Watch Dogs Legion: 7 Most London Things in Watch Dogs 3

ah London had a good run there for a while now it's all rides bombings and people thrown in cages like animals oh I know you can forget the killer robots everywhere hello welcome to outside Xbox here at e3 2019 in Los Angeles Ellen and I've been playing watchdogs Legion and we have a list view of the seven most London things in watchdogs Legion so yeah so the first most London thing I noticed was all the swearing this thing is littered with f-bombs it's sort of amazing daddy drones are everywhere kicking our fucking teeth in lately we were tapped into one of the developers who is saying that they have a bunch of Brits on the development team and all the people who weren't Brits were saying Oh is there a bit too much swearing and all the Brits like worried so yeah this is a real real foul language fuck no he'll find out drive X burn he's about to get himself met that does include the worst word it's possible to say with the sea yeah and I saw that written in pretty big letters in Trafalgar Square so they're really they're not pulling punches with the swearing out but it did give it a kind of authentic London feel very real whilst we don't swear much on this channel it's a thing that is in London dialect London greatest city in the world the person doing the voice for the trailer is not from London you can tell immediately well used to be there's a right mess but they do use the word balance very yeah please so the second Super London thing that is in the game is the tube which is how we as Londoners gets around our city underground the many ways to get around London in watch lugs legion the tube is one of them you kind of drop down and you can pop out elsewhere there's also obviously a ton of cars again this is a sort of GTA style open world where you can hijack vehicles lot of like electric cars and you know this is a London of this linear future so lots of lots of electric cars lots of electric vehicles one of the really cool things so there's a drone a sort of drone ecosystem that they've built right where so there's delivery drones and construction drones and data drones and things like that and actually as a as a sort of hacker you can hack the construction drones fly them over to yourself clamber onto them and then fly yourself to different locations so if you need to get up onto a rooftop to infiltrate a building for example you can just you know hack this drone bring the platform down hop onto it and then you know in some of the footage of this guys was like turrets mounted to it and stuff so you can build yourself like a little flying battle platform a bit like m.bison in the Street Fighter movie and and go around menacing people yeah helping me you can green yes right green God isn't it's very green goblin the next London thing in watchos Legion is Big Ben now I know it's not called Big Bear no Ellen so London anyway we can get into this later the point is is there are a ton of recognisable London landmarks that you'll be able to see within the sort of shape of map it stretches out to sort of regents park and kind of Camden and then down towards kind of Southwark and Canada water and then down to nine Elms in the southwest so you've got a quite a big playground lots and lots of landmark to shards in there so the big skyscraper the BT tower is an interesting one that's said the London skyline looks very recognizable the tower bridges in there and things but a lot of its had a kind of modification because of this kind of this new dystopian version of London which we'll talk about in a moment as a Londoner one of the things I noticed was the council housing so those council tower blocks which are kind of very very recognizable if you're a Londoner or a Brit and what they're kind of reflectable is the fact that this is a dystopian version of London this is not London as you would see it right now it's a sort of piece of speculative sci-fi fiction kind of extrapolating where society could go if certain things happen and where we might be in the future and so obviously the centre of London is very clean and kind of slick and you know yeah very recognisable kind of as you'd see it today but with a kind of sci-fi twist but as soon as you get out of that sort of central Westminster kind of area then it starts to get really rundown and you know obviously this is a city of great inequality so once you get out into places like Camden or like Tower Hamlets which is in the game as well you start to see these kind of graffiti tower blocks and things which again feel very very sort of authentic London there's like sort of transition in a way and it was really interesting going from like Westminster weather you know there's some protests happening all the square town square and so houses of parliment there's like people protesting and then you go to Camden and everyone's like dressed in alternate clothing yeah it's amazing and its really really well done it's up to us to take our city back thing is we can't do it alone we need to recruit a resistance obviously London is an extremely multicultural city and diversity is one of the big things that is evident in watchdogs Legion and it's really interesting because literally everyone you see in the game is potentially a playable character the game creates backstories for every single person that you're sort of wandering around seeing and they might be people from my guy Bangladeshi guy might be you got a granny you were playing I used to feed the birds here now they're all bloody machines and then I found a living statue that's amazing I'm hired I really wish we had footage ready for some action they are they always this recruit better be worth all the trouble anyone can be recruited that you can see but it's not just the kind of you click on them and they become a playable character you have to kind of convince them to to join dedsec and kind of build their loyalty so it's sort of like a Mass Effect oil – mission according to the Scotland Yard records Jimmy's sister was killed by plane Kelly we believe he's seeking his revenge so I found a lark and you kind of scan them and then they're added to a sort of database and then you can find out what their kind of main problem is things are having issues with and you kind of solve their problem and they have relationships with other people so it might be problems that their sisters having and it builds all these networks and things and then once you've built their loyalty up and sold there so the fundamental problem then they are like on side with dedsec and I'm ready to fight view and ready to be a playable character now Naomi we've already lost one reduce so try not to get killed or we'll be in the red for the day copy that and that applies even to like police for example so you might have a character who is a security for bloom or whoever and then what you dead against dead sake but if you can kind of bring them around then then they can potentially be your place yes that is crucial yeah find out about them and then you can like go and solve their problems for them and then yeah yeah you do you do have a lot of non-lethal options apparently and that's to wait on your feet mate the next thing that is very very London is the CCTV right so in London in real life it's one of the most surveilled cities in the world and obviously I think that's the reason why they chose it for what sort of region because there are CCTV cameras everywhere and hacking is still a very very big part this case although there's no sort of lead character per se all of your characters that you recruit will have sort of the ability to hack using their mobile phones everyone's got a kind of chip in their net which is mandatory now like mandated by the government and that means everyone's sort of part of the network basically so you'll still be hacking vehicles somebody hacking CCTV cameras and moving around the levels that that sort of classic watchdogs infiltration thing where you sort of camera pop you get to where you want to be we did a bit of that but also things like spider drones and each character will have their own sort of specific abilities or all perks and you can pick a class for them as well so there's room for so music kind of weapons die there's the hacker who's better at sort of it has like a spider drone and especially the Selective things hello darling time to go they'll be on to me and my knees like this selfie one that's got a cloaking device and they're like for the ultimate yeah so because because everyone has a chip that's attached their optic nerve it's that sort of classic thing where you can hack people's eyeballs so they can't see you it was that's the kind of stuff and finally yeah pops of course so there are pumps in the game and it's kind of reflective of that sort of level of detail and authenticity but we show those fucks didn't we we almost died out there tonight chuckling for the world the guy in charge of the world as it were he was saying you know we're not really interested in accuracy so much as authenticity and and a really sort of granular level the pubs looked right welcome to James yeah okay so where do I go to meet the rest of the crew we were running around Camden Market and as people who've been to Camden Market you know cyber dogs they're the kind of it's called something else but this kind of yes go cats I was like so it's got a lot of kind of stuff that maybe if you've only seen London on TV or and never visited it you might not know but as sort of Londoners we we kind of knew pretty well and that kind of local knowledge was really useful actually cuz there's one point Rose razzing around motorbike and my GPS was telling me to go one way but I saw a stairwell that went down to the embankment and I knew I could get down there on my bike and then head off on the bank and get there quicker so it was really weird to have local knowledge that was useful for navigating videogame there's quite a strange feeling there is yeah in about two seconds knew that local knowledge can be useful so those are the seven most London things about watch those Legion let us know in the comments if you excited for it we having played about sort of half an hour forty minutes I'm pretty excited we are slightly biased obviously it's our hometown but I think it's still gonna be quite good like I said you can recruit anyone in army anyone in her everyone is a secret weapon find them recruit them build the resistance quite like and subscribe if you enjoy this and please do stick with us for far more coverage from e3 2019

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  1. The most political element of this game so far is the redesigned Union Flag. Note that the St George's Cross now has a golden outline…

  2. Is it me or has Mike just gotten shorter?
    Nope, he just put on his power stance to lower himself to Ellen's height, nice of him to do that!

  3. Recruiting an army of Backwards-Cap wearing Chavs to overthrow the government

  4. oh bloody 'ell not the C word oh blimey there's someone wiff a ladyparts standin roight next to me ohhh knickers

  5. I used to work a bit up from Marble Arch. Would be interesting to see that in game. Sounds like they don't have the other area of London I worked tho. East Finchley is too far north

  6. The channels I wanted to see react to WDL most are the UK based ones and between OX and PlayStation Access, I am very happy with the reactions

  7. I hope the tube is realistically implemented in that you have to wonder around various identical underground corridors for ages and end up taking ever so slightly longer than you would've just walking on the surface.

  8. I just visited London a few weeks ago and stayed in Camden. I was very excited to see they included Cyberdog, when I heard the idea I thought it'd be the perfect fit. I'm looking forward to seeing how they recreated the area, I can only imagine how exciting it must be for a local. I hope they included the pub The World's End, it was stunning inside and a metal themed pub attached to a punk metal venue would be a perfect place to visit. Thanks for your insights as Londoners!

  9. "We don't swear much on this channel…"
    Is that a joke? Did she just make a joke?
    Have I just imagining the bleeper?

  10. I wonder if there'll be any references to AC Syndicate. Recruit one of Evie or Jacoba great great great grandkids or more traditional references and easter eggs

  11. Theres gonna be a sidequest AR mini game at a leisure centre in Glasgow where you play a version of Whack-A-Mole with the late Jimmy Saviles penis…

  12. Watch dogs still don't understand what maturity means, or hacking. Nothings changed. Ya! Why do they still call it hacking? When it is clearly magic. It's almost Harry Potter magic. To bad, I would have been sold.

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