Walmart Fish Guide?! Don’t Take Fish Keeping Advice From Walmart

what’s up y’all welcome back I have got
my coffee and we have got to talk about this Walmart fish guide so in my
previous video I did an unboxing and review of the aquaculture 5 gallon tank
kit and in that kit they provided me with this lovely fish guide so I figured
you know let’s start doing the tea-time thing except we’re gonna do it coffee
time cuz I need coffee tea ain’t strong enough most of the time so to start off
they have a list of the different some of the different types of fish that they
sell at Walmart that’s fine that’s fine and then you know what’s a Coldwater
fish versus a tropical fish versus their cichlids cichlid environment not just
cichlids cuz I was like wait a minute plecos ain’t plecos and pictus cats are
not they’re not cichlids I guess this is their idea of fish that go together so
cichlids can go with these fish and you can do these tropical fish together and
you can do these Coldwater fish together so that’s a novel that’s a no-go though
so we’ll start with the Coldwater fish so of course they have goldfish that
makes sense that makes sense and then they have a pleco well not all plecos
are the same I guess it’s just the plecos that they sell
so it has listed the temperature range but it tells you you can’t keep any more
than two Coldwater fish in a 5 gallon tank but the only Coldwater fish that
they have listed our goldfish and plecos well from the looks of it this is a
common pleco you know the one that gets to be like a foot and a half in length
you know a pleco a pleco that you needs to be in like a giant tank this looks
like a common pleco it doesn’t look like like a bristle nose or something you
know like a smaller you know 4 inch pleco which you still wouldn’t want to
you wouldn’t want to put any you don’t want to put any plecos any 5 gallon tank
because they’re all gonna be too big even the smallest pleco still gonna be
too big same goes for the goldfish you want to put zero goldfish in a five
gallon tank zero is the number you are looking for for these types of Coldwater
fish in a five gallon tank in a 10 gallon tank and you could you can put
one in a twenty gallon you can put a goldfish in a 20 gallon tank you could
put one-one goldfish in a 20 gallon tank but if you’re talking about a comment
you’re talking about a comet goldfish then I would say you can put one in a
thirty what is my cat my cat is playing was a piece of dirt making a whole lot
of racket what are you doing what are you doing why are you being so noisy you
know I’m trying to make a video you know I’m trying to make a video you don’t
care you don’t care my floors are so dirty I’ve been gardening so back on top
pik back to this amazing guide Thank You Walmart for making this amazing you
useful guide on how to kill fish and there goes my cat again going crazy so
tropical community environment yeah a lot of these please don’t mix them a lot
of these fish in here just don’t mix them let’s go over it
Mali’s sometimes fin nippers Daniels peaceful never really had a problem with
Daniels personally Guppies also never really had a problem with personally
they’re pretty peaceful balla sharks that’s gonna need a big
tank tetras half-and-half on fin nippers some peaceful some like bread miners and
stuff not very nice Romi’s mmm not very peaceful sometime and not
not always very peaceful sometimes peaceful but you don’t want to put a
bunch of gouramis together Barb’s Tiger Barb’s mm-hmm me mean mean
little thin nippers mean that mean little thin nippers angelfish very
delicate but also kind of aggressive platies never had a problem with my
platies they’ve always been pretty peaceful although I’ve heard stories
from other people that have occasionally run across the rogue angry platy rainbow
fish they get pretty good-sized I mean they’re not huge but most of them get
pretty decent-sized so if it fits in their mouth sore tells sim has they’re
basically platies I’ve never had a problem never had a problem myself
silver dollars also never really had a problem with them being aggressive but
they can get bigger than some of the other fish dragons I don’t really have a
lot of experience with them don’t really have a lot of experience with them but
they’re cool looking but they’re pretty good-sized scissor tails not really that
experienced with them on how you know aggressive or not aggressive they are we
did keep them at the store but we rarely got them in so I think we only had them
maybe like once in a while Echo’s man this pleco this picture of this pleco
looks like this poor guy has fin rot like why would you want to use a picture
where your pleco looks like they have fin rot look at this I can’t hold it
still look at this pluck oh it looks like it
has fin ride like this is a picture that they purposefully put on here and it
looks like the fish has been rot whatever Corey’s there’s a lot of
different Cory’s out there I don’t know these the fish guide is amazing
oh my god I got cichlids that can like what can coexist so we got our African
cichlids with plecos and pictus cats which you know I mean you should be able
to keep a pleco with your with your cichlids
cuz they’re just coaches cos are so big they’re so big plus if you have cichlids
you probably have a pretty large tank that you’ve got them going into so
that’s a thing too Oscar’s pleco picked his cat yeah maybe
but then we get back to this tape thing we get back to this taping it’s saying
in a 55 gallon that you can have up to 20 cichlids or seven Oscars if I had a
55-gallon tank and I’ve got Oscar’s at most I would put two Oscars in there at
most and I’d probably be running multiple filters or like the mother lode
of filters because Oscars are super super messy which is why I don’t keep
Oscars because they need a really big tank and they’re really really messy and
that’s just not my thing same thing with Turtles like if I get
Turtles I’m gonna get a pond and I’m gonna keep them in a pond I’m not gonna
keep them in a tank in my house cuz I don’t want to do that kind of
maintenance and I don’t want shell rot yeah this is uh not to mention the
temperature where the temperature ranges on these it’s just no fifty-five gallon
maximum number of cold water fish twenty maximum number of cold water fish
they’re saying twenty new to put twenty goldfish one of the species of which
gets to be about a foot ten inch at ten to twelve inches sometimes bigger I’ve
seen comments as large as a foot and a half you’re gonna put twenty fish this
big in a 55-gallon tank are you planning on doing daily water
changes for this tank 20 full-sized goldfish are not gonna be able to swim
in a 55 gallon tank maybe like three or four maybe just like with the with the
Oscars you want to put seven Oscars in a 55-gallon tank I don’t want to do daily
water changes that’s crazy that’s why I have a filter so if you buy any of the
tanks from Walmart or any of the aquaculture tanks and you get this chart
you get one of these charts please do yourself a favor and just throw it in
the garbage because that’s where this belongs is in the garbage it’s not good
information it’s misinformation it’s bad appreciate the thought Walmart but you
this is terrible this is terrible maybe maybe you could keep two Coldwater
fish in a five gallon tank but not if those fish are goldfish and none of
those fish are plecos that’s crazy that is just craziness maybe maybe two
Whitecloud minnows but they need to be in a school so yeah Walmart whoever came
up with this didn’t do the research didn’t do their homework and you’re
letting people down Walmart throw this away
stop putting this in your tanks don’t put this in your tanks it’s bad
information and you’re gonna you’re basically telling people how to kill
fish this would be way over stalking tanks okay I have a five gallon tank I
have three little like two-inch creatures in there and some would say
that’s over stocked and I have a ton of live plants in there please
again you get one of these in your with your tank just throw it in the garbage
where it belongs and Walmart if anybody if anybody who works for corporate at
Walmart that has any involvement with the aquaculture tanks this is terrible
and this is garbage and you need to get rid of it or fix it
you’re better off putting no information out there then
terrible terrible terrible information you put two goldfish in a 5-gallon tank
you’re gonna have two dead goldfish in like a year maybe two years if you’re
really diligent about changing the water because their bodies are gonna be
stunted for growth and their organs are gonna keep growing on the inside and
they’re gonna be completely deformed they were doing an okay job with the
tank they were doing an okay job with just the tank but this ruined it for me
it ruined it for me Walmart this was not in the tank that I bought last time but
it was this time so obviously they have changed some of their packaging and
maybe some of their products in there since I bought the one behind me anyway
guys I’m sorry if this rant got really ridiculously long just this are really
really kind of irritates me I get what they’re trying to do but they’re
actually making things worse so please please please when you are looking to
buy fish you’re looking to buy a tank please do research do research from
actual websites and people that know what they’re doing and know about fish
and how to properly take care of them and how big they actually get all those
kinds of things do your research do your homework before bringing them home if
whenever possible try to do your research before bringing these animals
home anyway guys that’s all I really have for y’all today as always thank you
so much for watching I love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye

20 thoughts on “Walmart Fish Guide?! Don’t Take Fish Keeping Advice From Walmart

  1. It's a marketing strategy. They're pushing a product because not everyone does their research and knows how big a goldfish or a pleco can grow to be, and they see the little babies in the tanks at the pet store and think that they're full-grown fish. So they know that the consumer will eventually buy a bigger, more expensive tank (and everything's cheaper at Wal-Mart!), or kill their own fish, either accidentally or on purpose. The cycle continues.

  2. l love those albino Oscars very much they are not friendly ,but info is not correct two Oscar needs Minum 70 gallons tank ,thanks for making this video mandy ???

  3. I’ve been keeping fish for 30 years and I love you’re videos! Please keep teaching newbies because it should help the hobby!

  4. I need to start using live plants in my 26 gallon. They look great in my Betta tank, and now my 26 gallon looks cheesy in comparison.

  5. It dosent neem all the fish together but razboras real peaceful but ya all of them together like that dead fish unless put them 5000 pool:

  6. They know that most people who know better won't listen to them even if they ever did buy their junk. They're hoping to sell 7 Oscars to some newbie, when they die, sell them 7 more, when they die, sell them 20 orandas, and so on. It's a pamphlet to boost sales.

  7. I give that chart a fat "ZERO". I'm not surprised they put a picture of Pleco with fin rot, they probably took a picture of one of their own Plecos, lol…

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