48 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Legion – E3 2019 World Premiere Trailer | PS4

  1. So in the future, there's like 3 english people left in London, and it's a violent hellhole…
    Now that's what I call w o k e

  2. You know, been wondering why there hasn't been a proper modern game in england for ages. Or maybe I just forgot some of them.

  3. wow so called hero's or saviour propaganda machine propaganda again.. or demonize the blacks, minority, islamophobia etc instead.. or make them look bad instead. via via video's game's, movie's propaganda etc too.. or disgusing a's Arabian, Muslims, Iranian or boogeyman proxy instead.. aka state's actor's anyone's..

  4. Didnt feel like London, more like San fransisco trying to be London. The yankee and diversity element is too strong as expected from cuckisoft.

  5. A sad day when game developers have lost touch with what is and is not cool. Please tell me everyone designing this game is over 40.

  6. Omfg
    religious of peaceful cultists or so called amazing advanced civilised etc strikes again… OR THE FATHER OF All VIOLENCE OR CORRUPTION AGAIN.. or spreads there's violence, crusaders, warmongers, hates, toxic etc again…LOL..

  7. surprise no bombing control's or crackdowns again.. or denecularnized Itself either again too. lol..

  8. everybody wins again.. Allah's AKBAR.. just like in real life like too.. Or opioid warlords too. lol.

  9. finally found the real WEAPONIZED of masses destruction again too. aka TRIDENT anyone's.. occupied Iraq, Iranian, Venezuela, NK etc who?.. lol.

  10. free independence Wales!
    occupied NI!

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