26 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 3 Legion Officially Confirmed!

  1. Please don't make me play with cringey hipster crew this time. WD2 was literally unplayable for me because of the UNBEARABLE characters.

  2. the word legion might have something to do with the controlling npcs thing as the word refers to a division of 3000 men

  3. They should have waited to release 3rd game on next gen and release game that looks like original watch dogs e3 trailer

  4. Maybe it will be a 1984esc scenario but with an civil uprising. Maybe even a civil war 2.0 scenario?

  5. Ubisoft 2019 games so far
    Far Cry New Dawn
    The Division 2
    Ghost Recon Breakpoint
    Watch Dogs 3 Legion

    Steep 2 (2020)
    Just Dance 2020 (2019)
    Splinter Cell (2020)
    Prince of Persia (2020)
    AC Ragnarok (2020)
    The Crew 2 DLC (2019)

    See you at E3 ?

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