support the show at Samba go boom calm where you can get your favorite zombie killing weapons when the zombie apocalypse arrives the you survive zombie go boom kid undead ass hey what's up survivors welcome to another mind-blowing episode from the bloodiest show on YouTube zombie go boom I'm Chuck Rae I'm Charles Holtz and today what do we have today we've got these collapsible batons this one's made by Smith & Wesson and this one is trade and we're going to be beating the crap out of this Ivan head with them to see if cops could actually kill a zombie and let's take a look at the tale of the tape the expandable baton used by cops all over America to put the smackdown on would be bad guys and sometimes people just minding their own business though said to be non-lethal cops are instructed to never use this on another human's head I wonder why the batons we'll be using are 21 inches in length fully extended and both the straight and Smith & Wesson versions are made by Taylor brands they are not created equal however as the Smith & Wesson version is heat-treated let's find out if one pound of 4130 seamless alloy steel tubing is enough to make an Ivan skip jail and go straight to the morgue alright Charles what's the plan of attack well since I've got this one and you've got that one I think I'm gonna go for the temple and you should go for the top of the head alright let's do it yeah everyone ready yep love it nothing oh there goes I think it's dead we're just having flooring at this point well they don't call it the bloodiest show on YouTube for nothing let's see what we learned today these things are supposed to be non-lethal earned they're very lethal after three hits this zombie is completely destroyed after one hit humans on the ground probably out cold if they keep hitting him he's dead this is the straight version that's the Smith & Wesson version main difference is this one is heat treated this one it's not so if you're going to buy one make sure you get the heat treated version not that this doesn't work but now I can't really collapse it down can I that's all I have for this mind-blowing episode of zombie go boom do you have anything you'd like to add I think you just about covered it all man I'll go to zombie go boom calm if you'd like to own your own and support the show see you next time to learn more about the products featured in this video and others like it please go to zombie go boom comm and help support the show

25 thoughts on “WATCH DOGS BATON ZOMBIE SMACK DOWN! Zombie Go Boom!

  1. Technically the police carry a more durable type of baton, ones that arent marketed to civilians but can be sold to them if their state laws allow it. If you want these tests to be more accurate you would wanna invest in a monadnock or an ASP, or ESP from Czech Republic. I wanna see those products tested

  2. Very very morbid pinata should have put candies in instead of the fake blood

  3. before i even watch i know the schrade one will bend because you are using the old model that was poorly made, the new ones are much better though taking beatings from my backyard oak tree.

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