VW Rabbit Blower Motor (2004-2008)

Okay, we’re gonna do little maintenance
on a VW Rabbit blower motor. To get at the blower motor we have to
remove this piece a sound deadening foam by removing these two plastic screws by
hand. Alright, remove the blower motor from the wiring harness. To remove the blower motor itself we’re just gonna gently pull on this tab and twist counterclockwise. It’ll fall right out. So, chances are the reason you’re doing this maintenance is your blower motor is making some noise or not working properly so once you get it removed give it a few
spins take note how much resistance there is there. The blower motor housing is held on by
three rubber tabs. You’re just gonna use a standard screwdriver to press in those
tabs, pull up gently on that housing, and repeat for the rest of the tabs until the housing can be removed. So in my case there was a significant
amount of resistance when I spin this blower motor. VW released Technical Service Bulletin
in February 2011 basically saying that snow can get inside the system cause
corrosion. That’s what you see here. These bearings just get all gacked up to
the point where the blower motor just doesn’t function properly. So here I am just using carb cleaner to
clean out the motor. I’ll give the blower motor a few twists. I can
already feel it freeing up. I’ll follow up with some lube. I’ve got some wd-40 that’ll go on here in a second. And you don’t want your car to smell
like carb cleaner wd-40 so use a shop vac or a blower to get that
thing nice and aired out before you reinstall it. To make the blower motor housing
reinstall easier I’m just puttin’ a little dab of dish soap on each the three
rubber tabs. And again use a standard screwdriver…this time in reverse…Just sorta pull up on each rubber tab until it clicks into place. So this blower motor is spinning significantly more freely now,
but I’m not done. You guys can repeat this process as
may times as you want with the whole cleaning-lubing-airing out-clean lube-air out, untill you get it moving as
freely as…as you’re comfortable with Reinstall the blower motor in reverse
order. Now, I speed up the film here, so it looks
easy, but guys take your time. Don’t force it. You have to sort of shimmy it around a bit ’till it finds its
way in and you don’t wanna apply too much pressure lest you break the blower motor. Reattach the wiring harness. Reinstall the sound deadening panel by hand tightening the fasteners, and give
your refurbished motor a test. And guys, one of the most common side
effects of having one of these gummed up blower motors is that your blower motor resistor will
fail. If that’s the case where you have just your
high-speed working be sure to check out my other video that
shows you how to repair that resistor for two dollars.

50 thoughts on “VW Rabbit Blower Motor (2004-2008)

  1. Thanks for the great video. Same issue here. Is your blower motor still running well? Is the WD40 doing the job as far as lubrication?  

  2. Thanks. Great video. Just did it today. Fan motor was squeaking and driving my wife and daughter nuts (main users of the Rabbit). All good quiet now.

  3. I have an '07 Jetta 2.5 with the same layout and the same squeaky blower. Thank you, thank you for such a great video. I just saved several hundred dollars if not more. I discovered that in order to remove the blower from its location (a tight fit), it was beneficial to pull the distribution duct towards you (gently) and then angle the motor down on that end first. Getting the part of the blower closest to the glovebox dislodged first helped get the rear part of it out (near the toe kick). 

    Now I just have to replace my headliner and the car will be good as new. 

    Thanks again for the demonstration.

  4. Clear and useful I will try with a Golf Mk III which blower is very similar to the one shown in the video as I suspect my dirty motor has been opposing more resistance to spin probably resulting in voltage increase which blew the blower resistor.

  5. Just ran out and pulled it out. Vaccumed the cabin filter and lubed the motor at the center wherever I thought it could penetrate to the squeak.. And put it all back together in about 20-25 mins. Blower motor is whisper quiet !

    Best part of course is NO tools required .. I honestly can't believe that I needed nothing lol .

    Now to solve my heat issues 🙁

  6. Yup I've has the car a week and a half and it's up for sale because of it. The only way to warm my hands is to put then under my arse because the seat heaters work so good.

    I sold my 01 passat.. Which had a similar issue.. I only had that car 2 months and sold it mainly to upgrade to an mk5 but I knew it had a heater core issue. It drove me crazy with the low heat and that made me sell it faster before winter.. Just my luck with this mk5 :/

  7. Dammit now when I turn the fan to 4 the 40A fuse keeps blowing :(. Works on 1-3 . I took it back out and cleaned it with contact cleaner but it's still popping when on high. Any thoughts ?

  8. I think it was the lube. I did pull it out again.. This time I plugged it in on the floor and let it spin. When I turned it on high I did see some (very tiny bit) sparking inside the motor. I varied the speed from 3-4 for 5 mins so not to let it load up too long and all seems well now. I think it was the lube that may have still been in there and was spiking the current draw popping the fuse.

    Cheers for all the help 🙂

  9. Liked the video and I soldered in a new fuse for $2.00 and cleaned up the blower which was making noise and likely caused the blown resistor fuse. Just thought I'd mention though that WD40 may not be the best lube to use. Some say it isn't actually a lube and can cause problems itself http://lifehacker.com/5891936/when-should-i-not-use-wd+40  I had a spray can of Pure Silicone and it worked very well. I also used brake cleaner because it had less smell and evaporates quickly with no residue. Probably the best to use is Electric Contact Cleaner since it's made for electronics.  Thanks, though, you saved me a ton of money!

  10. Awesome video, thanks man.  My recirculator switch went out a couple of years ago and a male friend that's a mechanic charged me $40 to replace.  Towards the end of last year it started making an unGodful noise.  Took me about 40 minutes to take it out and clean, lube and dry it. Mine even had a few leaves in it.  So far, so good, runs on all speeds and not making any funky noises.  Appreciate it!

  11. Thank you so much for this video, it was a shame that I only found it by chance after I had removed the glove box etc…..I wonder if you could re post this video for the UK market as VW Passat as it was easy to do once I saw this video.

    Once again thanks

  12. Awesome job Hanoihancock!!!  You are the best!  I just followed your instructions on my 2009 VW Jetta tdi (diesel).  Seems to have addressed the squeaking, but even after wd40, 3-in-1 lubrication etc.  seemed to me to still have quite a lot of friction, especially if this were a brushless motor.  We'll see, hopefully will get a few more miles, and definitely will DIY replacement when it goes!  It seems like robbery to leave this for the dealer!  Thanks again!

  13. Thank You very much.  My blower motor got water between the stator and the metal housing.  After freezing, the stator deformed and now  contacts the rotor.  Ordered a new fan assy today, $89.00 Canadian

  14. By the way, a just had to replaced the resistor assy that controls the fan speed.  No doubt, it fryed because the fan motor was drawing too much current due to the ice damage.  Thanks again OP

  15. satsreakal pa gee volkswagen fox 2006 de ve ahe problem hay srif no 4 tay fan on honda hay ki khial hay ki kreye ,daso pa gee

  16. First a big thank you!!! What I can ad is be careful not to brake the spokes on the squirrel cage when installing it back into the housing, (no I didn't brake mine). Push on something else other then the cage! This video is great!

  17. Has anyone experienced AC intermittent issues on their MKV Rabbit?I cannot pinpoint the culprit. It starts warm then cold back to warm air. Thanks.

  18. I tried to clean my motor with carb cleaner first. Then tried some WD-40, next came the electrical contact cleaner. I blew it out with compressed air and repeated the process three times. The resistance to turning just wouldn't change. So, I tried some 3-in-1 oil. Blew it out again. Repeated cleaning process again. Moved the brushes out of the way and and spayed the armature. Put some more 3-in-1 oil on the bearings and put the motor cover on. Then stuck it in the car.
    I'm hoping what I did helps. I still had the lower speeds, so resistor is OK. My problem was that on a long trip from Houston to El Paso, the lower speeds would quit. If I turned it off for a while, the lower speeds would come back. After about a half hour, it would cut out again.
    Unfortunately, I won't happen to have a chance to test the repair until I can drive up to Albuquerque. Four hour drive.

  19. WD-40 really isn't a lubricant and is a particularly bad choice for this application. Some kind of lubricating oil (WD-40 is a water-displacer) would be a much better choice.

  20. Thank you for this video. just followed your instructions and the noise is eliminated for now. Now I'm on the hunt to clean out the leaves from the plastic debris catcher above the blower motor. Thanks again!

  21. i did this to my 2012 beetle and it helped but my ac will not work at all and idk what fuse it is or where it is. plz help if you can

  22. HELP!! seems my problem might be somthing else. i have check all the fuses, resistor and blower spins fine by hand yet the air is not blowing on any speed. what can i check next. any tips thats

  23. Hey, I will take 2 minutes to say a big thanks. I own a Jetta TDI 2006 and suddenly, my air blower stopped working on speed 1 to 3 (Working on 4). Dealer said that was the fuse and asked for 389$. I'm not a manual guy but there's some freaking limit to be scam. So I did my due diligence and search the web and found your video.

    You are prob. one of the few that explained the issue (the maintenance note on Volkswagen) and took the time to solve it and not only FIX it. There's a reason why the fuse broke and, as you say, if you don't clean the blower, well, you are postponing the problem. So, replacing the fuse is how to fix it. Cleaning the blower to ensure that the new fuse will not blow again, that solving it. BIG difference.

    So, I started this morning. Fuse costed me 4$ from China (took 3 months to get here but hey, I saying a LOT!). I followed your instruction, really clear, straight to the point. Cleaned it and grease it and put it back. The AC blower is working perfectly and I'm feeling proud as hell. My wife now thinks that I'm mechanical expert! LMAO!

  24. The two videos for the fixing the blower and replacing the resistor were outstanding! Thanks for sharing. Took me less than an hour to fix. I have a 2012 VW GTI which had the bearing corrosion problem and the resistor failed at 66K miles. I ended up buying an HVAC Blower Motor Resistor and associated white plug-in for only $9.49 on Amazon, which saved a little bit of hassle in doing the repair. The motor is spinning more freely, but I suspect that this problem will happen again. It will be interesting to see if it takes 5K or 50K miles.

  25. I followed your video, and it worked great for me. After about an hour, though, the fan started bogging down and essentially stopping again. It currently works for about 10-15 seconds, then I have to switch the fan off, wait a minute, and then run it again. Do I simply need to do this again? Should I replace the motor or take it apart and change something? Thanks for any tips.

  26. Nice video! Thanks for posting the text of the TBS as well! Good tip about using the leaf blower to dissipate the solvent smell.

  27. i have it where only the high speed works but only after 1 hour or so. to begin with all 4 speeds work then after a while only the top speed? any ideas what is going on?

  28. One more big thank you! Replaced the fuse, oiled the blower, and changed the cabin air filter on my daughter's Rabbit in well under an hour.

  29. Thank you! I followed both this video and your other video on the rheostat fuse. They were both great, straightforward and very coherent.
    I replaced the entire rheostat piece (not just the fuse) and took out the blower motor and used carb cleaner and WD-40 on it. I wouldn’t have known about the blower motor if it wasn’t for you mentioning it in your rheostat fuse video.
    I got it all done without any dramas, which was very surprising. I usually end up breaking stuff or running into problems when I attempt something on my car.

  30. Another great vid. BTW, what's up with HanoiHancock? Just curious. I see your pics that look like Vietnam. Thanks.

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