25 thoughts on “Watch Dogs – Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. watch dogs 2 the hacks are op no problem i just kinda like not being op like aiden he barely has any hacks and that is what makes him unique in watch dogs 2 spoilers………………………. aiden was caught by a gang because he didn't have many hacks if marcus was caught he could of used his phone to cause a light out phone hack or ear piece to get them stunned or distracted aiden is more of a hand to hand kinda guy out side of vehicles marcus he's a phone to hand he uses hacks to get out things i like hitman because he likes hand to hand he's more of a kill a person yourself he even said in hitman 2 or 1 that he likes hand touch he wouldn't like a robot to kill for him but aiden he has a melee weapon marcus has a killing melee so its your choice of what you think but this is my opinion

  2. Just bought the complete edition for £7.99.

    Played it back in 2015 but never got into it. Tried it again and now I love it. A lot of stuff to do.

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