Watch Dogs 2 – Welcome to San Francisco [UK]

hey I'm Marcus baby's film buff idealist hacker in this this is my home all I ever wanted was right here from the city to Oakland more in the Silicon Valley the entire Bay Area is a playpen for counterculture free spirits set in the new norm decades ahead of time just a key curiosity for a walk or ride any rod [Applause] there's always something going on where you end up it'll leave its mark on and yours on it only one rule around here tech rules everything tech is power and this power comes corruption corporations manipulating data and citizens on a massive scale making their world better and artists worse it's time we take back control I got this I can hack anyone I can hack into thick [Applause] this place there's a playground for a guy like me welcome to San Francisco ps4 for the players

50 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 2 – Welcome to San Francisco [UK]

  1. Are you going to be making a demo for ps4 and xbox one I was just wondering seen as its coming out soon please reply and like so they can see

  2. I looked forward to WD but was quite disappointed with it although I did play it for a long time. The graphics look better on this one, maybe just a better location. I may get it while I wait for RDR2.

  3. The next game should be in Japan as they're so technically advanced plus it would be cool as Assassins Creed avoided using Japan (Yet they have one of the greatest backgrounds for assassins such as the Shinobi…)

  4. wow this looks shitty, main character looks and sounds fucking dull. graphics are average at best and if the playability is anything like WD1 we're doomed.

    Will wait until it's like £8 at gamestation.

  5. In my opinion the Watchdogs engine is pretty shit, they should try using an upgraded version of Frostbite 3

  6. Can't wait for this, need something to make me forget the mess that was Mafia 3, looks so much better than WD1 and I thought that was a pretty great game so this is looking to be fantastic, can't wait to use the car hacking mechanic, should be a lot of fun!

  7. I saw that Playstation 4 logo, that's not very cool to me me. I only want to see the PC logo then I'll consider this game.

  8. oh my looks so good I'm not normally the gamer in the family it is my brother but this is amazing

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