50 thoughts on “Warrior – First Battle Scene – Tommy vs Mad Dog – Full HD

  1. I wish there was a match between Tom and Michael Jai White it wud be superb though both have different styles

  2. Hardy isn't even human in this film. He's just a force of nature.. like a storm or a flood.

  3. I would like to point out that it's the little things that tell a lot for example: Tommy had probably got shunned by his dad that's why when he talks to people he never looks them in the eye until after.

  4. As a hardcore MMA and Boxing fan, I usually hate fight movies. I prefer the real thing by miles, and rl is usually more dramatic.

    But I make an exception for Warrior.

  5. There’s always that cocky douchebag that has a big ass mouth, knocking out sparring partners, until he finds someone better than him and shuts him up.

  6. Fighters that purposefully go too hard during sparring and hurt their partners deserve to be shot like dogs in the street. It's the ultimate disrespect and a sign of an out of control ego. That ego needs to be brought down to Earth with a bullet before it hurts an innocent person. Unfortunately it's too common today – punks learn a little bit of martial arts and think they are invincible and can mistreat people.

  7. Nice movie and a cool scene but no amateur or pro boxer or mma fighter spars without head gear and bigger gloves are also the norm (a guy who boxed Golden Gloves in H.S…22 – 3 record and a U.S. Recon Marine vet. and former Close Combat Instructor.

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