WARRIOR CATS: Lost Stars Speculation & Theory!

hi my name is Aaron or Aris idiom and I'm going to be talking to you for like five minutes ish about warrior cats this video will have spoilers for lost stars so if you're not into that don't watch any further if you're here wondering why this video isn't about pet sights I'll be uploading a video in the coming week explaining what that's all about okay ready let's go so the new book of the new series the broken code lost stars just dropped on the 9th and with it came three new mysteries to speculate on one who was the voice inside shadow Paul his head – who was possessed bramble star and three are they the same cat to start off with I'm gonna assume for the sake of argument that they're not the same cat so let's tackle these one hour time starting with shadow Paul's voice the first and most convincing theory to me is that this is the voice of Asha of course we have the confirmation that this voice is a Tomcat so that fits the voice also seems to be unlocked in shadow paws mind by him getting struck by lightning which feels like a fairly random choice of event for most of the suspects except that the fire in the infamous fire scene between ash Burns girl flight was caused by lightning and that in turn mirrors the forest fire scene in shadow pose later vision and of course we have this quote from the voice oh of course not the voice was mocking the wonderful respected leader of thunder clan this shows malice and possibly even a hint of jealousy towards bramble star which Asha obviously hovered along with all of this Ashford did not have a spirit death after he went to star clan so he could feasibly still shut up this voice is specifically showing contempt for living cats makes me firmly believe that it will be an old character making a comeback the other candidates for this voice our tightest our first court frost or soul these theories are less solid because the only relevant factors are that they're Tom's and the tiger start on Hawk frost especially would also probably fall under the category of not particularly liking bramble star though it would be perhaps a bit strange to go down the jealousy route with any of these three tiger star Hawk frost also both experienced their spirit deaths so unless we're going to see a third death lair I don't think it will be either of these and moving on to bramble stars possessor the candidates for this one can't be narrowed down to and but there are a couple of reasons why I think we can narrow down the time for him for when this cat was alive firstly brambles started at the final gathering in the books mentions that he's pleased to see them all again I could be reading too deep into this but I think the implication here is that whoever is possessing him knew at least some of the cats that are gathering in life or death in the dark forest potentially then there's this quote in which bramble Stiles snaps at squirrel fly for always having had a soft spot for weaker cats this comment is pretty personal so I think again whoever it is must have been at least present during squirrel flights lifetime this stacks up against much older dark forest cats like thistle or maple shade if spirit dead cats or even a possibility my first theory with any sort of material backing it up would be Hawk Frost we see RuPaul here talking about sensing a shadow around bramble star so we can assume by this point in the book that he's already possessed then around ten pages later he gives Bristol portal warrior named bristle frost it would totally be in character for him to name my pupils kit after himself after everything he put her through and even if the stars there's evidence to support this one being tiger star the first as well again I may be reading too much into things with the following two points but firstly brambles star saying it's good to see you all again could go so far as to even imply seeing a gathering again from this point of view that of a leader on the tree there is also pretty heavy emphasis put on his gleaming amber eyes in this description of him at the gathering from shadow port and though we can't reasonably expect his eyes to change color with his possession I think it's interesting that so much attention is paid to his eye color which is the same as tyke stars then of course are the speech patterns and behavior in these extracts we see a very similar pattern of speech to dye co-stars Machiavellian villainy harshly saying that cats shouldn't come back to camp unless they have prey and then of course being seedy a suggestion that cats at the gathering should report other code breakers a pretty obvious nod to a certain fascist regime similar to tiger stars attitudes especially in the first dark now imagining that these two entities are the same I'd be conflicted as to who to place a bet on but I think it's important that we take a look at the emphasis being placed on code breakers by its lash then while I think it would follow logically to have a culprit who believed firmly in the warrior code I don't think that that facture is a requirement for whoever this is I think it's pretty clearly written that using the code that star client presides over is being used as a method to use a power and then of course we have the listed code breakers twig branch line blaze crow feather squirrel flight moth winged tree Jay feather and Dove wing so which rule breakage do they all have in common a fair few of them have or have had mates from outside their own clan twig branch and Finley's line blaze and have a tail if you can even count them so young crow feather and leaf pool tree and violet shine jay feather and half moon I guess and dove wing and tiger on a second however squirrel flight and moth wing don't tree into this accusation and a couple of them sound pretty far-fetched so we might assume that it's down to heritage line blaze squirrel flight jay feather and dove wing are all related to fire style form a kitty pet as was Mullins mother Sasha and crow feather had half clown kids I guess but this doesn't really make sense either as no wearing the code is it stated that cats can't be from outside the clans as treated with branch are and if heritage alone were an issue why would appealing to shadow poor make any sentence of course it doesn't necessarily follow that all the codebreakers listed to being accused of the same crime and it's maybe just that their faces were mentioned as they're the most prominent code breakers so what do you all think are we starting to see a third layer to take a star or hawk frost or is Ashley back to take his revenge are the two entities the same is it someone entirely new I know personally I can't wait for November to find out thank you guys so much for watching I wanted to get this video out fairly quickly because law stars did just come out and I want to get in on the theory crafting and the speculation behind it but I promise that the next Warrior Cats video I'm doing is much better scripted and is going to be a more interesting and sort of less obvious theory and I know everyone pretty much is having the same speculation at the moment but I just wanted to go over in this video so make sure to subscribe and follow me on Twitter at Eris idiom underscore WC and yeah watch out for the next video I hope you guys enjoyed this one I will see the next

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  2. This was a great video! Brought up a few points I'd never thought of before. I really think Ashfur is the main culprit tho, it just fits so well.

    Also, just a suggestion if you can, make the audio in your video a bit higher? YT and my computer were all the way up and I still had a hard time hearin you! ;;;v;;

  3. Hawkfrost was obsessed with warrior code, wasn't he? Squirrelflight was also pretty mean to him, so it makes sense that he would list her as a code breaker. I don't remember Mothwing and Hawkfrosts relationship. Did he hate her or something?
    It's also logical that he possessed Bramblestar. Since Hawkfrost wanted to be leader as well and before he died he said that it's not over for Bramble. Maybe that is his great revenge. I'm really sticking with this theory

  4. spoilers

    I feel like it makes a lot of sense for Ashfur to make a prophecy about code-breakers. When Squirrelflight returned to the clan with Lionkit, Jaykit, and Hollykit, everyone assumed they were hers, and so did Ashfur. He assumed they were Squirrel and Bramble’s kits, which only make him more jealous. When the fire scene happened, and Squirrel revealed whose kits they were, Holly later revealed they were half-clan. So, their birth broke the code. When Squirrel went to Starclan with Leaf, Ashfur could finally speak with her again, but she came back to life for Bramble, which must’ve fired up his jealousy again. So, if he told Shadowpaw a prophecy about codebreakers, and mentioned Crowfeather, this also implies that Leafpool is at fault, which kind of gives her a dishonorable legacy. The prophecy also could cause cats to show less trust towards Lion and Jay. Having distrust circulating in Squirrel’s family tree could upset her, a lot. Ashfur could be trying to make her even more miserable. Also, it would make sense for him to possess Bramble, because Squirrel would be his mate, and he would be able to manipulate her easily. If he ruined their relationship, maybe he thinks she’ll choose him in Starclan, or he thinks that it’ll ruin her life.

    I’m not really sure though, just some ideas I’m throwing out there. If Holly, Jay, and Lion’s birth made his jealousy so unbearable, and it broke the code, he’d probably use the code against them.

  5. I personally think Hawkfrost is who possessed Bramblestar, because of all the evidence that was pointed out, and that's what I figured immediately when i realized he was possessed.

  6. I think it's Ashfur.

    Since Shadowpaw was born with powers any StarClan cat would be stupid not to use him as a method of communication to the clans.

    Anyway, here is what I think is happening:

    Squirrelflight visits StarClan, Ashfur asks for her forgiveness for the fire (perhaps as a way to win StarClan over, as many cats in StarClan feel like he does not belong there). When she refuses and tells him she wants to return to her love, Bramblestar, he is furious. Squirrelflight returns to life and Ashfur plots his revenge from StarClan. Ashfur freezes the moonpool and finds a way to cut communication to the living clans off. StarClan sends frantic messages to Shadowpaw trying to stop Ashfur, but Ashfur uses these to his advantage. Once Shadowpaw is struck by lightning the fate of ThunderClan is sealed. Ashfur uses Shadowpaw to kill Bramblestar, and prevents Bramblestar from coming back to his body. Ashfur's motivation for pushing the warrior code? Tigerstar was a code breaker, he killed Ashfur's mother. Bramblestar's apprenticeship was also easier than his, Ashfur was with Brightpaw and Swiftpaw in being ready to be a warrior, but not allowed to be promoted; he could be angry about Bramblestar becoming a warrior easier than he did. Bramblestar also took glory in the clans, which any cat would envy. When Bramblestar became deputy Ashfur protested, claiming it was against the warrior code. Needless to mention, Bramblestar also won over Squirrelflight.

    Why did he choose those code breakers? Let's look:

    Squirrelflight: He's angry at her. But she also lied to her clan about the three.
    Mothwing: Half rogue daughter of Tigerstar. Daughter of his mother's murderer
    Crowfeather: Had two half-clan relationships and 3 half clan kits. Father to the 3 he tried to kill. Crowfeather being their father ruined his plan to kill them
    Lionblaze: Half-clan, former dark forest member who had a small half-clan relationship and is the adoptive son of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight.
    Jayfeather: Half-clan tom who questioned Ashfur being in StarClan. Adoptive son of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight.
    Dovewing: In a half-clan relationship. Betrayed her clan. Mother of half-clan kits. She also broke Bumblestripe's heart similarly to how Squirrelflight did to Ashfur, which might make it more personal. (I also suspect Ashfur is responsible for sending Dovewing to the church)
    Twigbranch: this one is iffy. I think it is because she is a SkyClan cat in ThunderClan, but Ashfur may also dislike her because he sympathizes with Finleap and Twigbranch's rejection of him.
    Tree: Simply put, I think Tree is a threat to Ashfur. He is the only one, to Ashfur's knowledge, that can destroy Ashfur's plan (though I think this job will go to Rootpaw, but because StarClan is gone Ashfur may not know about Rootpaw's powers)

  7. I really hope it's not Tigerstar or Hawkfrost. It won't be believable that they could come back after their spirit deaths and tbh it would be stupid. Ashfur makes the most sense of all the theories, so my bet's on him, if it IS a cat we've seen before.

  8. In my mind I am praying that scourge is the one possessing bramblestar. Because common guys scourge deserved more than only one book + Manga. How nice would it be if Erin Hunter brought him back?

  9. i think that Twigbranch is considered a “Code Breaker” because she went to the Moonpool when she was an apprentice (i think) and the Moonpool is a very sacred place, so that might be why she’s considered a “code breaker”

  10. If we are talking about code breakers you can count all those who trained in the dark forest like
    Ivypool, Birchfall, Blossomfall, Thornclaw, Mousewhisker, and Breezepelt along with Heathertail, Violetshie, and Finleap (the last three are for there relationships with other clan cats

  11. I believe that it’s Thistleclaw who possessed Bramblestar as the words “You’ve always had a soft spot for weaker cats” is like what Thistleclaw had said to Bluestar, calling her soft for protecting tiny.

  12. I'm not entirely against the return of Hawkfrost or Tigerstar. Maybe instead of just not existing after their second death they get stuck is some sort of Limbo. Maybe where Dawnpelt and Needletail were stuck before Tree showed up. It would make sense as Ashfur, a starclan cat can communicate with Shadowpaw. He told him to do something that would kill him so that another cat (Tigerstar or Hawkfrost) can take over.

    As for the code breakers, I think these are why they are targeted.
    Twigbrach – leaving her clan(s) (Disloyalty)
    Dovewing – Same as Twigbranch, but the halfClan relationship doesn't matter anymore
    Crowfeather – HalfClan Kits
    Mothwing – lying about prophecies (But no one but Hawkfrost would know which makes this idea interesting)
    Tree – Planning to leave the clan if things didn't get better (Disloyal)
    Lionblaze – HalfClan relationship
    Jayfeather – "Murdering" Flametail (Exploring old plot elements)
    Squirrelflight – Her loyalty being to others before her clan (Sister, Journey, Lying, Herself)

    Idk just some ideas.

  13. I don’t why but I really hope it’s AshFur who was in Shadow Paws head it would make more sense as Ashfur actually is in StarClan unlike Tigerstar and Hawkfrost who’s spirts are both completely dead ( hopefully )

  14. I would honestly cry if Tigerstar 1st returns. It would make the plot interesting and show that the cats that died 2nd time are not completely gone. Interesting theory! Well done!

  15. Tigerstar fits pretty well for the possesor(?) of Bramblestar, although I can't see how he would be able to since he died twice. I'd like to see Sol come back too.

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