Washing my Dogs | Petco Vlog

We should get some cats Guys they have so many Ferrets hi How are you? Oh my gosh. They’re so young 7 ferrets That is the cutest thing got Syrian Hamsters, it’s a long haired Syrian it’s hard to see That is adorable, ooh gerbils so if you watched my last Petco video, I just moved to um to Washington so at the time I hadn’t seen a ferret before and they don’t sell gerbils in Pet stores in California, here’s some mice. We got the food over here for Ferrets we got some bedding and hay, I think everything is just really nice to look at a lot of syrians in one cage Good boy, good job Okay, let’s wrap him up like a burrito I think he’s gonna shake, is he gonna shake? okay I don’t think he wants to shake All right Let’s go. Oh my gosh. How do we dry them? he shook

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