34 thoughts on “Was almost killed by a giant dog -Tibetan Mastiff at Patiala Dog show 2019

  1. Ena nu vachna galt aa, este paabandi honi chahidi naale pinjre ch band karan te, lok manukhta bhul chukke ne, Bathinde ch mahaul ena maada naee

  2. Every dog is equal
    So many breed lovers…
    While only some are dog lovers
    I have been adopting strays since I was a kid
    And I have breed dogs also
    Great ending ….paws for life

  3. God bless you for your message to love stray Dogs and show Humanity to them…
    Sikh Communities are blessings to India….WAHEGURUJI ?

  4. सर आप का पशु प्रेम से आप के विचार दिखते है बहुत सुन्दर

  5. Sardar g, about tibetan mastiff : size itna bada hai iska
    Tibetan mastiff : mota kisko bola be, chal bhakk iyha se ?

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