Watch Dogs 3 Legion – Official Teaser (Confirmed)

in just a few hours ago the official watchdogs Twitter account have tweeted out a new teaser for the watchdog's Legion what the text being god save the NPCs reveal at e3 hashtag watchdogs legion hashtag ub III and that's not it folks they've also updated that Twitter profile picture and the banner with a new watchdogs Legion logo so this seems to be finally happening and yes it is real so the Amazon UK leaks have in fact turned out to be true and us playing as any NPCs in the open world has indeed been confirmed officially by Ubisoft themselves though I'm really curious to see how they would pull this off with a storyline and when we can actually play as anyone that we want taking a look at the new watchdogs legions logo it kind of has that gritty and grey oldish look to it just what we have seen with the watchdogs 1 and maybe the game might have the dark and grace like the first part of the watchdogs where we took a leap into the tragic story of Eden Paris in Chicago and looking at the logo makes me feel the same old wipes that I got from the Aiden Pyrrhus story and I would love to see the same kind of team being returned in watchdogs 3 up till this point we don't have any official release dates confirmed yet but looking at the amount of information being dropped to every other day it seems like there will be much more to see before the actual Ubisoft III press conference starts so there are much more Intel dropping in about the new watchdogs Legion and I'll be covering everything you guys need to know about watchdogs Legion on this channel being a watchdogs fan of myself so the best way to watch all of these videos are of course by staying subscribed and turning on the notifications for the upcoming videos without being said let me know in the comments down below what do you guys think the playing as any NPCs would be like and do you guys really think that there is going to be an actual story narrative to the watchdogs Legion please do share your thoughts and feeds in the comments down below and if you did go on and enjoyed this video you could just do me a big favor by dropping a like on this video which would really mean a lot to most of us content creators without being said I hope you guys have a blast today and I'll see you guys on the next two videos which will be uploaded on this channel in a few hearts from now until then fans take care of yourself stay hyped and stay safe you

26 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 3 Legion – Official Teaser (Confirmed)

  1. I'm pumped for watch dogs legion I liked watch dogs 2 better than 1 I hope watch dogs legion will be amazing

  2. Awesome video man .I wished that watch dogs 3 had a standard protagonist as it would be good and story driven whereas this random NPC stuff can end up becoming a big mess

  3. FUCK!!!
    i hovered the mouse over the video and the preview showed Aiden Pearce and i was like "HELL YEAH HE'S BACK!!!"

    clearly he's not…

  4. Let's see. It really depends on how they implement this being any npc we come across throughout London and molding it with some kind of story or gameplay. The idea seems pretty farfetch but if ubisoft does this right the game could turn out to be great.

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