20 thoughts on “War Dogs repacking ammo scene

  1. "it's fucking crazy"

    exactly what I would expect an albanain to say and not it's target American audience member.

  2. Its so sad they wasted all those ammo tins and boxes. i hope the albanians sold them to americans online so they werent just wasted.

  3. Literally all these retards needed to do was pay this guy 100,000 while they were making 3,000,000 in profit and chances are, their business would still be up and running to this day with them never having to go to prison.

  4. Assuming these guys work 8 hour shifts, for only 5 days a week (a standard 40 day work week), for 8 weeks, 100,000 dollars split 50 ways is about $6.25 american an hour. And that's assuming the boss doesn't take ANY money for himself as a part of the cut. The reality that after you calculate the fact that they will be working longer hours and the boss man is going to take a cut of the 100,000 himself, they will be making much less.

    These poor schmucks were making a pittance.

  5. Didn't pay the guy a 100k for his services while netting them an additional 3 mil USD increase. Shit, Should've paid him double his amount as a parting gift and to keep quiet.

  6. Got a steal of a deal for the repackaging service but still didn't pay for it.

  7. I would give the guy 100k for the workers and an extra 20k for himself. 10k to the guy who set up the meeting. In business sometimes you got to take care of people. Especially in something so serious. That goes especially if you have plenty of extra room in the budget

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