43 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 2 Trailer: Hack Everything – E3 2016 [NA]

  1. make a movie about a dictatorship led by an evil tech company and being challenged by an anarchistic underground parkour group, with me as the leading character

  2. I'm think of buying I did not buy it day one I learned from my mistakes with watch dogs 1 but since its been like 2 or 3 years now is it really worth getting in 2019 and is the story/gameplay any good??

  3. I think theres 2 beta stuff in this video 1. Hacking the car to make it float 2. That small blue car (but probably it replaced by the Merengue)
    (This is just an opinion)

  4. All my games on my ps4 are by ubisoft cuz am a super big fan of ubisoft like watch dogs 1 the crew the crew 2 and more and more

  5. game wasn't that good , ending wasn't too big

    Still was a funny game to play , it as his moments , and the mini games and actually good.

    I actually loved the "hack the planet!" mission , i actually was crazy about this game before it came out thinking about the movie hack the planet all the time

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