Walking the Dog Holiday Eve next to Dirt Landfill Levee

okay so me and spider out that’s its
holiday Eve here holiday Eve and we’re trying to figure out how we’d get down
here to the water so if we wanted to get down there to the water we’d have kind
of a hard time oh did somebody wait a minute somebody decorated the
tree over there let’s go over there somebody decorated the tree so we’re
gonna try to walk over there and not fall but we’re trying to find
we’re searching and looking we’re searching and buffering a lot trying to
find a lady president president but we’re gonna go over here no we’re going
over this way to see see somebody decorated bullshit this thing it’s got to Solvang I’m glad I have
pants on somebody decorated the tree over here probably with solar lights I
bet so you can see there’s a great big this
is all been washed out sort of but there’s a tree decorated over here oh
this is really really wet too so it’s coming out of this pile right here
well the levee I love you right here Oh spud don’t you go down there somebody
decorated the tree and they put some lights on it we’re gonna go look at that we’re gonna go look at the tree with
some lights right here right here this must be a solar must be
a solar thing do you guys see it right there it’s really really wet you can hear
Stephen spuds feet here they decorated the tree right there
oh we got a big we got a huge washout right here but Sony decided to decorate
the tree right there by the water that’s the only one left here there used to be
a whole bunch till they build all these monstrosity houses dug out public dunes
to drain the swamp so this is a literal example of draining the swamp so anyway
I’m going to take some pictures

2 thoughts on “Walking the Dog Holiday Eve next to Dirt Landfill Levee

  1. Hello

    The houses pictured are more what i am used to seeing in the uk. All tightly packed and you can hear people sneeze. Is that now usual in your part of georgia because your house has lots of space around it?
    Happy holidays

  2. I’m curious. Do you have many homeless, there by the levy, or elsewhere? We have a lot here. Homeless camps large ones and small ones. California pacific coast.

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