Watch An Old, Sad Dog Turn Into The Happiest Puppy In His Forever Home | The Dodo Adoption Day

Holden was seized by the police and ended up at a kill shelter. Holden’s former owner said
he was old as dirt. He just looked so sad and defeated
that I felt like I had to rescue him. We didn’t know what
was wrong with him. The vet did x-rays, there was a seven
pound tumor attached to his spleen. It was so large that
he could barely breathe. They weren’t sure Holden would even
make it through the surgery because he was so weak and emaciated. But the surgery ended
up going fantastically. – There, that’s good. Okay! – The tumor was removed
along with his spleen. And it turned out to be benign. – Look at you wagging your tail! Okay, let’s go! I have now fostered over 500 dogs. Once they’re happy and healthy
we put them up for adoption and find them their forever homes. He just got home from
a long car ride from the vet, and now he’s very, very, very thirsty. Go meet your buddies! (Barking) I’ve got dogs in and out
because I pet sit and I foster. About fifteen different dogs. – Look at all the waggy tails. – We brought him into the backyard
and introduced him to everyone and he could not have been more
well-tempered with all of the dogs. – This is Holden, he just got here. – Hi Holden.
– Hi buddy. – He did fantastic. He did well with my
three year old daughter, he did well with my cat. – Holden, sit. Shake. – He did well with my husband. Wow! For Holden’s adoption,
I would love someone that has the time and ability to
give him a lot of attention. He deserves it. Oh, honey. Okay,
you can do it. Good boy! The first time Holden came up
my stairs, it made me so happy that he was finally getting settled in, and wanted to be where I was
and where the other dogs were. He’s going to curl up on that
little, itty bitty dog bed. Come on!
Want to go for a walk? Holden is going to meet someone
who might want to adopt him. – I’ve been following Holden’s journey. And I live in a house with
Elway, who is a lab mix. – I do want it to go well. Carole would be a fantastic
home for Holden, and he deserves the best. We’ve got a lot of dogs here
between pet sitting and fostering, and I just think that he’d
get more attention there. – I’m really excited and anxious. It’s like Christmas morning. Hi Holden! Oh my goodness, you’re so cute! – You like her, don’t you buddy? – Holden, can you shake?
Okay, sit. Oh my goodness, look at you!
You are so smart! Holden nuzzled his head into me
and just wanted attention. He just wanted to be pet. – His little tail just thumping. – Do you think maybe you
found a new home? Huh? I think so. Holden came from an
unfortunate circumstance. He needs a new beginning, and a home where he’s going to be
loved and part of the family. Melissa, I hate to leave him. Look at him. – Do you think Holden’s going
to become a member of the family? – I definitely do.
We can make it official. You’re going to fit in just perfect. (Barking) – Oh look, it’s your new mommy! – Hi sweetie! – He recognizes you.
Look at his little tail. It’s so cute!
– Aw, hi pumpkin. Hi! – Just to see him now holding his
head up and wagging his tail is extremely heartwarming. You’re officially Holden’s mommy.
– Yay! Come on, buddy. Come on. – We all love him very much, but I know he’s going to a pretty
fantastic home with Carole. And I know he’s going to
have very happy days. – Good boy! His prognosis may not have been
very good in the beginning, but he fought and recovered. And he’s doing great. He seems really anxious and
excited to see what’s ahead. We’re almost home, buddy. You’re going to meet your brother. Come on, bud.
Good boy. I know. I know. Are you ready to go inside and meet Elway? You’re going to meet Elway?
Come on, Holden. Hi Elway, this is Holden. Say hi!
Hi! Elway, come here.
Do you want to meet Holden? Do you want to meet your new brother? Oh, don’t squish him.
Oh my goodness gracious. He’s much more interested
in people than he is dogs. Elway, do you want to
show Holden his new bed? You could tell he was a
little bit unsure at first because Elway has such a huge presence. Come on, Holden. You want
to check everything out? Look at your bed, bud. Is he in your bed, buddy? He went straight over to Elway’s
bed instead of his bed. I think he made himself
at home right away. Come here, buddy.
Come here. This is for you, Holden. This is all yours.
That’s yours. Okay, we’re going to switch bowls. Because we know everybody
else’s is always better. Okay, everyone want to go out?
Let’s go out. That is supposed to be for Holden. What do you think?
You like your yard? What do you think of
your new baby brother, huh? What do you think? I just want Holden to know that
this is his forever home, and that will never ever change. Good boy! He can just make himself at
home and be comfortable. He snuggles right in.
He knows that he’s home. Holden, are you tired? Yeah, it was a big day today, huh? It’s absolutely incredible
what he’s been through. He’s a fighter, that’s for sure.

100 thoughts on “Watch An Old, Sad Dog Turn Into The Happiest Puppy In His Forever Home | The Dodo Adoption Day

  1. This brings my hopes back in humans! What an amazing act of kindnes! Now, can we do the same for people in need? … I might be hoping for too much!!!!

  2. Holden is a precious, loving and special boy. What kind of human being could look into such innocent and soulful eyes and DUMP him in some high kill shelter or in a strange area without food or water.
    The REAL ANIMALS are walking upright on 2 legs abusing and neglecting dogs like Holden. Death to all monsters like that.

  3. The previous owner said he was as old as dirt and I assume the owner had him for awhile. What a p.o.s. to give this beautiful boy up just like that.

  4. What wonderful people these ladies are. I have 2 rescue dogs and love them more than anything. It makes my heart smile to see others helping the most needy of our furry friends! Keep up the love!!

  5. I'm so happy that this beautiful, older dog wound up with two amazing women to help him have a chance at a good life. He really is precious and this really makes me cry tears of joy. Thank you to everybody who helped this beautiful dog get the loving, safe, secure life he deserves. God bless you all…people and dogs??

  6. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the Absolute Unit Elway, who when his mother introduced another WHOLE ENTIRE DOG into the household, gave zero boofs and just immediately accepted his new life?

  7. I just got finish coming across a dog fighting image I seen and my heart was broken. I said to myself let me head over to the dodo because I need some cheering up!! This made my night ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Awwwww bless you Holden?. And bless all those who take in shelter dogs, it takes special people to see beyond surface problems & give hope & happiness to dogs who may of never felt true love?. Makes me sad all the time to the millions of unfortunate dogs that never get that chance?

  9. God bless for saving this cute gorgeous boy hope he has a good rest of his life with his new forever home that will love him and keep him safe forever god bless❤️

  10. First they swap beds, then dog bowls, then – "That is supposed to be for Holden!" – too funny! Glad Holden has found such a kind and loving owner!

  11. Looks like Holden chose his forever mom right away! how can people abandon their dogs when they are old..and a kill shelter is no shelter at all!

  12. The so called former owner of this poor soul is a north bound end of a south bound horse- no disrespect meant to the horse. What a cold heart with ice water in his or her veins! Pitiful!

  13. Just be kind. It's so simple. What beautiful souls in these people. Maybe we arent doomed to fail as a society after all.

  14. Older dogs make the best companions. I wish more people would give them a chance. I know their lives are usually shorter but they do deserve to have a home that loves them

  15. To Melissa and her family, a big thanks for taking such great care of Holden for awhile and continue to foster animals. I'm amazed by your selflessness and dedication. To Carole and her family, thank you for having Holden be a part of your family. May you both have more years of sharing love and happiness. And for everyone reading this, Have a joyful Christmas!

  16. 'Old as dirt' – what a way to describe a family member. So lets chuck him into a place where he'll likely be killed. The old 'owner' has a mind full of dirt. Maybe 1 day they will be old, discarded as trash and dumped into a shelter with the certainty of a lethal injection.
    On the other hand, so many people have looked out for this sweet companion, so many more absolutely love and help such creatures. Healthier than ever, happy and enthusiastic. Old as dirt my ass. Be loved baby ?♥️??

  17. People are always evil. This dog doesnt deserve all this. But am glad this lady adopted him~ merry christmas everyone.❤??

  18. I have a question. Just curious, so no judging, but why wasn't he neutered at the same time as his tumor surgery? Did the vet want to get him out of surgery asap, or something? Also, what is that onsie he's wearing? Is it because he's cold, or is it a therapeutic thing for his abdominal muscles and surgery? I've never seen one.

  19. No ! No ! No ! We need a wall ! This dog might be a criminal ! They all are illegals ! It is SICK DOG ! WE DONT NEED GIVE THEM ANY TREATMENTS ! ITS OUR MONEY ! Don't let it in to your family too !
    They need to be out ! All out ! Make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !
    LoL ?

  20. How would you like it if someone said to you, "You are as old as dirt." How terrible. Thank you for giving him a much better home.

  21. Aah bless, he seems to have settled right in. So glad holden has a forever home, he deserves it. Plenty of life in the old dog yet as they say, and holden certainly proves it. Have a good life.

  22. This is kind of person who keeps their pets for life! Doesn't give up on them and cherishes them always! I was sad when he was going to meet his adopter. No way could they compare to his foster? But…..she was just as beautiful!

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