Watch Dogs 3 LEAKED A Head Of E3 2019 & It's Not What You Expect (Watch Dogs Legion E3 2019)

the next watchdogs game has leaked and it's not called watchdogs free but watchdogs legion according to Amazon UK and some other trustworthy sources that thou reported on these news as well the gameplay details are also different they might expect and we got some more info and I will tell you why this might even be revealed before e3 so let's get into it would be awesome if people like on the video as it shows you supports and let's go Amazon UK put up a listing for watchdogs legion although it's already down by the time you watch this so apart from its being listed as a ps4 game they also had some information as to what we can expect from watchdogs Legion and of course is new watchdogs as you'd also come to the Xbox one and PC and likely to Google's new streaming service as well but more on that a little later the description on the Amazon UK website notes that watchdogs legion is set in a new future a dystopian version of London London was of course already heavily rumoured before this leak so makes sense it's in a post bracket world to society politics and Technology have changed and then the description goes on to say that London is the perfect playground for a watchdogs game because of the massive influence that it has on all the Western culture and the fact that it has one of the highest surveillance levels ok London in the near future again that makes sense and lines up with previous rumors but the gameplay details are the most interesting parts of this listing that read as follows play as anyone every individual you meet in the open world has a full set of animations voice over character traits and visuals that are generated and guided by gameplay systems jaysus rio from kotaku confirms his rumour and also has a better explanation of what this might mean for the gameplay so you find an NPC then you recruit them and then you play as them on Kotaku he also notes that you will see different things at different points in the game depending which NPC you are playing as and that sounds very ambitious and that it's also adjacent notes that this is less to at least one delay already as a notice in my previous watchdogs video Ubisoft is planning one triple-a game for this fall and that is goes week on break points they also have a free full price games in the early part of 2020 so before April 2020 and with watchdogs leaking now and it reasoned verified watchdogs UK accounts that was made in May you would think that they are ready for an announcement and that a release would not be dead far away right making early 2020 likely the right time but yeah watchdogs Legion sounds very interesting and at least different than I expected but it makes sense as well that they have to do something with the series to make it feel fresh again and hopefully appeal to more people and having nbc's play a bigger role makes sense too as they always had some sort of backstory that you could see by hacking into their phones this seems like a logical next step fiji 24/7 also chimes in saying that they've heard that each npc will have a full backstory which is created procedurally with some AI trickery and it will be more systemic than the previous games see also notes that Clint Hawking the director behind Far Cry 2 it's working on this title II by the way also worked on Splinter Cell before that and also at LucasArts fault and also the Amazon Game Studios he's now working at Ubisoft Toronto looking at his LinkedIn page so they are working on this new watchdogs game likely while you be some Montreal was behind the other watchdogs titles if I remember correctly if this leak is true then we'll likely see watchdogs Legion on June 10th during the Ubisoft press conference on 1 p.m. Pacific time or maybe we will already see it earlier Google announced their first stadia connects a livestream where they will announce the price and other details about their upcoming streaming service but they will also have game announcements and sure those could be small games but if we search watchdogs legion on google you actually find an older article by control fiji and i was posted in March 2019 saying that the new watchdogs game called watchdogs legion that you can choose between a male or female character and that we should expect a tease at the Google presentation at GDC so that was the first time that day in veiled stadia and we all know that watchdogs wasn't a part of that presentation but it's still interesting that this website knew the name that now seems to be real well of course everyone else fought that watchdogs free was going to be the name and legion is pretty random so this website must know something right so it might be that this watchdogs legion tease was delayed from detta sort of presentation to this and new google stadia stream on June 6th and then it will dare tease it and then say hey totally check out Ubisoft showcase on June 10th for the full reveal you'll be thought this really deep embed with Google for this stadia service so they likely will showcase something at this stadia connect you would think a watchdog Steve's would totally benefit Google so maybe they made a deal with Yui soft who knows I will be keeping an eye out of course and I will be at e3 as well so I'll bring you all the details if watchdogs Legion is announced so totally subscribe to the channel to stay up to date on that a like on this video would be super appreciated check out my in-depth video on why e3 will be awesome by clicking on the screen for now I'll see you next time and good bye you

29 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 3 LEAKED A Head Of E3 2019 & It's Not What You Expect (Watch Dogs Legion E3 2019)

  1. So will this be another game that has identity/SJW politics, no doubt the main NPCs will be Gay Antifa members or Muslims. So everywhere you go in this game there will be mosques everywhere.

  2. Yeah I'm not so sure it's what I was expecting…but I also hope this leak and at E3 will give this game a even better and longer story to play…maybe also have a bit more nude and sex content too like in 1st WD..ahah

  3. Now here is a thought… how about instead of applying this system to just NPC's you can recruit that it was used for Friend & Foe alike in a Far Cry Game to control things like Animal Behaviour, Enemy combat behaviours, semi-neutral NPC's – even the behaviours of vendors. Instead of it simply being used to vice cues and a list of possible interactions linked to types – it was a means to programme mix and match enemy behaviours – especially if enemies were made aware of what was going on around them and could react to that too. As if there is one thing that really does need work again it's AI and Pathing and associated behaviours that sort of things has got very poor indeed for more than a decade now. As People can look more real in games that they don't act more real starts to be quite noticeable.

  4. I'm just ready to see it for myself before I get hype. I rather be prepared for the full results before I decide if I'm buying or not

  5. Bring back the combat system and characters from the first with the new hacking abilities and weapon customization of the second, and add some endgame content. Guaranteed GOTY or great game at least

  6. Maybe the play as anyone isn’t a switch on the fly, but you pick someone at the start of the game and play out a story

  7. im concerned about what that means for the main character. Odyssey didn't have the most interesting MC and imo they are one of the most important part of the game

  8. Listen im not interested what so ever… games now at days are shit . Watch dogs 1 garbage watch dogs 2 more garbage…. watch dogs 3 ? Extra garbage

  9. This be anyone thing sounds pretty intresting. if this is true they would make the game much more fun and appealing to both make and female audiences . I really hope they do bring back some old charakters to play as such as wrench or somthing 😀 smart move ubisoft, if it is true ofcourse 😉

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