WATCH DOGS 2 (Honest Game Trailers)

the following trailer is rated H for honest in a world where everything is connected and your personal information is bought and sold by massive corporations so basically the real world one small group of hipsters will rise to take on our digital overlords but king of everything with a blatant disregard for human life watchdogs to strap on the tiny messenger bag of marcus holloway a master hacker criminal Acrobat and hentai fan with literally no backstory and join up with dead sack a fantasy hacker group that's basically a mash-up of anonymous and hot topic as they bring the fight to Big Brother and the corporate Overmind with civil disobedience and dank memes in an open world video game version of the movie hackers that's slightly more modern and just as realistic like the planet hyped up shut up and get in the car experience a sequel that's equal parts grand theft auto mr. robot and sunset overdrive a game so desperate to be young and hip that it totally abandons the serious tone of the original and packs every corner with goopy humor and characters aggressive graphic design and appropriated internet culture instead as the brooding revenge mission of the first game is set aside for a light-hearted quest for the good of the people which is kind of undercut by being an open-world game as you casually run over civilians hack their cars off the road steal their money as you walk down the street SWAT them just straight-up murder with your 3d printed guns and generally behave less like a digital Saviour and more like a terrorist because seriously what's the point of an open world of the our gonna act like a total sociopath whoo oh nice get ready to cause some chaos ripped straight from the headlines as watchdogs to gives you the chance to mess with obvious surrogates for real-life assholes like not Scientology not Martin shkreli not Google and not Donald Trump in hit-or-miss story missions that make you feel like a petty asshole half the time as you sneak into heavily armed compounds using stun guns traps drones and the world's deadliest yo-yo using skills possessed by literally no one who's nerdy enough to understand hacking or just ramble your way through slaughtering all the underpaid security guards all to get some more followers for your Instagram account hey I just kill that guy like and subscribe prepare yourself for yet another massive open world full of boring optional content as you obsessive-compulsive lee clear your mission log of tedious side activities like motocross races card races putting a Biddy street art spending 20 minutes figuring out how to climb a building to get the stupid collectable on top of it collecting songs for the mediocre soundtrack taking terrible selfies in front of landmarks or driving a lift so you can afford a $500 novelty t-shirt in the world's most accurate depiction of San Francisco ever in a video game so pop in those earbuds and get ready to hack the planet while it's still fun because in ten years when everything about you is owned by Google this probably won't seem that funny more Starring won't smith boy starter kit by Chemical Romance reign boy I am also in debt sack fired Fox Rob Zombie and dushawn try more to try harder some might say starting a gang war to pick up some money is overkill but those people wouldn't know fun if it murdered them with a shotgun be sure to subscribe for more honest game trailers and tell me what you'd like to hear me say in my awesome voice I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts do you want the moustache on or off too bad somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me when I grow up I want to be a professional ballerina

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  2. Starring…

    Won't Smith
    Fu*kBoi Starter Kit
    My Chemical Romance
    I'm Also In Dedsec
    Fired Fox
    Rob Zombie

  3. The original watch dogs was dark and lonely (which isnt that bad) and watch dogs 2 is more colourful and you have friends

  4. I played this game then played the first one and holy shit. They watered it down to the graphics. The graphics are literally just 30 billion times brighter and makes it seem almost cartoonish compared to the first one. But still both an excellent open world.

  5. There were a lot of offensive things said about WD2 in the video that I didn’t let get to me, but when they showed Resevoir by PUP and then said “mediocre soundtrack,” that one hurt.

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