this big guys name is Apollo he is the biggest cat on the planet Apollo is a liger now I know you guys have seen tigers and lions and maybe saber-tooth Tigers but this beast as you can see is an animal on land now the question is what would this thing eat I believe he'd eat everything in sight anything in sight I think a pack of these can take down a herd of elephants on the regular for a forest snack look at this thing such a majestic beast I may can get up to 40 miles an hour in a couple of steps you're gone let me look at this thing you can scale the tree he can jump up there nothing up and a heartbeat beautiful creature straight up prehistoric beasts like walking with a horse we want to go through the woods curve around here you could hear this guy talking to us as we're walking along here he has this big lion voice where he's kind of going oh what do you guys do it pushing on me Brad know me I'm a big lager they constantly are in communication it's like we would be we were walking around with each other talking to each other I mean you gotta think and love this match think about how big his lungs are you know think about how many breaths he has to take you know if we were out of breath we of course breathes heavily but if we're just chilling you can hear somebody breathing but think of a woolly mammoth of a tiger of a lion of a liger what is he reason life he's breathing like this on a regular key that's how he walks let's how big is mm size of your middle finger his tongue lady long as your forearm his long probably big as my torso what do you think he's doing that's how they breathe get your whole hand lost in one of those ears your whole hand can get lost in his ear you can't even really grip around this neck to give him a hug you can ride this thing like a pony well I think the dinosaurs and prehistoric land animals this is what you're looking at the last of its kind like Earth is truly a living prehistoric beast Debra can't believe this it makes you it makes me speechless one of the really cool things about ligers too is that depending on how they were raised were raised with they can be bilingual they can totally Chuck like the tiger they have that big shop like a tiger they do the boom boom like a lion hello that's Carly's here both characteristic treats yeah communicate with both sides so no they see little frogs and stuff you want in there maybe catch a toad get your tote or two big boy No Fiona's like a elephant but right here you know you guys know you guys know that big huge lion means are mainly used for dicen so much testosterone running through male lions fight other than a lion those 24/7 so largest even have a little small their Romania see coming up from there packing half you know dating back it the link from the crest of that head I have a full side of beef please I'll take the ribs at all a cool thing about the Tigers don't look up that much Tigers don't spend a lot of time looking into the sky you don't look at birds as far as I've ever noticed but the lions are always watching Multi multi faceted camera two stripes to break up the cotton and then hold on with the grasses you


  1. the thing has a hard time supporting its own weight and seems to have a difficult time just walking around and breathing heavily. it certainly won't be catching much prey in the wild.

  2. His skull is deformed, his breathing is abnormal, excess belly skin that shouldn’t be there, de-clawed (so I’m betting his canines have been removed. Very poor genetics went into creating this liger. I feel sorry for him

  3. Bro his petty fat and old , maybe when he was on his prime..yea forsure and he still can easily kill does two skinny fucks but his old and worn out so his not gonna do shit but wait for his food time

  4. Please just put this animal down and stop bioengineering animals just for them to suffer and not being able to survive dats wat defines an animal especially a wildcat

  5. A little walk and its tired and overheating. How on earth would it hunt? Majestic animal nonetheless. And no way that is reaching 40mph lool

  6. He sounds like he’s struggling to breathe. Man kind know they really know how to continue fucking the world up. If God wanted Ligers he would of created them hisself so who the hell are you to do that. I’m just glad he lives in captivity instead of the wild because he wouldn’t make it. If it’s not broke don’t try to fix it ?‍♂️

  7. I Never Seen Son Before But He Already Comes Off As An Idiot To Me, That Thing Is An Abnormality. A Great Example Of Man Tampering With Nature That’s Why The Estimated 100 Of These Cats In The World Are All In Zoos, Sanctuaries & Wildlife Centers. That Isn’t Natural & He Said To Someone In The Comments That ?& ? Share The Same Habitat But I Challenge Anyone To Prove That To Be True When Their On 2 Different Continents ?? Besides That Thing Wouldn’t Last Against Other Top Predators ?

  8. It’s one thing to be in awe of the animal, but y’all were talking about it like they are natural ?. No, they aren’t even able to survive in the wild. It’s not even prehistoric, it’s basically the big cat version of a mixed breed. Don’t talk about it like it’s a saber tooth lol. It’s literally a beautiful abomination. Cool video, just don’t sound stupid when it comes to talking about the dang animal guys. I don’t watch your videos, but if you want to see a really cool mixed breed type animal that occurs naturally, you should see the offspring of brown bears/grizzlies and polar bears

  9. i wonder if that liger didn't have that fat an stuff an he was in a perfect condition with built muscles how dangerous of a animal could it be?

  10. Look bruh I love the man but he keep fucking around with wild animals like this and sum finna happen there is no such thing as a non aggressive tiger or lion ect

  11. This is hard to watch,this poor thing cant even breath properly,,peoples create this kind of innocent creatures just for fun,And your kind of pathetic morons spread it just to make money.unsubscribed

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