Watch Dogs: Legion: First Gameplay Details and Play As Anyone Explained | Ubisoft [NA]

watchdogs Legion is set in a sort of near future version of London where things have gone terribly terribly wrong all ism about as bad as it could possibly go your mission is to build a popular resistance in order to fight back against the sort of emergence of this authoritarian regime you do that by recruiting whoever you want from the open world and making them the characters in your resistance and then the heroes of your gameplay and the stars of your story play as anyone basically means that any character that you find on a street in the pub just anywhere in your game even characters in a mission can be potential recruits into your dedsec team you can profile them you can learn about them you can help them with their problems and then they'll eventually join your team and be part of your group of dedsec members you know in the previous two games you could still profile people and see these facts about their lives and we've sort of just taken that to the logical conclusion of okay these aren't little bits of random trivia but this is actually who they are in terms of being fully simulated people in our world how that affects gameplay and the fact that you can bring them onto your team and so your dedsec is the people you've recruited and my games not going to be the same as your game exactly the same as anyone else this game everyone's gonna have a different team we're the new dead second one that emerges from is kind of part of the the mystery of the of the entire game there isn't one star dude in the box who you get your story and your cutscenes from it's literally the people that you recruit from the world are the stars of your story and the heroes of your game play with different backstories on your characters with different relationships like it truly is about who you've chosen to pull onto your team one of the main motivations of developing play as anyone and working on on all of the technology that would support it was to be able to tell a cohesive and coherent story no matter who you would who from the open-world so the goal was if I can recruit a granny off of the street and and you know take her into the big climactic cutscene against the dude in the powered armor or I can take the you know the former Royal Marine into the same cutscene that cutscene needs to be different it needs to have a different performance different character different voice acting different animation no matter which character you take into it you know watchdogs Legion is still a very traditionally story based game we haven't compromised that narrative experience in order to have plays anyone we've actually done a ton of work to make sure that you know these people who you recruit to your team they're all voice-acted they're all animated they have the facial animation they have all the stuff you would expect from a triple-a game wait what happened to that bloke about me he didn't make it every character in our game comes with them a unique sort of gameplay benefit that we call a treat so some people are good at punching and melee and some people are gonna guns and some people are good at stealth or they're good at hacking maybe what you really need is the fact that your operatives keep getting arrested because you're not great at combat and maybe you need to like recruit a lawyer or you recruit a former lawyer you create some criminal that's been in jail a bunch of times the house specific traits that help people get out of jail so it's sort of like an encouragement to go and explore the world and that's also based on their fully simulated life so if you find someone who happens to be a underground bare-knuckle boxer character then they're gonna have a good melee trait or if you find someone who's an X by they might be really good with silenced pistols everyone sort of has a kind of opinion about dedsec whether they support it or they oppose it and that will determine how much work you need to do in order to get them on your side so once you start helping them with their problems they'll start becoming more amenable towards dedsec in general until they're ready to be recruited the more someone dislikes dedsec the more work you've got to do to get them onto your team so you might have to do two or three different favors from them and these favors could be very serious they could be getting a loved one out of jail or clearing a debt that they've got with one of the crime families and they could also be really light hearted they could be beating them at darts you're taking a character that already sort of has this internal life they have a schedule they have friends and families they have problems they have memories they remember what you've done you're taking that character and they're putting them on your team and then all those sort of things that that makes up that person it's now part of your team their personality their voice the way they act the way they move once people come onto your team you continue to customize them so we've got a full progression path for each character you level up you are an XP you install perks that change your gameplay abilities so that you're really customizing your team the characters remember and they also remember when you do things to people that they know I'm fighting a bunch of enemies and maybe I kill five you know enemy soldiers oh I just killed five underneath soldiers those five enemy soldiers had friends and families they'll remember that they like dead psyche a lot less so like there's like sort of this some cascading effect as you do actions and people remember them and they remember the things that you do about other people perma death is a really important part of watchdogs Legion and we really wanted this to feel like a you know a game about serious issues with serious consequences and further when you're building a team we really want you to feel attached to those characters and part of that is knowing that there are real stakes with that we actually chose London before the you know the current political issues that are happening in the United Kingdom with with brexit and all of that and that just kind of ended up you know adding this layer to our backstory in our universe and and allowing us to go a little bit further with our what-if and so London provides really the perfect context for a role watchdogs game and that inspired us to think about how does the intelligence apparatus and how does sort of state surveillance take shape in that world and so we're able to really make our world feel grounded incredible because we're starting from a place that is extremely familiar and based on reality I think going someplace that's sort of fantastical without completely detaching and becoming something that's sort of just science fiction I prefer interesting and challenging work and I find that this is probably the most interesting and the most challenging work that I've done so one of the things I really love is not just helping to develop the systems but also trying to figure out alright what are we gonna fill those systems with right it's not just interesting to say alright someone's job affects what they do in the world it's also interesting to say okay jobs we have our con our and construction workers and archaeologists it's like all right so what kind of things can they do in the world like start thinking about not just a cool system that you're making but what are you populating that system with and then start exploring what are the interesting connections that show up between those two it's fucking wild that we are looking like we're gonna be able to land the most ambitious parts of this thing the concept that literally anybody you see on the street feel like they belong in that environment yet still become a hero who has the skills and appears in the cinematics and has her the unique personality stay with them when they become playable that's bananas the entire vision of the game is about me moving away and saying no it belongs to you it belongs to the player I'm not the hero you're the hero that's what I want people to take from this game and that's why we made this game watchdogs Legion available March 6 2020

28 thoughts on “Watch Dogs: Legion: First Gameplay Details and Play As Anyone Explained | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. As cool as this sounds…its Ubisoft guys. We've learned our lesson. Ignore the hype and wait until the full release. It may very well save you money and the feeling of disappointment

  2. Take this with a grain of salt, this gonna be hard to pull off I wouldn't get to hyped till we see more gameplay just remember fallout 76 and no mans sky and watch dogs all the games where hyped at E3 and never lived up to their own expectations.

  3. This almost sounds impossible. They’re talking about simulating a full size city with thousands of unique playable characters which all have different missions and maybe even unique voice acting? I simply don’t think that’s possible. Maybe I’m being too pessimistic.

    I suppose they don’t need to do that though. Just have enough uniqueness in there to make it seem to the player like everyone truly is unique. If it’s even 80-90% of what they’re saying it could be really cool

  4. If game does what it is said about…it will blow away minds…? I'm excited. Hope everything goes good with watchdog. Big fan of series. Appreciate the hardwork you guys did, truly amazing.

  5. Everytime i see an invisibility mechanic in these games i cringe … I'm so excited for Legion but becoming invisible is just stupid.

  6. As if anyone is going to play as anybody else than the grandmas.

    My DedSec is going to be all grandmas chilling at the tea party.

  7. I'm very confident that this is gonna be a great game, and that they'll do theier best and stick to what they say (unlike other publishers cough cough EA and Bethesda *Cough cough*)

  8. I just realized this isn't the first time that a game has done this before mgsv did it where you capture an enemy and you can you play as that enemy once he's in a team in your motherbase than the more you play as the character the more better they're going to be

  9. Sorry y'all, I really like the idea of this game, but permadeath is a major turn off for me. It's an interesting concept though and I hope the game does well

  10. Everyone out here wanting an army of old ladies while I'm here contemplating the possibility of an army of small children.

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