Watch Dogs: Legion: E3 2019 Gameplay Walkthrough | Ubisoft [NA]

London greatest city in the world well used to be there's a rightness governments fucked off extremists a grab in power organized crimes slicing up the boroughs the war Doc's are out and freedoms a bloody joke but is saying there London this is our London and there's a new power growing it's all of us together we're building a resistance one recruit at a time what's my favorite operative up to this evening and though I never say that to the others skirt and talents Bagley so gob shut eyes pealed yes and if I did I wouldn't deal them Vladdy drones are everywhere kicking our fucking teeth in lately then I recommend you recruit someone who can deal with drones brilliant never would have thought of that impressive skill sir sure but we need a drone expert Raj not a shit kicker file that one away for later concerned about the increased Albion presence in London it's a total disgrace mercenaries patrol in the movie they ain't done nothing come on your shift hurry up well now Jimmy sure no formal engineering training but he has several mischief charges for hijacking Albion drones Oh still help we find that drone expert he's about to get himself don't I then we'll chase turns converging on your position by ship we are planning to tell me about my buddy check boy oh boy first [Applause] fuck lost and it's gone lovely evening isn't it ah I used to feed the birds here now they're all bloody machines get used to it in the long march of progress everything dies eventually eventually even you badly I'm sure now there's my heaven speaking of death you'll never guess what just happened to Ian oh for God's sake badly a little respect then let's finish what he started he was working on a new recruit a drone expert that's promising what do we know about him Albion stands Jimmy just before he was killed I should be able to predict his next move from that data unfortunately his records are locked up tighter than your compression stockings ah Albion sivan taken over Scotland Yard complicates matters there's my way in hello darling time to go they'll be on to me yeah the FAR's you stole indicate that Jimmy's gone to counter market let's get someone else that badly top top ready for some action they are they always for this recruit better be worth all the trouble according to the Scotland Yard records Jimmy's sister was killed by plan Kelly we believe he's seeking his revenge inside camden market Hammond black market you mean yes the Kelly's are rumors around all sorts of illicit goods out of the old stables some with fingers and toes if he's gone in there alone he's in big trouble Kelly's up this place on full lockdown hmm I have an idea no today everything's on line and I do now Naomi we've already lost one opera dear so try not to get killed or we'll be in the red for the day copy that what the hell is this Amin despair beer joint lobster cannabis and fentanyl together at last through the miracle of genetics Kelly's are moving loads of weapons are here not your typical back alley shanks stables it's human trafficking found Jimmy shit and here we thought he might be in some sort of trouble how you gonna get him out there lots of hugs and kisses on your feet mate all right wait a minute you could say hope you're sharper than you look Jesus Christ babies dancing priests does the rolling help all we showed those fucks didn't we we almost died out there tonight look thanks for helping me but I can handle myself right you think you're better off alone you think everyone else has given up and there's no one to trust that's what they want you to think and that's how they'll take us one at a time it doesn't have to be that way together we can change things wait what happened to that bloke who helped me he didn't make it fuck it welcome to dedsec james yeah okay so where do I go to meet the rest of the crew you don't need to go anywhere look around you everyone has a reason to fight and dead-set is open to anyone anyone welcome to the resistance watchdogs Legion available March 6 2020 check out the watchdogs Legion 101 trailer

33 thoughts on “Watch Dogs: Legion: E3 2019 Gameplay Walkthrough | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. SpOnSoReD aMaZoN pRiMe

    If i copied someones comment i didnt read alot of the comment section

  2. Looks good but what I don't understand is how London got so fucked up. Watchdogs 2's San Francisco was almost identical to real life SF, but maybe with a bigger gang problem. How did London go from probably normal to a literally technocratic police state so fast, the design of the world indicates that Legion is set a couple of decades in the future but its still a short time for things to change so drastically.

  3. Lets keep our hype to the absolute minimum, Watch Dogs always looks incredible at E3 lets wait till launch.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that drones in the game will be annoying as hell? Killing bad humans is alot more enjoyable

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