Watch Dogs 3 LEAKED GAMEPLAY FEATURES & More! (Watch Dogs Legion E3 2019)

watchdogs 3 was leaked earlier today leaving us with some fresh new information which was leaked by the Amazon UK on their website leaving us with some new gameplay features and the price tag for the game not just that it is also confirmed that wash docks 3 will be called as the watchdogs Allegiant the seller of the product was none other than the official Ubisoft Amazon business account which pretty much confirms that the leaks are indeed to be true in most circumstances unless Ubisoft decides to play a prank on their own fans which I don't think would be the case the price tag for the game is going to be 58 euros for the standard edition ritual then be 60 United States dollars for the Americans there was no further information leaked regarding the types of additions that will be available for the game but we have seemed to have got some very interesting new gameplay features which was then also leaked by the Amazon UK in the product description the product description of the page reads that the watchdogs legion is set in a near future in a dystopian version of London I know that you might be wondering what does dystopia version of London mean well it basically states that the city lies under a great suffering or goes under some injustice situations where the government is ruled by the wrong people and has cost the city to collapse in a dystopia state watchdogs Legion will be set in a post brick site world in which the society politics and Technology has changed and have completely altered the fortune of London as we all know that London is one of the most iconic cities in the world and has massive influence in the modern Western pop culture and has been the same for centuries and the futuristic London being the location for watchdogs legion i think the setting would actually make perfect sense as we all know that the city of london has the highest surveillance levels in the entire world making this the perfect playground for a game like watchdogs now the most important part of the leak here is the product description that was given by Amazon UK themselves which states that you can play as any NPC in the and every individual that you'll be meeting in the open world has a full set of animation voiceovers character traits and visuals that are generated and guided by gameplay systems to be honnest this is something that I really find very hard to believe it because as the description states the game will now allow us players to play as any NPCs you want in the open world and each NPCs will have their own backstory or any kind of story narrative that will take place once you play ask that particular character which to be honnest actually sounds amazing but on the other hand it kind of seems too good to be true to have such a feature being seen in the current generation of gaming market don't get me wrong I would love to play as any NPC character I want but it also makes me wonder if that can actually be possible and how would that impact the story narrative of the game as watchdogs is solely focused on the story driven aspect of the game but nonetheless these are just the leaks so I would never take this to a hundred-percent consideration but if this turns out to be true then I think that washed rocks 3 or aka watchdogs Legion would set off a new example for the era of next generation gaming for now the leaks have only shown the ps4 version of the game but not the PC and Xbox version which makes me wonder if Sony is gonna hold off some kind of exclusivity to in-game content would really suck bad as everyone needs to pay the same amount of price as the other platform did there has also been rumors stating that watchdogs legions will also be dropping on Google stadia this year and maybe Ubisoft and Google have something planned already for the upcoming projects we've got much more information regarding watchdogs 3 or washed rocks Legion you may call and I'll be covering this game back and forth on everything you need to know about the new watchdogs so if you want to see more washed off 3 videos then the best way to watch them is of course using the subscription which is absolutely free of cost so all you have to do is just make out with the subscribe button down below and turn the notifications on so you guys never miss out on any future updates related to watchdogs 3 if you guys did go on and enjoy the video and want to see more of these watchdogs three video updates then make sure that you guys leave a like as it shows that you guys are interested in these videos so that I can decide if I have to make more content on this topic or not so let me know do you guys think that the futuristic London is a good setting for wash trucks Legion or not and do you guys think that playing as any NPC in the open world would actually be possible let us know what you've watchdogs fans think about the new gameplay changes down below in the comments as your voices in the comments do really mean something to the community and I would love to read them and reply to each and every one of you guys down there in the comment section with that being said I hope you guys have a blast of a day and I'll see you all on the next video probably three hands from now so under them fans take care of yourself and I'll see you all on the next one peace Adam yes

19 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 3 LEAKED GAMEPLAY FEATURES & More! (Watch Dogs Legion E3 2019)

  1. Hopefully the graphics are better and you have fully customizable cars and weapons and if you have drones make sure it goes further than 95m and maybe add a fully customizable house and last but not least and more gore and bad language to make it at least feel like a M rated game instead of a T rated game

  2. Why is even any one surprised it's ubisoft they always copy paste games watchdogs 1 was ok 2 was meh and now the third

  3. Whyyyy. None of the wd games have warranted a sequel. They all sold under their intended units, and the games mechanics have always been gimmicky.

  4. so the codename legion that was recently put as the new assassins creed game called legion was actually ment for watch dogs , very interesting and then assassins creed is now kingdom , thanks for the info man !!!

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