Watch Dogs 2: World Premiere Announcement – E3 2016 [NA]

it starts with reality with martial arts always started reality it doesn't mean we cannot be imaginative or all that but in reality aking and people who break systems are pretty creative naturally so we want to inspire ourselves from them this is a big moment for us in production basically all the parts of the game aren't colliding together for the first time and for the past months we've been able to play the game from beginning to end so now we see how things are coming together and you could almost say the game has a life of its own at this point when you finish a game after almost five years you need to sleep on it all that then afterwards what's exciting is when you start really understanding what you try to do with the first game but wow what less good and also what the players have set so watchdogs was first of all in new IP which is a big deal it means that you start from almost nothing in new IDN Lodge next one was to talk about a knife or connected society something that was a becoming very important in our day-to-day lives Chicago was one of the most surveillance in North America so we talked a lot about cameras and surveillance the beat watch when played watchdogs you probably played something you never played before because the city was sort of alive people were not just people walking around the street but you can hack into their lives and you could exploit them you can see their secrets you could manipulate the city the bridges and the steam pipes and the traffic lights we'll be basically created with watchdogs one was a playground where everything was connected so finally shipping the game but a lot of people were happy and excited we also got a lot of feedback and we listened to that feedback I personally spent months reading forums and reading all the player feedbacks I could see on the web we wanted to know what people felt and what they wanted to get from the game and what we could improve in the future at that point we knew what we're going to make a watch that's too we felt like you really did a big milestone with the original watchdogs but we watchdogs – we could really deliver on the fantasy of being a hacker this time around or in San Francisco for us San Francisco strike the chord because it meant the very dirt of the attitude of a hacker 350 toes aren't houses are calibrated to anticipate your every that's bad spazz if you want you this man it was best at one piece but this setting of watch Lux – we wanted to have a different vibe so our San Francisco keeps all the important parts of the Bay Area there's a different feel different vibe the different looked all of the areas of our world we wanted to kind of represent all these different areas and the different collections of people that live in these areas and what their lifestyles and their personalities are like so we're building a game where basically it's almost a simulation you're in that world and if you stop moving and you look around you feel the world as I live right this is the promise of what an open-world game is we broke the feeling that the world is centered on you the player so characters shouldn't only react to you this should react to each other you know maybe people start fights maybe someone calls the cops on someone else and you may be a dog barks after someone else and chases him down the street you need to feel as if this city is alive even if you do nothing and then if you start doing things if you start playing in the world the city should react to what you're doing it should feel normal it should surprise you also and how it reacts we were really interested in the city itself it almost feels like the Wild West of Technology and how would you know how can you set something in the Wild West of Technology it's a world that has a lot of potential for game play I mean if you're a hacker and you go in Silicon Valley and you have the head office some of the biggest tech company in the world what will you do can you hack into those places what will you find so it's a very intriguing setting or a hacker who's exploring the world so as we're crafting this world we're putting in it all of the factions that should be in it so for example we have various criminal groups trying to fight over the underground of the city we also have corporations trying to make money and potentially even manipulate people in society and we also have other groups of hackers trying to tap into the technology that has been set up in the city once again CTOs the smart city system that was in the first watchdogs is installed in San Francisco and various people are trying to tap into it to exercise control power or to try to make money in creating a hero for watchdogs – we wanted somebody new somebody that could embody the spirit of California in the spirit of San Francisco but we needed somebody who's going to be really worthy of all the cool stuff that we wanted to do in the game so our hero in watchdogs 2 is Marcus Holloway he's a young hacker very brilliant when what he does because of the injustice is that he's seen both being from Oakland and also having been profiled the wrong way and being accused of crime he actually didn't commit that sort of made him go against the system in terms of visual we always try to create iconic attributes to the character so that you can be memorable and people wants to play in but still feels credible inside our world he's a perfect plan between somebody that's tech-savvy that represents a bit the internet culture but also has that that athletic and rebellious feeling to him so we had to decide from the beginning what things were comparable between Aiden and markets and what things would be different we focus on parkour we wanted Marcus to be a lot better at parkour than a team and we're not talking about just like climbing on things but like being able to like flow and chain moves together so he's a pretty good fighter he's got some interesting quirks too he's a more expressive guy we've tried early try hard to figure out what kind of melee weapon Marcus we had we tried a whole bunch of things and some things were pretty cool something just didn't work at all we did a lot of research and we we basically did what Marcus would have done we went onto the internet and we started watching videos and started reading websites and try to figure out what kind of stuff we could make pretty much all the stuff that you probably shouldn't search at work in the end when we stumbled across was this idea of taking a billiard ball and attaching it to a paracord lanyard and we took this and we handed this to the stunt team and the first thing that we saw was it was fast it was so fast if we couldn't believe how fast they were swinging this around my body I know as soon as I saw this video I'm like this is crazy we got it citizens of the world may we had retention when we say we want to make a game about hacking really a hacker it's a culture but you can have various motivations the motivation were excited about was what we call hacktivism people want to impact society and have ideals too different so just in the background and in the fantasy of it you're not a hacker logics – you're a dead tech hacker you're a member of a community and you're doing grand stuff and big exposure of important informations to society because you're not alone you're working with other people the first thing that you have to do when you're talking about hackers is you kind of have to respect where they came from originally their messages sound very serious but there's also a lousy element to it the way they have fun with what they're saying we took that and we said okay so what if this is the sort of the spirit of dedsec and of our heroes what if their spirit is still rooted in the trolling it's a joke we're going to have fun with it but they still have something important to say that signal was really important for me because it represents everything that's cool about watchdogs its stylize it's edgy and its raw and it's underground tapping into the origin of tapping into the internet culture with all the memes and also all the visual language of the Internet so there are various characters various people inside of that set some are a bit more violent some have more ideals some are maybe more intellectual but they all have in common that they want to fight to preserve a sense of freedom they don't want people to use tech to take control over people but you know I'm not saying they are Knights you know they are they are rebellious they do their own things there way and they want to have fun that's that's also one thing is in a sense of freedom also a sense of fun through that we are dead sick join us the new idea for hacking and wash their stews to let the player create his own solutions we're adding a lot more depth to hacking so you have a lot more control a lot more flexibility in how you hack the world so one big category of aking and wash x2 is the entire branch of pushing remote controls to its limit one of the big things on wash times is hacking vehicles I think this is a real game-changer because vehicles are everywhere in the world and if you can hack into the drive system of a car you can pretty much drive it wherever you want so making sure if you see a fork left in the world it shouldn't be a fork left just like move the box up down you should just like a camera press a button and become that thing one of the core things that we're doing is we're opening up the game with watch sucks you can hack every character you can hack every car in the game and you can hack most of the electronics within the city so that's a lot of potential targets for hacking and that's not even counting your own tools well in walks talks too we brought in a lot more toys and things to play with because we wanted to embrace the maker culture dedsec have these really interesting intricate guns they're built on a 3d printer basically the cutting-edge technology of 3d printing which is actually building it with metal he's also got this really cool taser so if you want to play the game completely non-lethal and not actually kill anybody you can totally do it we're playing with a lot more crafted items and a lot more of little devices that you can use one of the things that people kind of like that we've done really like what we've done is we've created toys for Marcus he has an RC jumper it's got little wheels and it's even got this little robotic arm that he can sort of deploy and he can interact with things he can unplug things and we plug them in to take out screws that's a neat little toy and then the other gadget he's got is this quadcopter and it's more about scouting and being the eye in the sky first-person view and it is incredible because you're just zipping through the city if you're looking flying while you're fighting another branch which is kind of connected to it is the concept of manipulating people in watch x1 you could only hack the people that were marked as potential target now you can target the person you want and you can hack them in multiple way for example I could hack one person and distract them have their phone ringing so they look at their phone to create a distraction later on in the game you also be able to do things we call mass hacking which is well why only hack one if you could hack them all there's one thing that I really believe about watchdogs players is that there is no watchdogs player there are many types of watchdogs players you should be deciding how you want to play the game so that means you can play a mission full gun blazing that's the way you like to play full stealth or through hacking only project yourself and computers take control of electronics influence people and try to get to your goal that way we try to really support all players types across all different styles of play and also a lot of players to combine and mash these styles and play together too if you've been playing a certain way for a while we want the game to kind of challenge you to try as different things but also not force you into playing the game in a certain way we work to improve the driving make it more accessible while keeping all the different styles of vehicles and adding a lot of physics and feel to all the vehicles so we keep the depth but have more accessibility the team is super happy with the result we have and I hope gamers will be just as excited we are very excited by the potential of what we call seamless online we start doing that in watchdogs 1 so we're expanding on that cross paths with friends in the city so are you playing in single-player and you're crossing paths with another player it was also playing in single-player both of you are members of dead sack so your friends and you can just walk up to each other you'll say hello hit the button and form a co-op team and what we're going to be showing in the next couple of months this example of how those things work together to create magical implements the city of San Francisco and the whole Bay Area is exciting its vast you're going to find a ton of things to do that are unique to you basically build your own moments you know create the situation that you start laughing at and you say wow this happened and you want to share it with friends you don't want to just be like a roller coaster a theme park ride where I go through all the same beats as everybody else you decide what you want to be spending your time doing that can be multiplayer that can be focusing on stories that can be just exploring the world whichever activity you do we're going to make sure you get rewarded to get you closer to the ending that's kind of the promise for making the game you always know when something starts to click it starts to work everything changed you stop seeing individual components animations or texture Maps or vehicles you just start to see the experience as a whole it changes on the floor people get excited about it this is it it exists we are always making the game with the player in mind they have always been the driving force when you come with a sequel that really burns its – you know that really does a lot of new things that has a lot of surprises it's a great feeling in the end there's nothing more accurate than this looking at something trying to understand it so lowly from hangout what this is though you click here to join dead-set and receive exclusive in-game rewards and more subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to see new trailers and behind the scenes action

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  1. 11:17 so many of the memes that are parodied in the game are so fucking dated. It's all misused rage faces and such.

  2. Now we need a way to actually recruit people into the hacker space and help you on missions like Assassins creed brotherhood

  3. I think most people dont understand that the first watch dogs was more of a intro to the hacking world when u actually think about it 2013 was really a year when hacking was becoming more of a thing den it was 2011 or around 2008

  4. You know what i realized….. there are adults walking on streets and you can hit them and stuff but… why dont they add kids like why it would be cool if you see a brunch of kids walkin on da street lol

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