Watch Dogs: Legion – Easy Allies Reactions – E3 2019

[Applause] watching dance dance all the way now right now city in the world well used to be there's a right mess governments fucked off extremists a grab in power organized crime slicing up the Baris organized crime Waldo better outs and freedoms are bloody junk but it's saying their London this is our London and there's a new power growing it's all of us together we held on a resistance one newark roots @ at-sign talents a cop shot eyes peeled yes holy shit yes really cool god we need to I just walk it's cool cuz uh Modern Warfare also has a level here that's Ed's ear so it's like everywhere kicking our fucking teeth in lightly brilliant never would for that I listen to adrenaline is that why find out drone expert he's about to get himself needs get out there say a bunch of masks dude yeah it's awesome and how to say seems more like to me that he surrendered there than resisted [Applause] you're planning to tell me about my buddy checkboard Oh [Applause] kind of like our snarky assists yeah I refused to let Ian Robshaw die I will not allow it I mean oliseh is it everyone that you've scanned is in your yeah so you can find these people I guess it's not everybody right yes so much voice that's promising what do we know about him Albion stands Jimmy just before he was killed I should be able to predict his next move locked up tighter than your compression stockings yard complicates matters is this a soundtrack right now yeah oh I love this oh yeah you don't see the new hacking still around so CTOs is still can you get actually I'll be on to me yes oh yes she hobbled Kyle dude I love how serious this demo started and then ready for some action Naomi always the best recruit better he was dancing my god he's the Scotland Yard records Jimmy's sister was killed by a plank Ellie we believe he's seeking his revenge inside Camden Market Camden black market you mean yes the Kelly's are rumors around all sorts of illicit goods out of the odd stables some with fingers and toes if he's gone in there alone he's in big trouble Ellen is so high we have to protect Ellen yes unplugging the consolation guys yeah [Laughter] I love us like infiltrating bases is so fun because the way you can hack use it to sneak in so now Naomi we've already lost one producer so try not to get killed or will be the red for the day copy that they're like one laid to rest isn't really interesting I wonder what that's all about also watch that 10 out of 10 graffiti street art sure always so is badly and a I tweet say yeah yeah say that doesn't have eyes so it's like crazy that like kisses the whole organization is run by an AI is given the orders he'll turn out to be the baguettes fables it's human trafficking human trafficking was in Pierce yeah we thought he might be in some sort of trouble how you gonna get them out there lots of hugs and kisses Oh on the throw is really cool Oh highly efficient trained assassin shoot the hostage yeah that's cool mid grab I really like that I wonder if they all have their styles yeah you know she does she has a really unique like walking this is cool too because there wasn't an incentive to kill in watchdogs to this so we're just cops some of them guys so this seems like they're adding like don't feel bad man she is lethal Arkham Knight yeah I really like no interaction Big Ben well we shut those fucks didn't we almost died out there tonight look thanks for helping me but I can handle myself right you think you're better off alone you think everyone else has given up and there's no one to trust that's what they want you to think and that's how they'll take us one at a time it doesn't have to be that way together we can change things this has to be early tutorial I can't believe us for every character he didn't make it that's too much right here what if he doesn't die and yeah how does that seem play out crazy and well if we walk in as Helen Interiors fucking hang out in pubs so cosy welcome to dead SEC James yeah okay so where do I go to meet the rest of the crew you don't need to go anywhere look around you everyone has a reason to fight and dead SEC is open to anyone anyone welcome to the resistance yeah that's a really game for sure yes I'm gonna make y'all wait so long I should really knock it out of the park huh I'm Clint Hawking I'm the creative director of watchdogs Legion and for the past few years the team and I have had the privilege to work on a game and an innovation that we are very proud of watchdogs Legion is set in London one of the greatest cities in the world and it's had a massive influence on all of our culture for centuries today with brexit London's at a turning point it's hard to predict what the future holds for London for the UK or for the world but history has proven time and again that where London goes all of us go together in our near future London is facing her downfall the UK has become a surveillance state and freedom has been replaced with fear armed drones patrol the streets deportation squads rip people from their homes and grandad is using crypto to buy a new kidney on the black market but Londoners never surrender their resilience and determination is an inspiration to us all and they are the heroes of our game all of them in watchdogs Legion your mission is to build a popular resistance to fight back against the emergence of an authoritarian regime this means you don't just play as one hero but many and in watchdog's legion you can recruit and play as anyone so you think even like the police we can like say yeah the show to copy the enemy every Londoner is fully simulated with a persistent life and relationships and an agenda from the entire population can be recruited into your team find them profile them hack into their lives play their origin mission and win them over to your cause yeah different backstories and personalities crazy voiced and animated and they are the stars of your story like just tell us how many voice actors cuz like I don't mind you're playing how many slots do my father 70 year old granny you saw feeding pigeons in the park or anyone in between however you where you want to be watchdogs legion let's you be that can I be market I want to make a team of classic British spies or I want problem you want to be a proof street savvy kids from the council block do it you want to go hipster body-mod afropunk gangsta awesome Bletchley Park yes is the innovation that transforms a story about freeing London in the world from the grip of tyranny into a game about the heroes that live in each of us because being a hero isn't just a job for someone else anymore it's a job for everyone so on behalf of the watchdog's legions team here and around the world i hope to see you on the booth thank you for your time and welcome to the resistance where's that October date ok here we go London had a good run there for a while now it's all rides bombings and people thrown in cages like animals oh hello you can forget the killer robots everywhere so yeah that's all gone a bit shit it's up to us to take our city back there is if we can't do it alone we need to recruit a resistance I know what you're thinking where do we start open your eyes and take a look around look here look it in no not him mi5 duty never ends Patriot it can get anywhere and erase anyone she got kicked out of Oxford robotics school for teaching him to reproduce and I fell over there proper bellend come on mama me ill crack your skull just to look at that funny yeah fucking good and allow me to introduce my Nerdist fact the deadliest of the love she's experienced and all me not anyone him everyone is a secret weapon finance recruit them build the resistance let's not fuck this world [Applause] it's bigger than I thought it was that makes more sense yeah of course like that is giblet give it the time yeah wow I don't know something else no CG trailer which is only on you be soft that really is yeah

26 thoughts on “Watch Dogs: Legion – Easy Allies Reactions – E3 2019

  1. There's just one problem: Ubisoft. This trailer promises A LOT but can they live up to it? I'm sensing huge downgrade potential.

  2. The only good thing, in this garbage conference. Hell the only game, I'm looking forward, from Ubisoft.

  3. Looks good, but I'll wager on Ubisoft finding a way to fuck it up somehow… Repetitive boring false/misleading game play or watered down graphics… hell, why not do both and really make a hearty shit meal stew?

  4. Firstly, most of the accents are real bad.

    Secondly, I lived off one of the streets in the demo. Locations are on point!

  5. Argh the stupid stereo typical London accent ? Way to ruin it. As an English person I actually find it offensive ?

  6. Lolz this game must have been payed for by the LebDems and ANTIFA. So they are promoting domestic terrorism ? ???

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