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  1. I mean I feel like everyone was expecting a new Watch Dogs, but Ubisoft can't keep anything a secret… Excited though, I platniumed the first 2 hopefully this one is really good

  2. Driver and Driver 2 are classics but that tutorial level in the parking garage on Driver was a bitch to play. Driver 2 had a dope story.

  3. Slightly incorrect reporting here on UK politics, understandable but I'm a pedant. "Hard Brexit" does not mean no deal, it means a deal that cuts most of the ties between the UK and the EU and removes us from the single market and customs union (people and goods move freely between EU countries). We would leave with a set trade agreement but one that works more like a non-EU country. "No-Deal Brexit" means we just leave with no plan, and this is the result most want to avoid. It's not clear how anything would work in this situation, and could lead to chaos at the border, affecting trade, the movement of people and business. Then there's "Soft Brexit" where we kind of keep our toes in the economic unions of the EU, and keep most of our ties with the EU.

    More importantly, Brexit is not necessarily about "walling ourselves off from the world". In the referendum, the argument that was presented by pro-Brexit campaigners (with which I disagreed) was that there are in fact a lot of rules and regulations on trade that are set by the EU, which we also pay to be a part of it (as one of the largest economies in the EU it was perceived that we paid more than we got, I don't know the truth of this but I'm doubtful). A lot of people were annoyed with some of the 'laws' of the UK being set by a larger European body, with less say over those rules than we would do if we set our own trade regulations (we do elect members to the European Parliament but of course so do all other EU countries). Writing this now, I can see a parallel with the "taxation without representation" complaints of the colonial US, but on a much more subtle and complex (and some would say non-existent) level. Post-Brexit, the UK could still choose to have welcoming trade agreements with the World and work with other countries, it will just be able to set those agreements itself. It could wall itself off, and I do fear it might, but Brexit doesn't necessarily mean that.

    Just in case anyone is using this video about videogame rumours as their main source of UK news, it's all explained much better than I can in this video:


  4. Watch Dogs – V for Vendetta version

    Umm… okay?! Cool? So the game is going to be one room, with 10 characters you can hack and run around the room with?! Neat!

    Lol you all actually mentioned v for vendetta.. haha!! Noice!

  5. Lol the U.K. government is ridiculous. I’ll be moving as soon as I can, they’ve ruined everything for young people

  6. As someone who really enjoyed the first Watch_Dogs, but got bored of Watch_Dogs 2, the fact that this new game is going to be focused on playing as multiple characters who are randomly generated, and likely turning down the gun play even more, (given the location and the fact that it'd be awkward for your weapons to magically transfer between characters), I feel like it won't hold too much appeal to me personally. We'll see, because it could be more in line with Assassin's Creed Brotherhood as far as "recruiting" NPCs to help you, with the option to play as them temporarily or something to accomplish goals but still have a main character, but over all it just seems like a concept that will lead to one of the less compelling stories out of Ubisoft…..

  7. Well… didn't expect to have my E3 experience lessened by a YouTube thumbnail today, but here we are. I understand the YouTube title and thumbnail game so I don't have any ill-will towards Funhaus, I'm just a little more sad tonight.

  8. 100 points for having May dance with a funky background! Lose 50 points for saying nitch – i'ts pronounced neesh (niche)… 😀

  9. I want a multiplayer mode where you all play as Conservative politicians, each fighting one another for the position of Prime Minister. If you play as Boris Johnson you have an ability that let's you tackle small foreign children, Jeremy Hunt kills off disabled people by fucking up the NHS and activating Michael Gove's 'Smug Face' ability causes any player to commit suicide on sight.

  10. why are americans so uneducated ? most peopel are HAPPY UK leaving europe,,,europe sucks and brings us allot fo grief,so don't pretend your ''sources'are valid ones,they are biast tools.

  11. You are the NPC

    (Ubisoft breaks down your door and puts a camera on you and wires into your spine)

  12. If I'm being honest I've always wanted a assassin's Creed in current times or somewhere close, I wanna see a trailer but also aware of down grade at launch

  13. I bet one of the main characters in gonna be a transexual muslim who send you on mission to defend the poor muslim pedophiles from the evil white men

  14. It takes place in London,? Oh boy, can’t wait to get stabbed over and over by ethnic minorities and blown up by ‘refugees’ then arrested for looking at wrong think memes

  15. This just seems like people are overblowing it , they just said it would be a post brexit london , thats gonna happen anyway and it isnt going to cause nuclear war or the end of human civilisation as we know it as some people make it out like , just seems like they said somthing political but extremely vague , so that people would pick up the story and talk about it

  16. I love these Inside Gaming videos but for god sake can we please get these gentlemen some shirts that fit. Large men are not supposed to wear S shirts. Please if anyone has extra L or XL shirts please send them to these guys.

  17. When you say 'leaked', do you mean that someone inside Ubisoft has released information about it to the public, or has Ubisoft pissed itself and now has to stand there in shame as we laugh and point at them?

    Note that as of writing this, I have yet to see the video.

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