Watch Dogs 2 Trailer: Online Multiplayer (Co-Op & PVP) – GamesCom 2016 [NA]

in watchdog's – you are Marcus Holloway a young brilliant hacker that is part of a hacking group called dedsec as you explore the bay area and help dedsec grow in power you're put in a seamless connected world that offers single and multiplayer opportunities without lobbies or loading screens as long as you're online there's always a chance to meet other players follow your way and keep playing solo or easily form a co-op team and explore the world together cruise around the bay and discover new areas have a ride in the backcountry and many other activities through your smartphone take on an endless series of co-op missions try to get the best score and show who's the best hacker in town oh fuck this is awesome with online invasions fight off other players trying to hack into your dead sex systems use all your new hacking tools to locate invaders and take them down now it's your turn to seamlessly invade other players session and hack them while remaining undetected if you create too much chaos such as killing innocent civilians you could end up with a bounty hunter contract on your head this means up to three other players can seamlessly invade your game and hunt you down for a reward however you can turn the tables and hunt down those who are tracking you for even bigger rewards everything you do online and watchdogs too is optional but will always contribute to your overall professional game giving you access to improved hacking tools and gear this is the online setting of watchdogs – what do you do with it he's up to you click here to watch more game videos subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to see new trailers and behind-the-scenes action

26 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 2 Trailer: Online Multiplayer (Co-Op & PVP) – GamesCom 2016 [NA]

  1. How the f-ck do I cooperate with someone in bounty mode?
    Everybody just cooperating AGAINST me no matter if bounty or hunter.
    Somebody help!! I dont know how to coooerate

  2. love the multiplayer yet still could have more. a feature to play with 3 of your friends instead of just one of them would make it perfect

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