Watch Dogs Legion ANNOUNCED All The Info, But No Splinter Cell At E3 2019 Likely (Watch Dogs 3)

Ubisoft confirms that watchdogs Legion is indeed to the next watchdogs game after that Amazon League we discussed in my recent video so let's now touch on everything we know and well we will see the official reveal in this video and also that we should not expect Splinter Cell to show up at e3 would be awesome if you can leave a like on the video as it shows to sports and let's go so yes no watchdogs free but the new game is indeed call to watchdogs Legion and we actually have this awesome looking red logo for the game as well that they share it in this tweet saying god save the NPC's reveal at e3 and that God saved the NPCs part Thole confirms the leaked gameplay details that were able to recruit NPCs that will have their full set of animations voice over character traits and also visuals that are generated and guided by gameplay systems and this was according to that Amazon listing that has since been removed but turned out to be correct and what Ubisoft saying god help the NPC's it kind of sounds like they are the victim of you taking them over like that's my take I'm of course curious to hear what you think in the comments down below so maybe we are able to take on their personality true hacking them it's of course still watchdogs so you would think that hacking is still a big part of this game and maybe this is similar to what we see in the hitman games where you take someone else and then can immediately wear their outfit and then you are able to enter specific areas because they think oh you're part of the crew so maybe that is something we can do in this new watchdogs game although it sounds of course way more in-depth than just copying the look of an NPC like I think it would make way more sense if it was that your main character could copy an NPC then that you saw an NBC and then can suddenly take control of them not sure how that would fit into the hacking part unless the people in this world are more Androids now but I don't think that that's the case because the game is set in London in the near future like after Brax it so I don't really see a lot of androids walking around Jesus Rio from Kota you also noted that you will be able to see different things at different points in the game depending on which NPC you are playing s so this could mean that the game can play out in multiple ways while the previous watch sucks games were of course more linear story different games it all sounds very interesting and we will not have to wait that long for the full gameplay reveal it will likely be during the Ubisoft press conference of course on June 10th so that would be on 1 p.m. Pacific time 4 p.m. Eastern time 10 p.m. Central European Time and 9 p.m. UK time there's a pre-show as well that starts 1 hour before that there will already have some announcements like for as a screed Odyssey for example I put a link in the pins comments to the Ubisoft press conference so you can already set a reminder so you know when the press conference will go live there will also be a countdown timer there so you know how long you have to wait and totally check out the channel afterwards as well because I will likely have a ton of coverage on the new announcements that were made yeah let's go back to that tweet that Ubisoft has made on this watchdogs Twitter accounts that by the way now also has the new awesome looking red logo but yeah this confirmation really reminds me of last year remember the keychain leaked for us a screen Odyssey that confirmed the new game like otaku Jason Schreyer had an article up yet is real it's set in ancient Greece so that instead of keeping it quiet the official as a screen Twitter accounts put out this tweet with a Spartan cake saying seeing you at e3 a very similar tweets to what we see here now with the watchdog's twitter account so it's very likely a sort of similar situation they wanted to reveal the game at the Ubisoft press conference but it was already leaked and instead of just ignoring it they would go out and say yeah it's true check out the gameplay reveal at the e3 press conference because now they make people extra interested in their press conference because we still don't know what the game will look like but we know it will be shown well otherwise you were like are they going to show any watchdogs game I mean it was pretty obvious but now we know for sure so I wouldn't be surprised if watchdogs Legion was the final game that they showed during their press conference because it will still be a big reveal we again don't know what we can expect similar to last year with Odyssey where we had some leaks but we never saw gameplay before the show yes don't think we should expect a splinter cell announcements after that like at the end Jason already said on Twitter that people hoping for Splinter Cell this year are in for a disappointments and we can trust him of course like I don't have to explain to you that Jason's fryer has his sources and I noted this many times before on this channel as well that it simply doesn't make sense to review and you Splinter Cell when they also have Ghost Recon break points coming out to pretty similar games like you don't want people comparing the two the focus has to be on break point right now so yes Ghost Recon break points watchdogs legion and we can also expect a reveal of two more full priced games Ubisoft will release one in the fall Ghost Recon break points and then free in the early parts of 2020 and watchdogs Legion is likely part of that early 2020 window so then we still have two more cool Bratz games and we don't know about but that will release before April 2020 yes it will be a fun show to watch for sure I'll be going to e3 getting my hands on watchdogs Legion likely so totally subscribe for way more on the game I'll keep you up to date here share all my new gameplay all the new info that you need to know about and maybe we already get some leagues I mean last year with Odyssey we already had the screenshots leaked and stuff like that so I totally expect something like that as well I will keep you up to date here so totally subscribe I like on the video would be super appreciated and check out my video on why e3 2019 will be amazing if you haven't already where the sort of breakdown of everything we can expect for now I'll speak next time and goodbye

32 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Legion ANNOUNCED All The Info, But No Splinter Cell At E3 2019 Likely (Watch Dogs 3)

  1. The full reveal will take place on Monday June 10th at 1PM PST, 4PM EST, 9PM UK TIME & 10PM CET:
    There will be a pre show one hour before that

  2. I can understand focusing on breakpoint but breakpoint and splinter cell have next to nothing in common I mean breakpoint is a always online looter shooters and splinter cell is a single player stealth game not unless ubisoft is planning on makeing it a always online looter shooter to…. wouldn't surprise me.

  3. God save the NPCs is a reference to it being in London. As "God Save the Queen" which is the national anthem of Great Britain.

  4. I guess “play as anyone” is the ability to hack npc itself
    Like if they have implants in the body
    We hack them and take control of the NPCs

  5. yea this was so totally an intentional "leak" to build hype for E3. also wouldn't say Splinter cell and ghost recon are competing/to similar. one is heavily multiplayer splinter cell is single player

  6. As it's set in the near future, maybe we can control cybernetic implants? Like a black Mirror kinda thing

  7. Excluding sales, why does the focus ALWAYS have to be on Ghost Recon instead of Splinter Cell? Explain it to me please @JorRapor

  8. I think they leak just before they were going to reveal it intentionally. It stirs interest and curiosity and you're basically paying attention twice. Once to the leak and then again to see how much the real thing jives with the leak. Plus it makes them look good to us when they confirm the leak. It's pretty smart.

  9. God SAVE the npcs confirms London as it is a play on the British national anthem and confirms that npcs play a part in gameplay

  10. It's true that if you give me control of people, then God help them. Because it's going to be mass suicides!

  11. If not Splinter Cell then why would they come out with a goggle replica? What would be the point of having SC merchandise with no game coming out? Doesn't make sense. Here is the video by Just Play showcasing the goggles.

  12. The enemy will most likely be able to take control of npcs or large groups to go after you , kinda like agent Smith from the matrix. That's my guess

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