44 thoughts on “WAR DOGS [2016] Scene: "…I'm on a Watchlist"/'Henry Girard'

  1. Being on a terrorist watch list is the worst thing to happen in my life. Nothing like being the enemy in your own home. It will be even when my order is filled for my country and the world. Although, If we don't fill the order its all a wash anyways. Eh it is what it is.

  2. Funny, steel, noncorrosive 7.62 Soviet is 20 cents a round now. It would be 20 million dollars for the ammo, leaving a ton of money for logistics.

  3. I have those same prescription glasses and people are always asking me when I'm going to change my look up….

  4. 1:43 ten cents a round isn't even that good of a price. A civilian in America can buy for like… 17 cents a round.

  5. Really defines the characters when David freaks out about the terrorist watch list and ephram just goes “ohh that makes sense let’s get down to business.”

  6. Sure. Argue with your business partner in front of the most important client you've ever had … that looks REAL professional -.-

  7. Is it a coincidence that Henry is styled like Bono? It's fucking hilarious if it isn't! Also, fuck Bono. lol

  8. I should have entered the arms industry instead of human trafficking.

    Those profit margins are insane.

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