Watch Dogs 3 Legion Wishlist!

what's going on guys welcome back to another watchdogs Legion video in this one I wanted to talk about the things that I'm hoping get added get changed in watchdogs 3 so this list is just my opinion of my sort of thoughts I've been thinking about it for the last few days and considering the games about to get announced officially over a 3 on Monday which is tomorrow as of me recording this video Monday the 10th I just kind of wanted to do this video now so we can see if we got anything rides or if we got anything that they may add correct I just want to see so yeah if you're going to enjoy this episode guys don't forget to hit that like button leave a comment down below let me know what your wish list is for watchdogs 3 and what you think they're gonna be releasing with it and let me know what you think about my wish list because yeah also just in case you didn't know I upload at least two videos a day a lot of people have been saying I don't get you notifications anymore I upload twice a day so if you're not seeing two videos a day you're missing something sir or madam anyway let's get into this so anybody starting off with number one I want to see better driving so the driving is fun it's been fun in both watchdogs 1 and watchdogs two but it's always felt a bit cartoonish it feels to Arkady to be really fun for example the amount of times I've crashed into another car or gone to crash into another car and you just sort of go through it and it's almost like it's a feature of the game because it was never fixed so I would like to see better driving and better sort of car mechanics because I do think it's it's a problem that a lot of people have agreed with and a lot of people have complained that it just it's not fun to drive in the game but then you kind of have to drive in the game to get anywhere or you can fast travel but I just want it to be more realistic and give each car a bit more of a random feel some cars could be difficult to drive some cars could still be slow some cars could still feel arcaded but if some of them need to have more realism to it in fact I'd quite like to see a more realistic game in general to be honest secondly I mentioned this in in pretty much any video or I talked about what I'd like to see in a watchdogs game is more in-depth hacking abilities now this ties in with another one which is about less weapons but I'll get onto that in a little bit if we had more hacks we'd be able to try out new things we wouldn't have to go and switch to and using away we're not killing everybody around us I feel like it could be quite interesting with the whole MPC thing my guess is with with watched those legions NPC feature but no one knows anything about but we're all sort of speculating what it is I think personally it'll be you'll be able to hack NPCs or control them for a little bit or control their mobile phone to help distract somebody else or something I just think I think it's gonna work on a basis of you can hack other people or temporarily be these are the people to help you out in your missions and if so that opens up the doors to a lot of different hacking abilities also it'd be nice to be able to fully hack cars so in watchdogs 2 you could hack a car and make it your forwards left-right backwards but it'd be nice if you could go to hack a car and then be able to drive it even though you're not in it at all you get full driving functions as you would normally drive a car just like with the drones in the game how you fully control the drone you know actually control Marcos for that little bit of time it'd be nice if you could hack a car and then you could control it fully so that it was actually easy to drive around for number three I'd also like to see a more realistic look and feel to the game I actually really liked watchdogs 1 and the feeling that that provided I like the dark setting I liked the way I mean it's it was announced it was a dark setting and it kind of it just had a cool vibe to it the rain looked cool everything looked sleek then watch dogs took turned around and I enjoyed it it was a lot more colourful I guess that's cuz it's San Francisco it's kind of a nicer place than Chicago at least in terms of colors I guess I don't know I've never been to America so I wouldn't know but it had that sort of cartoony feel less serious and I want something in between I want more realistic looks I want less cartoonish nests that would be my preference to be honest that's just like the graphics setting though I guess although the art style of the game but I just want a more realistic looking game think like days gone kind of graphics in a watchdogs game that would be sick next I'd like to see some smaller to a eyes I feel like the watchdogs to a eyes and probably the watchdogs a eyes well aren't the best and with a more realistic AI when you're calling police on someone you're calling gangs on someone and then you call police on the police or gangs on the police that have come to arrest the police nothing really happens if you really go in depth on this game with the hacking stuff that's available in watchdogs too nothing really happens sometimes and I feel like that's just because the AI is kind of like where we hold on what am i doing what am i doing so I think a more realistic AI so the enemies are smarter would make it a bit more of a challenge and challenging games I'm realizing a lot of fun my far cry 5 infamous mode playthrough of that has proven that to me so smarter AI and I think a lot would be benefited from that an obvious one that a lot of people want is more fluid and extravagant parkour I just want to see more moves basically I want to see it be a bit more fluid see it less glitchy sometimes you'd run up to the edge of a building and then he'd do a backflip but like you'd do like 10 steps before it is backflip and like just air and stutter it just be cool if it looked a bit more fluid and there were just more moves because after you've done five different parkour moves and watchdogs – there's not really anything else that he can do that you haven't already seen I don't know that's just me being picky but the parkour is kind of cool and I'd like to see more and I bet I'm not the only one another thing I'd like to see is more gadgets in the game in watchdogs – you had the throwable sort of exploding devices you've got your laws and stuff but I want new things I want stuff that is electronic and that you can hack and that makes things interesting and cool I don't know think I have this vision of like being able to use like colourful smoke flares and stuff like a smoke grenade there's no smoke grenades and watchdogs as far as I'm aware adding smoke grenades but like make them smoke flares and you can have different colored ones I just think random stuff like that would be a lot of fun just to play around with and have a good time with them all the table would be a funny one napalm molotovs if you want to get old days gun style and tying in with that I would like to see the drone and he also is a quadcopter and the little drone ERC thing come back or maybe some different ones that would be quite nice one more thing that I think would make the game feel more realistic and feel more interesting I guess is if we could have more in-depth interactions with each of the NPC's now I think this is probably gonna happen anyway I think this is a given considering the one of the big leagues of the next watchdogs game watchdogs Legion is that you to control any of the NPCs or do something with any of the NPCs anyway but before we even heard that my thinking was I'd like to be able to not only go up in hack each different NPC but wouldn't it be interesting if each different NPC just had like a randomly generated event behind them and you could sort of do a mission or not a really a mission but just figure out something about them or go and find that husband and kill those but I don't know like being able to find out something about someone find out where someone lives find out if someone has a husband and then going and kidnapping them for ransom holding them for ransom and getting paid money for kidnapping them just something like that like where hack is you know that's the kind of thing hackers do they hold people to ransom or they you know release their sex tapes or whatnot wouldn't it be cool if you could just interact with some of the NPC's in that way I dunno in watch dogs – and watch dogs one I think the word sort of random interactions with a few of the NPC's but I'd like to see it with everybody like I know that's asking a lot but because they've mentioned this whole NPC thing and inverted quotation marks I feel like this could be happening it could be a thing I don't know that's what I'd like to see though now I'm gonna say this and a lot of people aren't gonna agree but if you just hear me out you'll understand maybe or if you're too dead set on it then it doesn't matter I guess but I'd like to see fewer lethal weapons I'm not saying get rid of all the lethal weapons I'm just saying get rid of some of them maybe or if you want to have all the lethal weapons in at least give good big incentives for trying to play the game without using non-lethal weapons may the main reason I say that is because I want to be able to focus more in the hacks and I feel like if I don't have those guns available to me or at least I know that I shouldn't use the guns because I can unlock something cool if I don't use the gun for that mission then I'll all want to really think into how I'm gonna go about that mission how I'm gonna do kill the enemies how I'm gonna get past the enemies or how I'm gonna not kill the enemies but still get in and do everything I need to do and get out without dying you know what I mean I'm not saying get rid of the guns because I love running around and shooting people half of this videos game play background footage with me shooting people for Christ's sake but I just think you at least need incentive to not usually the weapons and considering that the next game is gonna be in London I'm just gonna put it out there it's pretty much guaranteed it was like God saved the NPCs with the tweet god save the queen' put two and two together boom London so because of that I guess I mean it supposedly it post brags it according to the Amazon leak maybe we have guns pose brexit I don't know but I think that that might be where they're heading because there's been rumors that you'll have knives and batons and stuff but you won't be able to really shoot unless you can still the police officers gun I guess in fact that could be a way around it you can't have guns yourself but you can steal other people's weapons that could work good for the last two points now first one being I'd like to see an underwater element you can swim in watchdogs to I think you could swim in watchdogs one but there's no underwater element and if it's if the game's gonna be in London you're gonna have the Thames there I'd like to see being able to swim around underwater in the Thames I don't know why I just feel like that would be a laugh maybe have some secrets under there some little tunnels you can find your way into secret places or sneak around in the sewers just be able to get into like I don't know a base or a building or something like that just being able to swim alone is is fine but being able to swim underwater opens up possibilities and gives you a different dynamic to being able to play in that world so underwater swimming would be lovely although I don't know if you'd want to swim in the terms of your life but hey and then lastly something that a lot of people might disagree with some people might agree with sort of is I want flying vehicles in the game but big but unless the map is huge and I mean bigger than watchdogs to map and probably bigger than watchdogs one in fact probably bigger than if you combined the first two games map together unless the map is gonna be that big really really big I only want helicopters the main reason I say that is because the planes are just gonna feel silly unless they really change the way you move around in vehicles like I was saying before with the cartoony driving unless they changed that then yeah I just I feel like helicopters would make more sense because then at least they've given us a flying vehicle that we can actually get around in but it's not gonna mean that they have to make it so it's just comically stupid to fly around because then the maps so small that but if you got in a plane by the time you've taken off you had to freaking land again do you know what I mean if the maps not big enough planes don't work whereas helicopters you could sort of squeeze a helicopter in anywhere you could have had helicopters in watchdog's – for example that would have worked perfectly but flying vehicles the one thing that I've wanted in a watchdogs game for a while it's not like Ubisoft haven't got a game with flying vehicles just look at Ghost Recon wildlands that's a nice big open world you've got planes there but that's a huge open world so planes make sense so if like I said if the maps huge by all means give us planes I mean London itself has two airports so you know it depends how big the map is and how big how much of London they're adding into this game but at least give us helicopters like come on ones that we can actually fly not just a quadcopter a one that I can get in fly from one end of London to the other end of London or maybe drop jump out half way if I want to and have a little way in the air you know anything is possible but those are just some of my thoughts of what I'd like to see in watchdogs Legion they're in no by no means what is coming this is solely a wish list on my part let me know in the comments down below what things you'd like to see from what so collegian what you're excited for what you're hoping for and what you think the game will actually be I'm interested to see what you say in the comments down below if you went on to enjoy this video as well guys please consider hitting that like button it'll just make me happy and you know I like being happy so and like I said at the beginning if you're interested in watchdogs Legion or watchdogs at all or any open-world game for that matter definitely check out my channel subscribe to my channel I'll be doing a lot of videos when this comes out and like I said leading up to the games release with it all information that I find out any gameplay I get to play early anything like that will be here so subscribe and turn on the notification bar and check out all my other stuff too I upload at least two videos a day just in case you didn't know so you welcome thanks for watching hopefully enjoyed the video and I'll see you next time goodbye

29 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 3 Legion Wishlist!

  1. i wish cameras were actually used by A.I, more random events like in WD1 with the crime things, a good/bad moral thing, more hacking, takedowns, better ai

  2. Your Wish 1: loved the driving, specially in motercycle. Pretty realistic on a bike forcing you to not crash.
    Your Wish 2: No guns actually. No hacking NPCs I though you would hack NPCs too but no you just hire them to Dedsec then you can play as that person.
    Your Wish 3: I like this. Dark is better. Very much better and serious and grounded kinda.
    Your Wish about AI : you right too. AI is not very I and too much A.
    Your wish about Parkour: No parkour is my guess. Not every NPC can do parkour obviously so yea no more parkour. And no throwable weapons. No weapons at all.
    Your wish on NPCs having missions randomly generated: well I like this idea but Dedsec is an anarchist hacker group. That means they are good and only hurt those who hurt the innocent and defenceless.
    Your wish about fewer lethal weapons: Nope. All lethal weapons will be gone. Also yes, consequences.
    Your underwater wish: scuba gear can be found and used? Idk
    Your wish about flying vehicles: Nah. Planes and London and crashing can be pretty bad right?
    Anyways these are my responses yup
    Enjoy the reveal tomorrow!


  4. Since assassin's creed and watch_dogs share a universe and Syndicate is cannon are they reusing the map with some modern day touch ups?

  5. I really want to see some more customization with characters. I think it'd be neat to have more customization available for outfits. Watchdogs 2 was a definite step up. I agree about the driving, it's always been kinda chaotic.

  6. willy b i was watching a bunch of videos on your channel cause your channel has been recommended for me and i was glad that it did . i subscribe and i hope you reach father more in life and what you do on the channel is amazing such as: uploading 2 videos a day , glorious. So nice meeting you willy also i am leaving with notification on.

  7. I would would love if they added aircrafts and first person mode cuz I think first person mode would be cool for parkour and I would love if the cars were more realistic and had realistic sounds

  8. I love that they added some sort of vehicle customization but honestly I found myself wanting to do so much more than changing colors and doing some cool paint jobs. I would love to see Watch Dogs Legion go more in depth with it.

  9. And a bigger weapon wheel or just GTA ?let's be honest all the stuff we want is in GTA lol prefer watchdogs 2 than GTA 5 but still should copy some features you know?

  10. The police will be like:
    -Oi sir I certainly hope you got a license for walking.

    -I don't…..

    -No?! Then, in the name of the queen! hits you with nightstick

    -NOOOO!!!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  11. "You can't have guns yourself but you can steal them"

    I'm thinking how Sleeping Dogs and the old PS2 series The Getaway handled the use of firearms. I think United Front Games said that guns and hand held weapons in general were treated like power ups in Sleeping Dogs. In The Getaway, you had a pistol for the most part but anything more lethal had to be picked up. Watch_Dogs could do just that, which would mean making the gunplay much more unforgiving so there is more of an incentive to keep your head down but an empowering reward if you could snag a shooter.

  12. I need two things firstly for the civilians to use actual British insults when provoked and secondly I want to be able to kidnap the queen
    (There can’t be planes cause there are no airports that close except Heathrow and that’s still quite far out of the actual city)

  13. Watch Dogs 2 was my first PS4 game and one of the best games i’ve played up to date.
    Sure its got some glitches here and there but the story line is Amazing!!!. Way better then Watch Dogs 1 personaly.

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