40 thoughts on “WATCH DOGS 3: LEGION – E3 2019 Gameplay Demo (Ubisoft Conference)

  1. They're on some new shit now.

    Went from a dude wanting justice of his dead niece.

    To a cyberpunk DedSec initiative.

    To this…

  2. okay let's be real, this looks good, but it comes from a studio that has the tandency to bullshit players a lot and a franchise that has let the community down. i'll hold out for after it releases, if it's good, i'll pick it up, but i'm not pre ordering….

  3. Fucking drones are everywhere, proceeds to wear a mask in front of EVERYONE then beats and armored cop with his bare hands….

  4. If he was invisible …………why did the player decide to go in a visible car instead of going in the subway? Smh

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