's the word here ass I guess you could compare it to an ass not a good a see that probably quite a bad uninteresting ass but ass is still good when it's watchdogs Legion video gameplay stuff and no one's really seen that much of the game so I thought I'd let you watch this now after watching it myself I have a lot of questions that a lot of things I actually want to speak to you guys about in separate videos because there's a few things that I've seen that I like that I don't like that I'm questioning and well you make your own judgments for yourself let me know what you think about the gameplay let me know what your thoughts are on this game after you've watched it and yeah hopefully you guys enjoy the video hit the like button if you enjoy it subscribe if you want to see all different watchdogs Legion content from me leading up to the game and then want to see once the game is out and I upload other videos as well throughout the day so feel free to watch them too other than that thank you and enjoy now what we're doing is we're starting midway through the day the game today so you're already part of dedsec you already have a small team assembled but we're looking for a new recruit you know our game being all about play as anyone that's what we want to show off to everybody today then we can actually go out there and literally play as anyone right so that means any person in this bar any people out on the street any people in this world you can play as them recruit them to your team convince them to join your cause and we're gonna start off by finding someone to do that with yeah so we're walking around we're looking we're seeing some traits yeah what Matt's doing here is he's profiling the different people in the bar and you're getting a little bit of information on those people and Greenline highlighting dots in the middle there that's their inherent traits and that's either a personal boost or a team boost for helping out your team so that's just one of the things you could use to make your decision of who you want to join dedsec could be totally based on any other preference you like maybe you like the sound of their voice maybe they cool maybe you like the way they sit on a chair maybe you like his posture on the chair there's a cool guy for sure that's going around saving a couple of those people to his contacts have people looking outside might pull a couple in from the world really literally play as anyone we're starting with a grandma once again that seemed to be a pretty big hit the other day yeah that's luck of the draw we scoot we do start the demo with a random selection of characters we happen to pull a good one for the stream today which is always nice very nice I like that skill that's my that's my kind of player right yeah okay I think that's probably enough we probably got a few people saved up to the team now we can pop open that menu this is our contacts tab so this is a deep profiler giving you all kinds of in-depth information about the characters everything from their age occupation their salary as well as their relationships in the world you see this person has an uncle and a cousin those are real people out in the world right now we could go find his uncle meet up with him if we were to do something to his uncle this guy is not gonna like it they'll actually respond to the stuff you're doing out in the world and react to that and that'll affect that progress far in the middle to see their Matt taking a cruise around London showing that this guy has a schedule he's gonna actually be at different places in the day if you were to go to the pharmacy at 6:00 a.m. you'll find this guy is running errands there and you literally stroke to the day I like that full realized simulation have very exciting stuff so we'll go back in we'll see you in the top middle there we got the dead sex support bar oh yes all the different characters in the world they have different feelings towards dedsec when you meet them right so some got a photo poser some people are opposed some people neutral some people have a very positive opinion and to get someone on your team what you have to do is convince them so you got to move that bar up you got to do favors for them intervene in their lives in ways that will change their opinion of death so they're down with the cause yeah they're not just willing to join without you moving that it's it's worth doing and helping them out with stuff so normally what we do is intervene do a bunch of favors in the interest of time for the stream today we're gonna do a little III cheat pack that bar all the way up to the top looks like that's gonna take us George penny I like you look at that hair this guy's got a tattoo on his face already sick face that dude we should so we have added the guy as a potential recruit now all we got to do is find where George went to looks like he might have walked away well if we were rambling on there he's walked his way back in the world I told you stuff to do got a schedule he's got stuff to do he's out there in the world doing it he needs to handle all his stuff so he can get to the pharmacy by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow Matt his playing is a low mobility character we're doing a little bit of ground it's just gradually gradually making our way up there low mobility characters can do everything everybody else can do they're just going to go about it a little bit slower dead sets caught wind that your planting evidence but I will be I am NOT doing it by choice they're blackmailing if I don't follow them leave the door and if someone made that dirt disappear you're gonna appreciate aliens get rid of the evidence if you didn't I were your something serious but I'd consider lending him a hand could turn out to be hipster Albion store sensitive data like this on air-gap servers so zeroing those hard drives will solve this problem and put an end to this whole evidence parking screen but tell me how to get there so there we go we cheated up that bar to get his support up high but he still wants to us to do one big favor for him before he's really willing to join the team so that's what we're doing now that's exactly what we're gonna do seem at cruising down the streets here beautiful Westminster district of London you know the iconic Big Bend their Parliament next to that pulling down on the Thames here London I'm unless I I mean obviously this this looks gorgeous yeah and you know we're in the I guess relatively yeah because welcome you know we're in the relatively near future how do you and the team go about sort of creating the London you want well staying true to what London is today here but uh I mean essentially what we do is we start off with a lot of research we went there in person we've done our you know our homework so to speak you know we've done a lot of investigations we figured out what we wanted in there the types of locations in the places we knew we wanted to include as much as possible we've got a very huge offering we're gonna pull up the menu later and we can show you off how just how big and robust that world is with we've also added new stuff you know straight out of our imaginations as well so not just taking the places that are there but injecting some of our own places and personality into our version of what future London could be this could be the New Scotland Yard in the near future and based on actual Scotland Yard but in our version of the world things are a little different so not just the Metropolitan Police anymore they've been kind of relegated pushed to the side by private military contractors who have kind of taken over the station that's Albion you'll notice their flags and propaganda and their soldiers patrolling the halls of New Scotland Yard so it's safe to say it's you know super lockdown he's not gonna be able to just waltz in here with granny and the pack those servers so he's gonna do a little bit of scouting around you noticed the from time to time a wave emanating help for the player or the camera that's Matt using the ping system which kind of data scrapes the world finds different things in the world that he can interact with like hacking into cameras setting up traps profiling characters to add to his contacts tab about doing a little bit of scouting around now you know trying to figure out where that black mail server is sometimes we got sight lines there person chipping in time to time it says Bagley yeah that's your sentient AI assistant kind of like a hacked version of an Alexa or Siri he's kind of the cornerstone linking all your team together and he's gonna pop in time to time give you some hints and tips and kind of help guide you on your way throughout the journeys of watchdogs members we're seeing the skills as well when we're profiling these you know these guys that are effectively standing in our ways yeah those are real people who – you know you can profile them save them to your contacts tab if if Matt doesn't kill them we could even recruit them later to the team it's harder to recruit the dead no he said it's wagging his finger say are we going to lethal or no I think I think we're gonna try and do this a little stealth but it is a systemic demo so you know anything can and will go wrong I'm sure using that hack distract in there he deactivated the security advice make his way in there a little easier he found that server in the back room there but now he's encountered a a locked door obstacle fortunately there's someone out in the world that has the keycard to that door Matt is playing the hacker class today so that comes with a little extra special perk he's got his little spider bot buddy they're whipping out and navigating the world with that that spider can even do takedowns on enemies has a drone turret function so you can actually go in if you want to go aggro yeah I wanted to take that guy out with a turret that would be completely positive very close there Matt okay thinking about it pig face on yeah in there that looked comfortable the spider bot did self destruct but not to worry there's a little cooldown in the timer that will regenerate over time it'll be able to read the play that later very cool so we got that key card not a physical key we're in the future right so it's an RFID key that he hacked digitally kind of remote pocket pick yeah Grady's not our most capable hand-to-hand fighter so we do equip her with a stun gun so we can do a little bit more aggressive takedowns with hanhan as she won't carrier pointer weight and someone else with the chameleons to have some friendly emotes there too as well yeah I want to talk about the mask as well looks like he's handling business but yeah we're in a restricted area right so you can't just go in there with your fainting clothes all the characters in the systemic demo going off the rails right now oh those guys getting here granny going loud pulling out that weapon we do have a choice lethal or non-lethal Matt's choosing right now to use the non lethal shock route so those people aren't dead granny's just putting them to sleep very kind and sympathetic grandma something to make them notes ie the exit yeah yeah I'm gonna make our way for those knees hard on the bees yeah she's moving fast chaos breaking out of the joints yeah going back on coming back maybe you want to run away from here me get out of here before things go more off the rails you're free you seen it is not normally my way to wrap shopkeepers but I was in dire situation I can't be a strange enough take you up on that paper someday you got it you need help I'm the first one your card hear me we got George so there we go yeah we got George he expressed his willingness to join dead sack so we're gonna take him up on that obviously right we can recruit George when you recruit a new operative you have the opportunity to select their class so this gives you a little bit more customization to not only play the characters you want but play them how you want as well so we were already showing you guys the hacker class with this spider bot ability that's more of our remote infiltrator type class we have our enforcer which is kind of a running gun heavy weapons specialist with a sticky mind special ability and the infiltrator class stealth and melee focused they have an AR cloaking ability which allows them to go invisible or at least make people think they're invisible and even trout bodies may I may I choose as long as it's the infiltrator class well I would love to see the infiltrator that's how I like to play you know Roubaix also likes to take it slow and daddy where pageants joking without you could have chose any class but we want to show off the most amount of stuff possible to our fan city so we're gonna try and get through all three classes that's all and in the demo well then we'll see how it goes okay so we'll Matt had a perk available to equip so even beyond the class system further customizing your characters the way you like to play we have perks so perks are different abilities you can assign to that player for further customization you'll see we have four available in the e3 demo today will obviously have a lot more in the full version of the game gotcha and and Matt just went ahead I did one with I think salty enough okay that would do a perk that we got Matt we went for the lunge he's got the lunge perk what is the lunge for lunch perks gonna give you a little bit of a increased takedown radius okay going through that layout closely yeah close the gap quick take those guys out from a little further than that I mean that seems to play to his particular skill set as well with the grapple damage exactly what that was that in your mind when you chose that or did you know you're going all right got a super cool new operative we did a tactical ops swap there which tags the personnel on the spot our grannies going back to her routine off the tee timer or to bed it's late it's to do yeah look at NCAR we're gonna take our new operative on a story mission so we have a full robust campaign of course five unique appliance all with their own time attics and in interesting characters and places to go to very exotic missions this one's more of our traditional British spy thriller very James Bond yes all right you know cloak and dagger it isn't yours custom making our way back to Westminster over to Westminster Abbey you'll see Matt's driving an autonomous what we call a room on wheels vehicle no steering wheel know even steering column in there now I can enjoy the ride back enjoy he's hacking in and remotely driving it all these vehicles in the world are autonomous capable okay we could have enabled the auto drive and sat back and had this driving to his destination Matt's not a very passive guy he likes to play he likes to take control so he's driving there himself whoa where are we now we're at the famous Westminster Abbey Cathedral here notice we've got a little social outreach going on here the people of London reaching out helping each other out with their lives they're not happy with what's going on they want they want to help the people of London they want to help each other right that's why you know you could believe that something like dedsec could be something that they'd be inspired to join and maybe make even a bigger difference in the world but if you're not willing to do that you could you could have other options for helping your your fellow people so who do we have here so now we have our new character I didn't catch his name there we pop open the profiler there we go likes to pick fights at the pub mile canteen obviously spend some good time at the pub because this skill is plus 75% melee damage while drunk yeah that's not accidental our traits and their stories they're connected right so that's derived from their information in their backstories to make the world simulation more robust and accurate I got cool let's dig back in I know we're anxious to get back into the gameplay yeah we're gonna get back into the game we're gonna be heading all the way up to the top of the map there Camden Market while we're here we'll take a little bit of time to present for ruse or us a our version of London it's a very big offering super-dense we got eight unique boroughs all with their own identities cultural landmarks simulated populations different people different places a very robust world to explore and discover and thankfully with London there's a very robust transit system with the metro to work with yeah that's right we have to take advantage of that you know iconic underground tube station as our fast travel system it's just one of what many ways we can get around the world popping out here in the iconic Camden High Street the so can-can is a very different vibe from Westminster Westminster is a little more traditional button-down you know kind of a traditionally classic iconic British location whereas Camden markets more of a part of counterculture that olden has a scorpion coming out of it yeah not to shop with a giant holographic scorpion we're in the future you know take advantage of that you know at least on the art side we're injecting some some a lot of flavor a lot of flair and comes into the world with our future technologies it is a famous shopping district in the world as well so this is a just like real life a lot of clothing shops here in fact every single clothing store in our in our world is interactable oh you can go there interact with the smart glass panel on the window buy some interesting threads for your character shop a team a little bit of a disclaimer here work-in-progress features some of the iconography and inventory will be missing but we got enough stuff equip that we can find Matt some nice clothes to wear it shouldn't blow or remove some of those as well you know right jacket yeah and I love elected crowd in the Camden High Street oh wow all right interesting choice yeah recollection himself yeah yeah I'm digging in it's a bit of a freddy mercury thing going on here yeah I got our operative decked out you know that doesn't affect his personality that's just you know giving him a little flair making our way down a little little token wheelie pop there on the bike went down to Camden Market so Camden Market in our world not quite the tourist trap it is in modern London got some other stuff going on cigarettes has three people in the area looking for Maddy we'll get back to her quickly if something were to happen to them so you'd better hurry up and happen before they move on so as I was saying before Bagley so rudely interrupted me Camden Market not quite the same place it is in in modern London in our version of the world it's become quite dystopian it's completely been taken over by an organized crime unit who have come in here and set up their operations a lot of black market activity going on in in Camden Market gotta shut that down yeah Matt scouting around with a drone we have different drones all throughout the world cargo drones news drones Wi-Fi drones construction drones struction drones assault drones riot drones a world full of drones you can just go ahead and find those out in the world and pluck them out of the sky and take over control of them like we got a bit of a grow up here something yeah little illegal black market activity going around something a little more serious and they grow up in this no back in the market yeah those look like humans yeah these are these are not good people right please please do not feel bad for them it has to take a few of these guys out you found that the gate was locked looking for another opportunity to bypass the systems here getting creative little high in the vehicles made himself a little platform to jump off love it also spotting a cargo drone up in the sky they're moving around the layout with explosive payload packing right in there taking control setting up some traps in the world big enough that we could even jump on there and write it oh yes perhaps looks like he's lining something up I don't know I'm seeing a target at the bottom of that is that too much of a spoiler well it is a cargo drone so it doesn't have some explode oh oh explosive payload they're unleashing that on the unsuspecting guys below opening the door getting creative hacking a few things as he goes throughout his exploration Boxhead sweet mask flying in here little green goblin style action on taking advantage of that cargo drone I like that box he is playing the infiltrator 500 suplex nice nicely done and what was that so what he was doing there he was hacking into people's optic nerve device to put a camouflage cloak on him so hiding them from his vision snuck in there with a little melee takedown and shrouded that dead body with the same device so those people are hidden from people's sight they're still there they're not actually oh really gone there they're just hidden from people's vision okay that's showing off our little more hands on our approved the melee system here we got takedowns dodges grapples and brutal finishers brutal finishers yeah the advantage of taking people out with the hand-to-hand of course you know those are people he could add to his contacts tab and we could potentially even win them over and recruit them later you know it's gonna take quite a bit more convincing than the forgiving dream yeah right yeah they have problems in their lives too that there's I'm sure grateful if we would help them out can't beat them join them getting in here we got two out of three people neutralized taking out some drones not just friendly drones about combat drones patrolling the skies as well coming in all flavors the guy in here and some kind of demented black market operating theater you know good stuff can't be happening in there it's definitely a bad dude shut them down shut them down see it's like Matt's going out hunting down the key card get access to that door there's that RFID again just getting in rain Mikey keeping those drones off his back got a box on your head a little problem see it's hard it's hard work different different maths obviously available for for your characters to find and buy and equip give them your own customized flavors double dropkick lamb Wow nicely done nicely done parkour actually when I went up there for escape no not really but then you're a garnet insurgent who runs around in a colourful mass punching Marissa stealing top-secret intelligence and driving through Street cafe's define safe now that's easy your fellow operatives are following all of the left edit around so look at that just at a dead drop in a rubbish bin in Trafalgar Square which sounds like a lead to me that's where we're going alright we got the next beat of our objective way down in Trafalgar Square micronic Trafalgar Square symbol of free speech in public assembly in the world you'll notice Matt's looking at he's got other operatives out in the world going about doing their thing that's one means of traveling around the world it's actually switching to your different operatives to the optional yeah you can go to where they are or we could take the tube interest of time we'll jump on that tube and make our way down there it's super quick getting a look at Trafalgar Square now yeah it's a fogger Square like I said a symbol of free speech public assembly the people in London out in full force expressing their frustration with what's happening in in their world showing that you know resilient British defiance what Thanks not taking it taking a good look around maybe profiling some people to see a schedule like yeah they're right where they're supposed to be but they're adding some interesting operatives for later on this contacts tab love it there we go Matt hacking in that camera always a good idea before you answer any location they get a good Scout around 3-year reconnaissance he's noticing some Authority in the vicinity we've got some Albion guards up there likely to be a trouble situation yeah about to get into some action yeah maybe while I take this opportunity to switch to one of our operative classes take one of our salt characters there yeah let's go with her she looks good she looks tough capable feeling the heat already yeah there we go just like that in their tactile swab it's gotta find our objective not scout it out a little trash bin dead drop they're going to pick up and again you'll see that our characters become fully immersed in the cinematics she's gonna have a different voice and different actions as well they are truly the stars of the stories love it the characters but you have to surrender right you're confused did you think I'd say all this what's going on he's got fries for terrorist activity there we got the authorities closing in on him completely surrounded not just on the ground drones shooting them out of the sky as well he is playing that assault class we've got that proximity mine he's able to throw in the world that Nate on characters look some trouble though we've got some heavy artillery going surrender get backup what's he gonna do we got to get back up we gotta get back gotta you gotta get back up don't give up you got this oh he does not got it turns out

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  1. Probably the most interesting place and scenario they could have picked, except maybe Tokyo, that would probably be pretty badass?

  2. The map looks like a direct copy of AC Syndicate, I wonder how much of that game ended up in this one? I’m super pumped for this!

  3. Ubisoft was so good before man, but recently they have lost it man, the only good series that they have going now is assassin's creed, and a stand alone game rainbow six siege and the rest are just horrible and tasteless games, I personally can't wait for other games and definitely going to give this one a miss, destroy all humans, cyberpunk and call of duty are looking sick so far so will defo be settling for them games

  4. P.s I really really really hope with this they add two or more classes and with the current Classes they add at one more or two Gadget's.

  5. I will say the game might have it's up's and down's but with how much care is being taken in to it and how sick it look's It truly is shapeing up to be the most beloved game of the year. Before I sign off i must admit this is the one Sequel none of us were expecting and one none of us will forget .

  6. Dude just stop you're trying too hard ,came here to watch some gameplay , got a perfect comparison between the graphics and a hairy ass

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