Waking Up An Hour Early Changed My Life? | The 5 Second Rule

because before you get worried I started this video before I even started driving and I'm not going to turn it off even if I stop talking until I get to my desk the camera at all because I'm going to keep my eyes on the road so I'm just gonna treat you guys that's my passengers and pass the time talk to you guys so today it's just another chill video I've got about an hour's drive my first appointment of the day Billington my house takes felt-like 56 to get there the guy there actually has four awesome they're all really cute they actually at this time of the year they all get shaved down which I usually don't recommend for palms because they basically live in the bush they get a lot of ticks and there's a coyote running across the road they get a lot of text and they get really matted from just like running through all the trees and bushes that he even though I don't usually recommend shaving palms these palms get shaved in spring and summer I do want to make some content about why shouldn't be cut teddy bear cut I'm gonna make some people don't know I go to lots of people your pump gets hot in the summer but really that's not the reality and they're her and the most don't even know that because there a total hit both I know from what I do on a taco today I guess point is I'm on my way to Purdue I've got some time before my first appointment a big that I do want to talk about today and I think I'd know what I'm gonna title this video it is what I think it's gonna be I guess saying that waking up an hour early has changed my life full statement but trying to think of the best way to I mean it has changed my life because how we view our lives is our reality so if you're in a really negative line no matter whether good or bad is happening to you you are going to be your life is negative a positive mindset you're always looking at and you are able to see your life is good so thing waking up an hour earlier has changed changed how I view everything in my life so I guess to give a little bit of backstory about that or I wake up with enough time to get ready get myself ready get all my supplies ready and settle now lots of the time this left me feeling really rush like Dave wake up a few minutes late and I was extra rush because I only gave myself enough the entire morning I just my phone that was going to be on time because I am a huge stickler for time I always try to arrive it's appointments a little bit early so morning was just crushed and fell every once in a while wake up a little bit later then I would feel even more stressed and even more rushed and maybe I wouldn't have time to make my lunch or maybe I was a little bit late getting supper what really stress me out they usually make me late for us I basically just decided that I needed more time for myself now I used to take a lot more time for itself in the mornings but I kind of just got in this bunker just very last-minute wake up and then get ready head out the door it's like really dead out here anyway so the first thing I started using when I started getting up earlier was the five-second rule and you can learn Mel Robbins a linker or she's getting you to down below but she like haven't bred yet and they yes but basically the serious I'm gonna maybe butcher this because this time I didn't you but something about that only takes 5 seconds for your brain for you to submit the thought in your brain or to switch so if you're using it for getting out of bed say you're awake you're really tired you don't want to get out of bed so you have two options you can either get up or you can keep playing it five seconds guys let's go louder in your head and then I want you get up so apply this to anywhere else in your life it's and negative thought and then change it and you're already on the next stage so I started using not at the beginning and that was really helpful and I actually some days when I'm really tired on it with and another thing because I'm all about likes I like it all right started waking up earlier I think and when I went it is she absolutely morning with just an affirmation for me now something the five-second rule and I just set my alarm and when the alarm goes up I don't even count to five I just say okay I'm getting up really resonates with me like scary that I've ever done in my life I Oh think about it before I ever did it I've always had this one okay super and I'm going to do it and really that was just me using the five-second rule without me knowing it so I was scared get scared about doing it and then I just thought oh my god yep I'm doing it and then I did it so really I was applying this buzz I even knew about the five so air in the morning is immediately so I eat lay out a yoga mat in the living room stressing what let's dip throat but – whether guided or just and then I'll partake all around myself and my protector like I the attention to be grounded and saving her throughout the game winner but you are these things and my that doubt that I'm ready to start this in a way better our enemy when I'm in like a really so are they my days go by mother and I am buying my house with that whether about myself just like clear it away right away and try to replace it with something so I guess getting back to the original table now waking up an hour earlier has changed my life really taking up an hour earlier me to put myself in the right mind frame the rest of the day so that super-tired not grounded and then I thought out a feather means you we got true self care so that I am in the right mind frame differently so that in my day because it happens not everyday but yup crappy days but something does my day I'm able to view it in a different way grounded theme right now is me it's always a gift so it's something new and as always my world right now that I wish I could share it right now I'm working during hours some working long curving hours to me videos but I mean everything always works so right now I'm feeling a lot more called to work on videos and I do post the videos site as well as on whatever feels right stress me out I'm just trying to move towards what makes me excited when I have the extra so right now what I do have the extra time I'm making a bit videos like I really want to make a video on natural remedy that's like chemicals forever I'm here I'd also like to park the white really popular soon or even in any barefoot yeah so like blog the fun stuff there's so much going on in my life right now and so much like finally coming to waking up an hour earlier has really put out the great energy break-in I'll let this video here getting kinda long but worth it I guess that maybe something but even to here like five minutes and it's like smacking a change so I hope you guys thanks guys

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