Watch Dogs 2: Story Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

WOMAN: That’s him,
Marcus Holloway. Time him. MAN 1: Too late. He’s in. MAN 2: Who is he? WOMAN: That’s the guy who
could help us change the world. Welcome to DedSec. I’m Sitara. This sweetheart is Josh. This weirdo’s Wrench. And is this Horatio. It’s the crew, huh? Took you all long
enough to come get me. WOMAN: Blume’s ctOS
is like a giant spider web endlessly gathering data. They’re making backroom deals to
trade our private information. We have to stop this. We’re talking data manipulation
on a massive scale– rigged elections,
weapons programs, spying into people’s
homes, all of it controlled by one man,
Blume’s CTO, Dusan Nemec. MAN: Wait, so all these
companies just agreed to up and funnel all their
data through Blume? Does anyone else
find that suspicious? And all that data at
Blume’s fingertips. That’s like the world’s
most powerful monopoly. This is systemic injustice
at its highest level. Let’s show them what going
to war with us really means. I want to introduce
you to Raymond Kenney. Hey, and you’re talking to
Blume’s public enemy number one, son. Don’t go near DedSec. They’re my responsibility. RAYMOND KENNEY: That, my friend,
is ctOS without any makeup. DUSAN Nemec: A few
civilian casualties is the cost you have to pay for
the betterment of the world. You can’t see the people
you’re stepping on. Guess what, Marcus. Guess what? The people, they don’t care how
it works, only that it does! Namaste. Nice hat. Nice mask. Okay, we’re good. ANNOUNCER: Click here to
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100 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 2: Story Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. To me, this game is a genuine masterpiece. It has that really enticing feel that you just don't get from GTA, there's a liveliness and a powerful sense of character that you get throughout Watch_Dogs 2. I would honestly be satisfied if this was the only game I could play for the rest of my life.

    Let's not talk about Watch_Dogs 1 though, yeah.

  2. look at all the hype…………………. when the game was released i was disappointed,so frickin diasappointed

  3. Why do people hate on this game so much. There is so many ways you can complete missions, its mad. The online is where u can have loads of fun once you got the best guns and best cars.

  4. ……sooo… is this based on current events? like 2016/2017 or something? I son't know anything about this game or series but the trailer and what they were talking about reminded me alot of what I've heard is going on in the U.S??

  5. I’m absolutely loved this game,stealth and gameplay was amazing,cars were great and graphics too,Story was decent…Ubisoft is stepping up there game,loved wd1 and wd2 is great of not better,great job ubi,finished ac Origins recently and it was great too

  6. Better graphics, sound, characters, cutscenes, story, physics, missions. Oh yeah, this sure as hell, beats GTA 5 (in my opinion).

  7. Wow I didn't know about this trailer .

    I usually just watch the run them jewels's watch dog 2 trailer.

    But I totally missed this one nice job Ubi .
    I love trailers mashed with good music here is a list.

    Marcus character trailer:

    Run them jewls watch dogs trailer :

  8. ? So what happened to Aiden Pearce?! I was really looking forward to continuing that story in 2. What happens to Nicky and Jacks? Do they reunite? Does Blume continue to hunt Aiden based on what Maurice said at the end? Do T-Bone and Aiden continue to try and bring down Blume? I need closure here…

  9. basically this games was 2 years before Cambridge analytica / Facebook scandals. sweet conspiracy game with predictions powers

  10. Realy a GREAT game.. for those who were disapointed with the first one, believe me. This is so good, you realy feal like a hacker this time. It remind me of the movie hackers with a bit gta in the mix

  11. “People don’t care how it works only that it does” Blume ceo . Marcuses reaction was “but it doesn’t”

  12. Even though I love this game it made no sense for Marcus to kill, his character just doesn't have the feeling of someone who would kill

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