Watch Dogs Legion | 9 Things You Need To Know! (New footage) #ad

this had better be good hello and welcome to PlayStation granade Ubisoft have officially revealed the next watchdogs game at e3 2019 to celebrate the unveiling I have teamed up with Ubisoft to tell you nine things you need to know about watchdogs Legion and believe me there are some impressive innovations coming and as this is a sponsored video we have our own custom link in the description below where you can find out more about Legion including the pre-order bonuses such as the golden king pack but we'll get to that very soon let's break down watchdogs Legion with some exclusive unseen footage to welcome to the resistance let's start with the biggest innovation that watchdogs Legion gives us if you're expecting a gritty generic hero with a shady past and grizzled voice then get that out of your head the main character is anyone you see in the world anyone at all just sit back and take that in for a second every single NPC can be your protagonist if you choose them to be so NPCs no longer stand for non playable characters in watchdogs legion let's call them newly playable characters if you want to play as a bare-knuckle boxer go for it maybe a Bobby on the beat that's a police officer by the way if you can find them they are yours to play us you already know that I'm gonna go for the big guns the oldest person in the game this Nana she will be my hero the deadliest of the love she's experienced let's quickly take a step back and look at Legion setting it's none other than bloody landed London greatest city in the world I'm sure you've already figured that out by the amount of times we say bloody and mate and the freedoms are bloody joke bloody machines on your feet mate buddy check one bloody drives are everywhere another thing I'm sure you're aware of is that the UK is attempting to break away from the European Union which acts as the basis of the story imagining the worst possible scenario from that point and that brings us to watchdogs Legion now as a right mess governments flowed off London is now a surveillance state our freedoms have been replaced with this crippling fear of the establishment in a multicultural society the deportation squads are now Judge Judy and executioner not to mention the organized crime underworld it's time for the locals to stand up and take the power back it's all of us together the way those two elements come together make up the potential brilliance of watchdogs Legion not only will we be able to choose our character we will live and die in the city there is perma death in this game maybe after an hour maybe after ten hours your character could die what happens next well we are given a fleeting chance to continue with playing as that character lots of time but once they pass away they are gone for good forever rest in peace after that happens we fill the shoes of another dead SEC operative instantly moving forward without your fallen comrade although they do make reference to those that pass away wait what happened to that bloke who helped me he didn't make it as we play through our focus will be to expand our forces recruiting new operatives we will build the resistance and take back London here's something which blew my mind any NPC can be recruited they all have voice actors a thought-out backstory with different motivations they even have an origin story to play through before they become a member of the resistance you think everyone else has given up and there's no one to trust that's what they want you to think and that's how they'll take us one at a time it doesn't have to be that way together we can change things each character has a subtly different skillset meaning selecting a punk-rocker a schoolteacher or even an mi5 agent can be hugely beneficial but come on we all want to play as that 90 year old right yeah I'm sure we'll go for the military badass instead they can get anywhere and erase any one I personally need to make sure I don't keep deliberately murdering my character to see who pops up next I wonder if it's possible to complete the game in a single life with a single character and by having permadeath in the game by losing that one character you've been playing as for the last 30 hours we'll all on our heartstrings it will be heartbreaking to lose them and they ain't coming back so don't accidentally blow yourself up with a grenade we're talking about recruitment every person in this dystopian future London is a walking chip-and-pin we can scan them all as the on screen pop up show us their subtle skill differences are visible 15% plus turret damage 10% extra damage when on low health are more important skills like drone expertise or links to their addictions one guy is addicted to adrenaline I can't see him lasting very long this allows us to prep for missions and choose the perfect operative I doubt Helen the elderly lady can scale a building we get down rice I'd love to see a try this type of control and customization will be an important element in watchdogs Legion open your eyes and take a look around a few people including myself was a little worried that watchdogs in the UK would mean no over-the-top action pieces you know like him queuing up for drinking tea I mean like guns we all thought that because the UK has quite a strict gun law that they won't be in the game well let's clear that up right now watchdogs Legion is packed with guns bombs and other ways to take down the system the same thing goes for cutting-edge technology which makes watchdogs watch dogs CTOs remains pivotal to hacking infiltrating with those killer drones there's even a few oversized ones to fly around on this is due to drawn technology being used for pretty much everything in this world from delivery services to heavy lifting on construction sites meaning we can literally hack a drone flight to our current location hop on board and fly any pretty damn cool our my personal favorite must be the scuttling spider robots of death that's a pretty good way to die although we haven't seen the full extent of the game world we have been given access to long shots of the city and if we use the Skyrim rule ie where ever you can see you can visit then that would mean this map is bloody huge we are also able to confirm many tourist spots will be accessible Big Ben that's the Bell inside the clock tower tower bridge not to be confused with London Bridge the houses of parliament to the Gherkin Chinatown we could go on and on if the game uses history as a starting point we could see this new revolution pick up the pieces of Guy Fawkes and his attempt to bring down the controlling factions of the city known as the Gunpowder Plot I wonder if his mask though you know the one used in V for Vendetta is in here somewhere as I'm throwing out ideas what about stealing the crown jewels I would likely be hung drawn and quartered for suggesting that but I would love to get my hands on Lizzie's bits and pieces I am definitely going to prison for saying that let's move on is now a good time to bring up the language have you noticed we live in a time where shooting people is okay but foul languages are no-no in video games always show those government's filmed off kicking our teeth in lately oh you are um done now well watchdogs Legion may have the most sweary video game in Ubisoft history and to be honest it's the most London thing about the game never mind the beautiful recreation of the world with hyper realistic landmarks now it's all about the over-the-top swearing always show those didn't we which I can confirm is everywhere in London you've in bellend so release date when does watchdogs Legion release 2020 March the 6th to be precise so not long at all like his commonplace these days pre-order incentives are in place if you want to see them for yourselves the link is down below but pre-ordering now Nets you the golden King pack a pure gold weapon skin a luxury golden vehicle wrap and a regal mask to keep your identity protected in the game for those who want more than the base game the gold ultimate and collector's editions have three days of early access to show off to your friends and they all include the season pass which once again confirms Ubisoft commitment to support and improve the game for months and years to come I honestly can't think of another organization who has this uncanny ability to improve games year upon year rainbow succeeds the division for honor all these games have continually innovated and pushed forward so the season pass will hopefully see watchdogs legion follow that same trend o also look at this collector's edition a highly detailed mask from the game goddamnit I need and I don't know why there's also so many things that each edition has so it's probably best for you to check for yourselves and you should do that anyway as occasionally different regions of the world receive different content and extras so the link is in the description so that's where we currently stand with watchdogs legion so let's open a dialogue I'd love to know your thoughts on Legion what impresses you what reservations do you have and what questions would you like me to constantly annoy their PR reps with I have to say the mechanics of changing character and seeing how their life has been affected by the organized crime and the system that they live within has me very excited for this game and also what will happen in cutscenes with different characters I wonder if the 80 year old granny can do parkour these are random questions that just pop into my head sometimes anyway if you've got this fire in the video please accept my thanks I do appreciate it and also a little quiz question who would win in a fight between Aiden Pearce from the original watchdogs Marcus Holloway from watchdogs 2 and that lovely grandma that I can't get out of my head from Legion you know who my money's on if I imagine for a Playstation grenade it's been a pleasure I'll see you next time

34 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Legion | 9 Things You Need To Know! (New footage) #ad

  1. The random NPC turned player mechanic reminds me of State of Decay 2’s system (I’m sure there are others too)

  2. Wait Can you get a character with a job that allows you to examine dead body so that way you can actually keep the items you lost from your last character
    I’ve heard theres perma death

  3. Then The Watch Dogs after Legion will have you play as any character you want but added ridiculous super powers like Saints Row 4, right?

  4. Might be to much to ask but do you know the Australian rating for this game and is there a setting to turn of language ? (Without turning the dialog volume down) Because you can't see the rating until the game is officially out.
    Also, if your character dies and you have just gone on a shopping spree buying new clothes, will those clothes be able to transfer to a different character (of the same gender) ? Is there not any flyable aircrafts either ?

  5. So Yu basically just state everything you could know if you watch the early game play trailer

  6. can you imagine you recruit a teacher that teaches kindergarten and you switch to her and kill the kids or a bunch of people

  7. Seeing a fully upgraded badass made me pumped to get a character and have them stay alive long, the naomi character they showed kicked ass and was fun to watch and I bet fun to play as

  8. I hope they include missions where you can stop criminals like in part 1 to give the player some authority instead of being an errand boy

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