hi there reject nation I'm Greg Alba what's your name hi I'm Paula Deen Paula Deming is back when I first met Paula she said she's a gamer and I was like well when III rolls around and you're coming by and she just got back from Kansas I just got back from a wedding and now we have collided here today and just a few minutes ago the watchdog's Legion gameplay trailer dropped so I figured we should get into this Paula you got to follow this woman on YouTube and twitch she has Let's Plays and covers gaming on YouTube and she also streaming on Twitch free gaming so Paula my gamer friend one of the four I have let's get into this shall we try to live up to the title of your one that people surrounding cages like animals my goodness killer robots everywhere it's like bad news it's up to us to take our city back open your eyes take a look around daddy the man if you get anyway folks wish to avoid squirrels the Dragon Tattoo yes oh my gosh I love this it looks so cool yay watchdogs Legion available March 6 2020 hostage trailer we're gonna we're gonna watch the gameplay walkthrough' injustice what I really want to see how the combat actually yeah I'm excited about it based on the trailer but I want to see actual gameplay I mean really quick thoughts before we go into that I mean this trailer invited me it was kind of like watching a guy ritchie film like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and like snatch having a lot of like London gangster sort of vibes but they're the protagonists here because they're the resistance against the evil militia going on in London come on just like shuffling over and then just like these characters look like a lot of fun to play they do they look really fun and like they each have like a different thing yeah good at which I hope means you have a lot of like variety and what you can do based on who you're choosing to play yeah see when we watch the gameplay but this looks like a fun like sort of open-world to play like as an online game this is gonna be a whole lot of fun to do because yeah the only tease like what four characters here you got a guy who's good with guns you got a better knuckle boxer you got like it Elizabeth Salander a character like you pointed out and you got your old woman who seems like a much more senior version of Helen Mirren in the movie you're right something like that that was cool yeah let's watch this gameplay one greatest city in the world all right a city in the world used to be government's fights off extremists are grabbing power organized crime slicing up the violence the wallbox are out the freedoms are bloody junk but it sank their London this is our London there's a new power growing it's yeah oh here we go so got sharp eyes peeled yes I like this inch of humor really does have that British wit man they brought London alive I've never even been there but this will be my way of going everything just so getting games now Bobby Jones are everywhere kicking their fucking teeth in lightly brilliant never would have thought of that find a recruit that can help against major eyes amateur MMA fighters a skill suit sure but we need a drum expert yeah she's also Annika this is so cool into adrenaline so you can like scan people and see what they're dealing with it's like half of London is a resistance army home there you go oh yeah he's already mainly combat boots really look like street-level realistic No Surrender business oh cool oh yeah there's old lady let's finish what we started that's promising what do we know he was killed I should be able to predict his next move from that data record I love that even taken over suction I love the distinguished dialog yes my favorite orange yes I will never play as anyone else oh yes she should be the whole gameplay oh my gosh see what she does the mystery the trouble according to the Scotland Yard Records Jimmy sister was killed by plan Kelly who believed he seeking his revenge inside camden market environment all sorts of it is if good has to be on stables something fingers and toes full lockdown just thought art just the details in the environment visually and I didn't really like it the London booths have Wi-Fi spawn oh nice oh cool I mean rescue Jeanette camden market all right Naomi try not to get killed will be the rent of the day that's a great way to sneak around that so yeah so we able to activate his oh nice I love a good stealth kill it's so satisfying don't destroy the cannabis can you use the cannabis in the kick Stables it's human trafficking Jimmy again that chief it's a humor kisses a lot of guns you got options too everyone has distinguished fighting styles Satan imagery in this game very tactical she looks like the kind of character I would like to play yeah because I really enjoy like the stealth nah she was like a military woman this the roving help oh man she's awesome oh bugger yeah then again we showed those fast didn't win we almost died out there tonight look nice round for me but can handle myself right I don't think you think you're better offer than you recovered there's no one to trust that's what they want me to think and that's how they'll take us one at the time it doesn't have to be that way together we can change things wellhe recruit or not what was that like well he didn't make it oh I know you can place him I didn't play the other watchdog secretary laters yeah okay now yeah now you have a new character everyone has a reason to fight and dedsec is open to anyone and welcome to the resistance it's a lot of characters that walk through 6:22 I did it so fast did such a good job it made me excited about playing this game yeah that looked great I loved how I mean in terms of realizing their characters everyone has their own unique way I like of course they're all British but they have their own unique form of dialogue not everyone sounds the same in terms of the the verbage use and also like you're not just hop around different looking characters they mechanically work differently yeah they sound they feel like different people like they're saying because of the dialogue but also because like they have different fighting styles they're good at different things and so I imagine that you're like okay well we need to go to this area of this mission to complete which of these characters is going to be the one that's going to be best to choose for this thing and then you can pop in and out of different people or whatever feels best for your play style and I it seems like that you're also able to like recruit people along the way before you know you're gonna have all of London in the resistance and there's gonna be no one to resist against eventually because it looks like it's gonna be primarily resistant and then the people who are resisting against will eventually become the resistance because you will have overpowered them because it seems like no wants to be under this unfairly rule but yeah I mean you had like the street-level guy like even just the way he fights feels like a dude who like grew up on the London streets in the poverty section and then going through jack in a car which is really cool and then you got the old lady hell in my hero she's the best and then of course you get like the tactile more like the job way kind of maneuver around like I said when we were watching but that looks to me like just the way I like to play games that one looks yeah the kinds of things I like doing in game exactly as you say you're playing Last of Us right now yes I am streaming in plugging Paul's channel yeah come watch me play The Last of Us I'm getting this mechanics in that but well that involves a lot of sneaking around and like my favorite games are the Last of Us in Metal Gear Solid 3 those involve a lot of sneaking around a lot of hand in hand combat a lot of shooting so that's why the in terms of playing yeah I'm there with you that that third the third character is more of my cup of tea my boys carpet a watchdogs Legion sweep your chimney all wheel all wheel they need that character they need American stereotyping why is anyone play is this guy it's so annoying and also like the environment realized too easily this could have lent itself to feeling just kind of like a doom and gloom desolate world she was so bright so bright and there's there's a rhythm to it there's a there's kind of this energy to it that makes you want to have fun and explore it as opposed to like Oh scary doom and gloom danger everywhere cuz it could have easily been that but it's not so I like that it has a different kind of tone than what most games or even like a movie format would have normally lend itself to and I think having some of that British dialogue that British humor has a lot of adds a little levity to it yeah this looks great yeah I'm really excited about it glad you could be here Paolo well guys are you excited for watchdogs Legion leave a comment down below we're gonna cover a few more game trailers while she's here subscribe to the real rejects if you liked this video hit the like button you know what youtubers say notification bells click it you don't have enough of those clicked Paula you know where to follow her like I mentioned at the top she's just a part of the fan theory TV YouTube channels a heads up I should probably mention that's the Doctor Who which is why I'm wearing my Doctor Who shirt there you go fan Theory TV just type my name in to youtube Paula Demi and you'll find my channel thanks for watching

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  2. Omg I was playing watch dogs 2 when I seen the trailer for this I was like I wonder if there is going to be watch dogs 3 haha then hour later the trailer popped up

  3. So in the previous Watch Dogs games we’ve only been able to play as one main protagonist and not multiple others. The big showcased feature of this game is the fact that you can recruit any NPC in London and play as that NPC.

  4. Gta 6:We gona be the best

    Watch dogs legion (3) :hold my bear?

    By the way i have watch dogs 1 and 2 and i already pre orded it

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