Waiting For Santa | Children’s Story | Audio | English | Ria Rabbit

It’s Christmas Eve! The Rabbit family has had a delicious dinner and it’s now time for bed. Tonight, Romi can’t wait to fall asleep. He knows that when he wakes up, there will be presents from Santa Claus under the Christmas tree. But Ria looks worried. “What’s the matter, Ria?” asks Romi, climbing into his bed. “I think we may have a problem,” says Ria. “How will Santa come inside?… We don’t have a fireplace with a chimney.” “He can use our living room window,” replies Romi, after thinking for a few moments. But he doesn’t sound very confident. Ria isn’t so sure. But there’s something else that’s bothering her as well. “Santa can’t land his sleigh on our roof,” she says. “It’s sloping on both sides.” Romi stares out of the window. What if his sister was right? What if Santa really couldn’t land on their roof? How would he get all the presents? “I have an idea,” he says. “Why can’t Santa land in our garden?” “That may work,” replies Ria thoughtfully. “But what if the reindeer trample on Daddy’s flower bed?” “Let’s call Santa,” says Romi, jumping out of bed. But Ria shakes her head. “It’s too late,” she says. “He must have already left the North Pole by now… We should have written the instructions in the letter we sent him.” “What shall we do, Ria?” wails Romi. “I really want my presents.” “We must stay awake and guide Santa when he comes,” says Ria, taking a deep breath. “It’s the only way.” Ria and Romi tiptoe downstairs. The living room is filled with a magical glow from the colourful lights on their Christmas tree. They sit by the window and stare at the dark skies above Pashu Nagri. “When will Santa come?” asks Romi, after a few minutes. “We must be patient,” replies Ria, resting her head on the palm of her hand. “After all, he has to deliver presents to children all around the world.” So they wait. But even after almost half an hour, there’s still no Santa. “I’m hungry,” says Romi. “Can I eat one of the cookies we’ve kept out for Santa?” “I’m sure Santa won’t mind,” says Ria, yawing loudly. “Please get me one as well.” Ria and Romi get comfortable on the couch and munch away on the cookies. “What’s that sound?”asks Ria, sitting up straight. But it’s just the ornaments on their Christmas tree. She feels disappointed. Just then, she hears a tiny snore. It’s Romi. Moments later, Ria’s fast asleep as well. It’s Christmas morning! Ria and Romi wake up in their own beds. They run downstairs in excitement. But they’re a little worried as well. Did Santa visit their house? “Merry Christmas!” shout Mummy and Daddy Rabbit together. “Looks like Santa was here last night.” Ria and Romi are excited to see all the Christmas presents under their tree. “But how did we get in our own beds?” asks Ria, untying the shiny ribbon of one of the boxes. “It must have been Santa,” says Daddy Rabbit. So as the Rabbit family opens their Christmas presents, it’s time for us to take our leave as well. Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a wonderful time!

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