Watch Dogs 2 Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

sup everybody this is Carrick with AC g and it's my continuing open world mission to bring you reviews that aren't two minutes long or filled with sponsored bullcrap today's open world chaos generators watchdogs to from ubisoft one part 1980s neon filter mix in a little of the movie sneakers and maybe some swordfish hacking and you have yourself a sequel now here you play as marcus holloway as he and his team of hackers work against the designs of a nefarious organization using the CTOs 2.0 surveillance software on the entire city of san francisco so let's see if watchdogs to fell victim to the same downgrade rootkit its predecessor fell victim to or if watchdogs to upgraded its graphics and hey maybe even patched it's fun wall a bit to bring their idea of how this series and what it should be a bit closer to the reality of what it is as always if you liked the video maybe subscribe so here's my review for watchdogs – Rob Zombie – hacker Darth rootkit and what San Francisco would look like after an apocalypse took nine-tenths of its civilization graphics are up first so as I continued to play watchdogs – I really began to understand just how unique of a title this is whether it's hitting 900p for the Xbox one 1080p for the ps4 or the improved non native 4k resolution of the ps4 Pro the game handles open-world for the most part pretty damned well and well draw distances aren't distant enough to not be seen and LOD and texture pop-in do occur they're combined with an impressive eye on keeping the architecture detail wildly different and populations personalities up front and center from the bad-to-the-bone gang ridden areas like Elmhurst which feels a little bit like people were there just to test the range of new weaponry for the gangs or to the sweater over the shoulder pressed shorts areas up north that reminded you that Carl and Buffy are going to go play shuffleboard with the Andersons later tonight and it's just going to be to die for and even the locations in between where you can see that pressed in home feel of San Francisco that reminds you that a city built destroyed and built again up like this one has is going to result in a goddamn checkerboard of oddness when it comes to variety only I would say with GTA 5 have we really seen an overarching style and presentation of a world that's been done so well now as you begin to drive around crash into things as we're want to do the vehicle and overall location damage modelling seems about the same as when I did the preview and if you're not losing bumpers by sticking them through the heads of passerby says use sugar glider you're way off a giant Hill or just end up chopping a power line into five perfect pieces when you smash into one the damage model is passable and it does a pretty good job lending a bit of chaos to the world view but it's certainly not perfect now so hats off to these guys for truncating the space of San Francisco but still nailing verticality there's this very real feeling to some of these places even those not created around landmarks or known locations there's just some cool shit like the first time I grabbed a motorbike and travis pastrana did cross the backdrop of the bay into a house absolutely bonkers or sliding across the bay on a stolen boat cleaving other vessels in half not because you're mean but really just because it's fun and sending their occupants into the waters there's some really good NPC reactions here as well now some of this just looks amazing and it's really a wash in an excellent choice of color palettes as well that really reminds us that unlike say Mafia 3 the world doesn't have to look like it's experiencing world ending solar flares just because it's sundown you know it's graphics engine is much improved but at times you can positively hear it groaning under the expectations of prior titles in the genre and certainly prior gamers desires as well including a population that doesn't look like it's starring in a horror movie called thinning of the herd no shit this is some of the leanest overall population I've seen in a long time in an open-world game and sometimes really when you run into folks it just feels like you're there post rapture and everyone's still going about what they did previously because no one has any clue what the shit they should be doing also graphically while it does have issues on the ps4 and the Xbox one with textures and occasionally you're going to see this Lincoln Log floating down the road next to you and suddenly it's going to turn into a bus as the textures load in also no system stays at 30 FPS that's right none of them the ps4 the ps4 pro or the Xbox one they just don't each having various issues from frame timing to actual FPS problems depending of course on debris and other particle systems in effect at any one time for me as a package the meat pack locations in San Francisco tightened up to allow for ocean-blue saline or throttling through old folks homes with Harley's is actually really well done the fact that it's so well done though reminds you of how odd it feels when you realize everyone else must hate it because like four people live there it's good not great sound music and voice you're so bad when one Josh who's your friend oh this is Susan she's a second-grade teacher from Milwaukee she's 32 and she drives a cherry red cool hey we're gonna meet by the big fuck it fuck it man what hackers we we out there we out dare as I say we tear down the fucking wall hey so everyone with what blooms up to man shall we show the world that their personal data and of course sound is up first in this category and it's actually pretty good aside from one or two instances for example the first time I turned in enemy's lights off with the world's weirdest and really honestly tinny sounding shotgun I was not impressed but then well under an overpass sinned and led across a small ravine into gang members was actually highly impressed with the various effects of reverb echo and some occlusion while it's not perfect environmentally when you're engaging with enemies and gunfights it's actually pretty damn cool cars run the gamut from excellent to n maybe but mostly lean towards being pretty good fake representations of themselves aside from some of the cars with turbos having the turbo sound always on which is odd I'd leap out of a car if it sounded like that environmentally the game world's moderately filled with various wildlife and population based sound effects that play locationally specific if unfortunately repeating quite a bit okay stuff crashing cars and smashing through roadblocks is also pretty good and overall I would say the entire game is either good to excellent when it comes to sound though there are a couple problems here there music so this is actually good while any kind of game of this kind the music list is going to be filled with an assortment of licensed titles from the various you know radio station playlists at that time the actual normal gameplay music is done by Hudson Mohawke who's a pretty talented producer of his own right this is his first game a blend of sci-fi vibes with their own style I'd actually say that while it is a bit of an acquired taste and not as easily and instantly digestible some fare that the dev could have chosen in the end the soundtrack is actually just really good one second floating through a synth vibe and then crunch down into this piano solo and then back into a strange series of digital percussive instruments it has far more of a raw feel than I ever expected and I really like it I think that this soundtrack sounds infinitely recognizable in a overall genre where that isn't said all the time voice so this is actually pretty good listen it's not Shakespeare this isn't even like Harry Potter but the strange over-the-top antics of this hacker group that looks like they were led by a Katy Perry post Russell Brand marriage with a fetish for bull rings it's actually done pretty well there's a strange comedic tone here that you have to come to grips with while not as accurate let's say is the tonal punishing the GTA 5 does the various bits of life's horrible realities but I just came pulling into the local D&D store which happens to be my base of operations they dead cop sliding slowly down the hood because I mean it's actually not that great of stuff but it moves the story long and where the pace fails because honestly the story isn't that good the voice actors do what they can with what they have and that of course brings us to gameplay so as I said you play as Marcus a hacker who finds out that the CTOs 2.0 system is marked him as a troublemaker even though well yeah he actually is one so righteously indignant that someone else figured out that he's an asshole he hacks into the city's mainframe and races his profile with like two buttons which racing at tinder a facebook profile takes longer that now once he's done that he basically has proven himself to dead SEC who take him under their wing and basically you decide that because you don't like how the Big Brother government types follow everybody and track everything you basically become little brother and do the same thing that the government's did that you're mad at except you sort of we're cooler close well follows his 30 plus hours of the main story as well as a veritable what's–what of side quests as you uncover who created the CTOs system and how to bring it down now nothing here is going to surprise open-world gamers nothing the overall feeling is the same as many titles that we have seen in the past which means you follow this protagonist and his group of compatriots through the game's main and side quests trekking all over the land and in this case a squeezed down San Francisco now as a hacker elite group your small team are consistently trying to focus attention on problems that involve the main story and you do that to gain followers on the social media it doesn't matter if it's tail and bad guys take them out or performing some strange feat of social justice watchdogs to never really strays far from the core beliefs that the main characters are right and everyone else is sort of wrong now these missions can be done in a variety of ways for example stealthily using sneaking in your suite of various drones to act computers and distract enemies or you can go in all cue ball blazing and yeah that's right because in a nod back to that Steven Seagal out for justice movie where he wrapped a cue ball on a towel and proceeded to perform the first bar and grill dentistry in this you're doing the same thing but you have the cue ball connected to a bungee cord unique weapon aside the end result of combat is pretty much the same you or others die or wish they were dead however the journey to your life's end isn't so slick because frankly combat has a number of issues guns not having a good amount of real feedback in combat a noticeable delay to things like bringing up the weapon wheel or Marx's strange lacks a days ago parkour system that while in parroted from watchdogs one feels like some kind of digital warning about parents being brother and sister because Marcus has all manner problems really getting around locations now it's not terrible it's not really bad it's just really loose and while stealth is also loose it's workable and it's really enjoyable as you're not only hack grids and little minigames that can at times feel a bit like interesting puzzles you still have the hilarious ability to set up your common man for life-ending folly as well like blown up steam vents in the road or now being able to control cars that they go careening into crowds because who doesn't like a bit of California housewife driving cribbed right from the nightly news easily some of the best stuff within the game is right there now you also have online co-op for many side missions and admittedly that is sweet and while the testing that was done prior to release on this indicated some problems overall the couple of times I did it it worked wonderfully also for multiplayer they added a new bounty hunter mode which basically means that when you caused enough Anarchy not only will the cops come after you but other players might as well very very cool stuff and a great addition here now as you explore you find research points which allow you to upgrade things like your hackers ability as well as your fighting ability I can't say that really grabbed me and ultimately there was a lot of covering of ground for no real reason other than to grab that powerup point to increase a skill versus just performing a mission in doing so it's a very odd split but combined with the various other activities like races and hacking it does offer a diverse little group of things to do but it felt a little bit like filler now as a member of dedsec you have various hacker clubs around the city that you can fast travel to and each has a 3d printer and of course due to just how n it is right now to have one you can also print out your weapons within there instead of just going to stores and getting them which is actually really cool because sadly you'd have to drive if he did want to go to the store to get something and the driving here is not that good its improved and worse than the previous title which I didn't think was going to be possible there's this strange jerkiness that despite the settings and the options never allowed me to dial in the cars felt like they were almost super glued to the ground and their sensitivity was turned up to root canal level where the slightest little touch offered pain for everybody much of the title feels like you're running on top of the game world versus running within it lastly they removed focus mode for various reasons and I know a lot of people who liked that from the original but sadly it is not here so be aware that and of course that brings us to fun factor we're mafia 3 had its story missions and aim to tell the social tale despite what you may think of its world graphics or gameplay and of course sleeping dogs had its interactive environment and unique world view and then of their of course there's GTA 5 and its three protagonists swap and scrooge mcduck worth of bankrolling watchdogs 2 has none of that aside from a very well realized world and also a very empty one this game feels like it's one part GTA 5 light with a little bit of Saints Row one rubbed into it and it just never feels like it all comes together in tone or gameplay and the fact that we now have co-op missions and bounty hunter in it and I still can't be pressed to play it anymore that is a sad treatise on disappointment my friends listen I can ignore that your goal of fighting the man is saddled with the same knowledge that you're wearing the gore and insides of like 12 guards that just tried to arrest you because you ran over someones mom I have no problem with that I actually think it's hilarious but watchdogs never offers anything else inviting you on the other side to experience it and that includes gameplay also the game just absolutely yearns to be liked and hip and what could have been an excellent discourse on maybe the power of information and social media rarely feels like anything other than some kind of focus tested oddity so as you guys know I rate games on a by weight for sale rent or never touch it again rating scale with enough going on here in enough side mission somebody else may like this but I certainly can't say this is anything other than a wait for a sale it is not to the point to where you're waiting for a deep deep sale but 50% off might be a good place to start looking at this title in the end I think Marcus and his group could have been awesome but instead of their version of mr. robot they got their version a swordfish and I don't think anyone anywhere wishes that on anyone else so I hope you guys liked the review if you did give it a thumbs up if you didn't give it a thumbs down maybe check out Twitter or patron as always if you want reviews that aren't 2 minutes long and filled with sponsored bullshit stick with a cg peace out and enjoy the rest of your week

22 thoughts on “Watch Dogs 2 Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

  1. AnyOne in 2019 wondering if they should buy in 2019 on sale …… BUY ? its a good + fun Game with a Good Open world butt NO mods ? Thanx ACG for Posting ?

  2. Not the best but not the worst either but for $9 on PSN right now I'll definitely bite.If nothing else to atleast run around and cause mayhem in San Fran. lol

  3. I bought it for like $10. It was okay but the story was kinda short and repetitive. It's like a worse GTA with a bunch of superpowers. Most missions can be cheesed by hacking police to come arrest guards or just speeding through and hiding until they suddenly forget you're there.
    I wouldn't spend much more than $10 on it, but for that price it was perfectly fine.

  4. I don't know what's wrong with these so called critics because game is fun as hell even more fun than gta in many aspects plus the hacking is perfectly done.. It has its own identity and world looks much livelier than those in gta and similar games. City and architecture are great and perfectly fit parkour gameplay. Diversity in gameplay, from stealth to causing technological havoc, everything is extremely well done. But hey, you can't go against currents and it's much easier to jump on a bandwagon, in this case unirresistible need to criticized almost everything made by Ubisoft and any open world game that dare to be even better than all mighty gta.. It's unfair because many will miss one excellent game because of some biased gamers who happens to have an army of blind followers..

  5. Watching this review because this is one of 3 games Ubisoft is giving me free, but this is way too hipster and millennial for me. I'm millennial and i hate that shit

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