34 thoughts on “Watch Dogs: Legion – First Impressions – IGN Access

  1. Wonderful video! Keep producing nice content and you are going to expand very quickly! Subscribe to our channel and so we are going to subscribe to you!

  2. Great video! Keep on creating high-quality content and you'll develop quickly! Subscribe to our channel and then we could subscribe to you!

  3. Wondered and curious about the cutscenes if it supposedly that you can play as everyone if it’s just the same cutscene with different person then it’s just lazy

  4. I don't think they can deliver what they promised! I don't think this new system gonna be as deep and big as they're saying and that's gonna make a lot of people angry at the release!

  5. Very hyped about this one i may have one full of older people (Grandpas And Grandmas Unit) Lol ??Im Work On It

  6. Everything about the game looks great, my only concern is that it's almost too ambitious to really pull off well.

  7. Looks creative and refreshing, something which should be commended in the overly saturated open world game market.

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