WATCH DOGS (Honest Game Trailers)

we got it on PC and it still doesn't work so maybe next week close enough the following trailer is rated H for honest the freedom of just cars the humor of Grand Theft Auto and a fond of Saints Row are not in this game but you do have a phone watchdogs Ubisoft presents one of the best-looking open worlds you've ever seen in an e3 trailer and a finished product that sucks balls by comparison a trick we still haven't learned from apparently journey to Chicago the exploding steam pipe capital of America in this chillin vision of the future where you're always under surveillance the cops shoot to kill and everything is connected to a dangerous unstable computer network known as you play if Solid Snake and Batman had a love child who smoked a pack a day he might sound half as gruff as a tin peers sorry I'm late I need to trust you can't walk away from please play as this hacker who's obsessed with staying anonymous bud wears his own personal logo on his hat dick he's a man who can instantly craft advanced electronics except for a spare cell phone battery and a guy who can slow down time itself with his mind because uh it's a video game when Aiden sneeze is killed out of revenge for a crime he himself committed my niece died Neath dying house my niece her life Aiden will retire and reflect on his negative life choices just kidding he'll murder everyone that's even sort of responsible murder everyone employed by those sort of responsible murder innocent cops and murder any civilians who get in his way that's where my niece you never met experience the most unrealistic depiction of hacking since the movie hackers replicating eating of memory ah what do I do type cookie you idiot I'll head them off at the pass where everything is hacked by holding down a single button or by solving a rotating puzzle which is especially sad when hacking is the only new feature in your game I mean come on even NCIS tried harder than that on the other side of the router I'm trying it's moving too fast this is not good playthrough a story that deals with some of the most relevant moral questions of our time where your actions are judged by a morality system that doesn't penalize you for spying on people's phone calls causing massive traffic accidents stealing cars or draining the bank accounts of Chicago struggling poor people but it's okay when I do it my niece is dead so suit up for a game it was sold as the thinking man's grand theft auto then blow everyone away with the giant machine gun because that works just as well as sneaking around oh yeah hacking starring the girl with the shitty tattoo for Chan Rob Zombie secret Asian man and creepy uncle I didn't watch underscore Doge much hacking such future Wow be sure to subscribe for more honest game trailers and tell me what you'd like to hear me say in my awesome voice don't make me turn this car around the time has come and so have i thunder thighs are on the move thunder thighs are loose i'll have two number 9's a number nine large a number six with extra dick on number seven two number forty-fives one with cheese and a large soda

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  2. I think this game is quite decent, but i have to agree that it really isn't a "thinking game". But Watchdogs 2 solves this problem, because I found it much harder to shoot my way through every mission in watchdogs 2.

  3. I actually liked this game, so I thought I was going to heavily disagree to it's criticism. But honestly, these are so accurate and made me laugh!

  4. Watch dogs is way better than people give it credit for, anyone who actually played it will tell you this

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